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Health Information Technology

Rapid developments in technology have continued to transform the healthcare delivery and its interactions amongst caregivers, patients, vendors, clinicians, vendors, payers and providers. One such area is Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) which offers practical, yet business-oriented solutions towards the regulatory and commercial issues that are faced by healthcare providers and IT vendors employing healthcare technology.

In healthcare, medical information technology refers to the complete management of health information across the span of computerized systems and its highly secure exchange between providers, consumers, insurers, government, and other related entities. Today, healthcare information technology is a valuable tool that can be used to improve the overall productivity of your hospital.

At Outsource2india, we are at the forefront of leveraging the best that modern medical information technology has to offer. We work with healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, physicians, etc. to plan, evaluate, manage, and effectively implement health IT projects.

Our Health Information Technology Service Offerings

At Outsource2india, we offer an entire gamut of specialized healthcare information technology online services to address the medical information technology requirements of hospitals, healthcare centers, and clinics. Our services include -

  1. Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Does your hospital have to deal with scores of medical data and make sense out of it? With our healthcare analytics services, we can help you decipher useful information out of a large amount of meaningless data. Armed with accurate information, you can make quick business decisions, increase the speed of your processes, and even identify new business ventures.

  2. Electronic Health Records

    If you have not yet invested on digitizing your medical and health records, now is the time to do so, with digitization becoming a regulatory requirement. Through our electronic health records services, we can not only check and verify your manual data but also ensure that the data is completely accurate and secure. We will employ the best people for your project, and implement the best EHR system only after thoroughly understanding your existing business processes.

  3. Medical Technology Upgrade

    Do you have obsolete IT installations that are unable to offer your patients with all the benefits that modern day healthcare software can offer? If yes, then what you need is a technology upgrade. At Outsource2india, our experts will understand your entire IT system and then adequately upgrade your IT infrastructure. This way you can leverage the best out your IT system while ensuring increased operational efficacy and satisfied employees and patients.

  4. Health Information Exchange

    Being a part of the healthcare industry, you will know the importance of information being exchanged in a proper and timely manner. At Outsource2india, we can help you digitize your data and develop effective communication channels across any type of computing platform, be it tablets, desktop, or mobile. This can be of great help to your physicians and provide them with patient information on a real-time basis.

  5. Implementation of Health Information Technology for Rural Hospitals

    If you own a rural hospital, you may be facing logistics and infrastructural challenges while setting up health information systems. This is where we at Outsource2india can help you. After carrying out a meticulous assessment of your current setup and procedures, our team will install the best possible health information technology system for your healthcare institution while factoring in specific challenges such as available internet speeds, cabling, logistics, etc.

  6. Onsite IT Support

    As the owner of a large health ERP, you will need efficient 24/7 onsite IT support. At Outsource2india, we can provide you with a dedicated team of onsite IT programmers and administrators who will work as per your requirements on a 24/7 basis. This will ensure the continuous and uninterrupted functioning of your healthcare IT installation. Regular backup support and critical IT care are the other onsite IT services that we offer.

  7. Healthcare IT as SaaS

    Worrying about regular maintenance, breakdowns, bugs, and functionality lapses can take a toll on your employees and shift the focus away from your healthcare activities. However, we can help you with this problem by moving your health information technology online with a properly implemented SaaS solution, which will be managed by expert healthcare and IT personnel.

  8. Data Migration

    If your hospital has decided to take the digital path, we will provide you with a team of data migration experts who will carefully read through your present manual documentation practices and then digitize your entire data in an error-free manner. We can take care of migrating data from a wide variety of systems such as Master Patient Index (MPI), Outpatient History (OP), Admitted Patient Care (APC), Inpatient Waiting List (IPWL), etc.

  9. Leveraging Smart Tools and Apps

    At Outsource2india, we are not only experts at handling larger health information systems, but can also efficiently develop smart healthcare tools and mobile apps. Such smart tools can assist your patients, physicians, and users with access to fast information and interactions, thereby increasing productivity.

Why Invest on Health Information Technology Services?

Did you know that implementing an effective IT platform across your hospital or healthcare center can help you minimize costs, make drastic operational changes, increase your capacity and even maximize your profits? By choosing our healthcare information technology services, you can -

  • Maximize capacity utilization and improve clinical processes
  • Avail fast information exchange and availability
  • Leverage fast medical R&D and innovation
  • Provide better preventive care and avoid medical emergencies
  • Improve overall healthcare quality, productivity, and efficiency
  • Minimize costs while maximizing benefits
  • Increase healthcare accuracy and procedural correctness
  • Avoid delays and errors in manual documentations
  • Increase information security and accuracy
  • Decrease paperwork
  • Adhere to ICD 10, HIPAA, regulatory standards, and health information technology certifications
  • Adhere to HIPAA compliance and ensure quicker claims processing
  • Extend real-time communication among healthcare professionals
  • Enjoy reduced risks with secure patient information while reducing

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Choose Outsource2india for Your Health Information Technology Requirements

There is no one who understands health information technology better than us, as we have gained over 25 years of experience in offering professional healthcare services to global healthcare providers. Based upon your requirement, we also offer high-quality healthcare analytics and medical transcription services.

In addition, we also provide Oncology EMR Services, EMR Services, Oncology EMR Services, EMR software development, medical call center services and more.

By partnering with us, you stand to gain immediate access to an experienced team of healthcare experts and IT consultants who will adhere to our unique work methodology. Partner with us right away and enjoy an exponential increase in your ROI through our medical information technology services.

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