Personal Injury Billing Services

Personal Injury Billing Services

Medical experts at O2I are expert at medical coding, eligibility conditions, and billing protocols to ensure fast and complete personal injury billing at rates starting from $4 per read

Personal injury billing service is a highly complex process. Most personal injury billing involves invasive treatment and hence requires meticulous and accurate coding for full claim reimbursement. In addition, these claims require a great deal of follow up to ensure they are received in full., Often it involves incomplete reimbursements that necessitates a new and relentless cycle of follow ups.

Outsource2india has over 2 decades of experience in providing comprehensive personal injury billing and collection services to healthcare providers in the US. We have a team of personal medical billing experts who possess the knowledge to handle personal injury billing related cases efficiently. Our experts are well versed in understanding the complexities of personally injury billing and have a track record of using the correct codes and documentation and timely follow ups to guarantee maximum reimbursements from carriers in short turnaround time.

Our Personal Injury Billing Services

We are one of the most well-known personal injury billing service providing company in the world. We have over the years earned a name for providing efficient services for physician injury billing. Our services include -

  1. End-to-End Account Receivables Management

    End-to-End Account Receivables Management

    Our accounts receivables services for personal injury services is designed to help companies protect themselves from non-payment risks both from patients and insurance companies. Our well-defined accounts receivable process has enabled healthcare providers to follow up and recover pending amounts from carriers as well as pending dues from patients. In the process, we assist them pick and choose the right patients for treatment on credit. With revenue inflow taken care of our clients can focus solely on patient care and business growth.

  2. Accurate Coding for Maximum Reimbursements

    Accurate Coding for Maximum Reimbursements

    Coding for personal injury billing entails a lot of attention to details. For instance, in ICD-10 coding, injuries such as dislocations, fractures, strains and sprains are classified not by the injury types but by the body part that has been affected. ICD 10 has multiple codes for all types of injuries for almost everybody area. All injuries are bracketed by site. Our expert coders have inside out knowledge of coding for personal injury and so take care to be specific in billing and coding of personal accidents and injuries. Our coding services are driven by ICD-10 certified professional coders which is why we guarantee maximum reimbursements to clients.

  3. Electronic Claims Submissions to Expedite Payments

    Electronic Claims Submissions to Expedite Payments

    We follow a definite process of claims submission. Submissions are done electronically. Prior to submission, we ensure the claims meet the basic requirements of the HIPAA standard. If errors are detected, we check it and send it for re-evaluation. Once the identified errors are eliminated, the claim is electronically transmitted to the carrier. We abide by claim submissions guidelines as outlined by the carrier. In the unlikely event of a rejection, we resubmit claims with corrections or changes.

  4. Advanced Collection Methods

    Advanced Collection Methods

    When it comes to clearing personal injury bills, insurance companies use several reasons to avoid payment. To ensure this you do not fall prey to this practice, we bank on timely follow-up to know the status of the claim. In fact, follow ups are one of the most important medical billing collection strategies that we follow. Besides, we also bank on insurance carrier websites for claim inquiries and e-mail questions as well.

  5. Assist in Dealing with Attorneys and Liens

    Assist in Dealing with Attorneys and Liens

    We have extensive experience in dealing with attorneys and liens to recover claims denied by insurance companies. As medical attorney and liens must follow a strict protocol to be valid, we provide them with all the assistance needed to ensure there is no deviation in guidelines. We have complete knowledge of state-based laws and so can ably assist attorneys in get the debts recovered.

Our Personal Injury Billing Process

We follow a definite personal billing process to ensure there are no errors. Our personal injury medical billing services banks on the following steps -


01. Review the Accident Report

When it comes to personal injury claims related to motor accidents, having an accident report is must for settling insurance claims. Once you obtain a copy of the report from the patient, we check to ensure that the details reported are correct and will stand the scrutiny of the insurance company.


02. Documentation

Personal injury claims get settled faster if the documentation is proper. Our team of biller's work with your physicians to ensure complete and precise documentation. In the process we include doctor care records, emergency room records, rehabilitation reports, autopsy reports etc. We take proper care to include critical details such as injury site, episode of care, Etiology, etc.


03. Billing and Coding

This is a critical stage when our coders put the specific codes related to injury. As required by ICD-10, our experts ensure injuries such as fractures, dislocations, and sprains are categorized by the affected body part rather than the type of injury.


04. Quality Check and Settlement

After the completion of the billing and coding process, the bills are checked for coding and other accuracy. In this stage, we also verify specific billing and coding requirements with the personal injury insurance. Once the bills clear quality check, our billers compile the information and medical bills and submit them to the insurance company.


05. Assist Attorney

At times insurance company may deny claims on invalid grounds. In this event you may have to hire the services of a personal injury attorney. We coordinate on behalf of you to ensure your attorney has all the necessary documents and information to file and fight a case.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Personal Injury Medical Billing Services to O2I

As an expert Personal Injury Billing Service Providing Company, we offer our clients several benefits. Some of these include -

  • Cost-effective Services

    We guarantee billing services that is economically viable for our clients. This is because our knowledge of personal injury and legal terminology is in-depth and we back it with a definite claims process that is marked by thorough quality check and regular follow ups.

  • Professional Expertise

    Having served the personal injury billing domain for decades, we have inside out understanding of handling personal injury claims. Our experts not only specialize in coding but also in interpreting personal injury medical reports, understanding medical billing, computing claim value and handling claims process to ensure smooth resolution.

  • Maximum Reimbursements

    We provide you with a team of highly certified professional coders with considerable exposure in filing claims for personal injury. Their knowledge of codes for personal accidents and injuries in ICD-10 is comprehensive. It is because we most accurate codes and file on time that we guarantee maximum reimbursements to our clients.

  • Technology Solutions

    We bank on the most advanced computer systems and software to address your personal injury billing needs. We use software that includes efficient features such as new intake forms, custom screens for injury incidents, mapping rules specific to personal injury, and additional custom reports.

  • Precise Financial Reporting

    Our billing system is designed to keep our clients informed on their financial position on a regular basis. Consequently, at the end of every day, week, or month, all our clients get to know their outstanding accounts and claims history.

  • Easy Online Access

    We commit ourselves to highest form of service transparency. As a result, our clients can easily connect to our systems to get access to patient data, transaction history and balances. We also work on client software system to provide clients with peace of mind.

  • Deal with Attorneys

    In the event of a claim being denied, and there is a need to hire a personal injury lawyer to settle the claim, we assist our clients in handling the requirements of the lawyer. In the process we assist our clients eliminate the stress of dealing with the attorneys.

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Outsource Personal Injury Billing Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over 2 decades of experience in delivering efficient medical billing services including personal injury billing to healthcare providers in the US. We have wide experience in handling different types of personal injury claims and so can assist you with proper documentation and use of correct codes to ensure maximum reimbursements in the shortest time possible. Additionally, we ensure this is delivered to you in the most cost-effective manner. As an established personal injury billing service provider, we guarantee strict compliance to HIPAA standards and guidelines and back our services with complete process transparency and high accountability.

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