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Billing Services Using Athena Software

Outsource Billing Services using Athena Software

Our certified medical billers provide comprehensive billing solutions using Athena software to enhance the accuracy of invoice processing at rates starting at $1280/month

A widely used billing software, Athena software is an advanced tool that covers all needs of medical billing. Though it is much advanced, the operations it includes need to be handled with much efficiency to have an error-free billing process. These errors, sometimes, can incur a huge loss to healthcare service providers. So, you need an expert who has mastered billing with Athena software effectively. Many healthcare providers hire in-house professionals and train them to handle it. But, of course, this will increase the cost to the company on a large scale.

So, the best option to reduce operating costs, thereby increasing efficiency is outsourcing to third parties like Outsource2india. O2I is known for helping hundreds of clients across the globe with effective billing services using Athena software. We are equipped with the latest infrastructure and highly experienced team to work on Athena billing services.

Our Billing Services Using Athena Billing Software

We serve our clients as per their requirements. Since we do not have one service suits all policy, we have categorized the billing services using Athena software into a few detailed services. These services are designed based on the data from our hundreds of clients who come up with varying requirements. Being in the industry for a while now, we have gathered enough data to categorize the services that can meet the requirements of particular clients. Let's take a walk through the services we offer -

  1. Appointment Scheduling

    Appointment Scheduling

    The number of patients is rising day by day, scheduling the time of consultation is becoming more complex with an increase in new, repeating, and frequent consultations. Our billing services using Athena software consists of a well-trained team of experienced professionals who can handle the appointment scheduling to a large scale and have always made sure that healthcare operations are carried out relentlessly without any overlapping of schedules. Our professionals are good at handling appointment scheduling without any errors.

  2. Revenue Cycle Dashboard Management

    Revenue Cycle Dashboard Management

    As an Athena billing service providing company, we at O2I, understand the consequences of delays in payments and lags in revenue. Our Athena billing services team can manage the revenue cycle dashboard with higher efficiency. Our team is well experienced in managing the dashboard by integrating third party software and multiple CRMs to ensure a steady revenue cycle.

  3. Claims Management

    Claims Management

    Our allocated team members will update the claims submitted to the Athena software. One of our senior billing specialists will go through the submission to ensure the quality of the submission. The rejection reports will be analyzed, and the necessary changes will be made before resubmitting the claim. With the combination of highly advanced Athena software and our experienced consultants, your claims denials are going to hit the ground.

  4. Account Receivables Follow-Up

    Account Receivables Follow-Up

    All the claims recorded in the Athena software are examined and set according to priorities. Then our consultants start working on the claims as per the priorities. Regular follow-ups are conducted over the phone, email, and chat systems to get the status of every claim submitted.

  5. Performance Reporting

    Performance Reporting

    Detailed reports on the performance and the in-demand data will be reported to decision-makers to set benchmarks and goals for the coming quarters or years. Our experts who have hands-on experience in extracting the right data from the Athena software will leverage your decision making with the right reports.

Billing Services Using Athena Billing Software - Our Process

No matter how advanced our infrastructure is and how experienced our professionals are, nothing works better if we don't have an efficient process-flow to serve our clients with quality services at the fastest turnaround time. With the experience of serving our clients with varying requirements for over a decade and analyzing all the data, we were able to design a most effective work-flow that can let us deliver quality services at the shortest turnaround time. Take a look at the unique work-flow.


01. Understanding Clients Athena Billing Requirements

Once clients' sign up for the services, our executives contact them over phone or email or other mode communication to understand their requirements in depth. Once the client's requirements are recorded, it will be forwarded to generate a quote based on those requirements.


02. Sending Quote and Recording the Final Pricings

Once the requirements are gathered, the respective executives will send a detailed quote to the client based on the requirements. Once the quote is finalized, the final prices will be recorded.


03. Mutual Agreements on Data Security and Service Process

Upon agreeing on data security policies both, the O2I and the client will sign an agreement on data security and the services process.


04. Installation and Integration

Upon signing the agreement, the required software will be installed and will be integrated with third-party CRMs and other supporting tools.


05. Allocation of Resources

Our managers will allocate the resources to work upon the project from executives to team leaders to supervisors to quality analysts to deliver the best services to our clients.


06. Supervising

All the work done by the team will be supervised and informed quickly for any errors to be fixed as early as possible.

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Why Outsource Billing Services Using Athena Software to Outsource2india?

Many healthcare practitioners and healthcare service providers outsource business process tasks to save costs on having an in-house team to operate, to ensure the accuracy and quality of work and to avoid the overhead cost of infrastructure which needs to be updated periodically. This makes a huge positive difference to the bottom line of healthcare service providers. Though there are thousands of outsourcing companies, many lack proper infrastructure, experienced professionals, delivery commitments, and much more. While outsourcing billing services using Athena software, healthcare providers lookout for more advantages on their side. At Outsource2india, we always make sure that we have an edge over our competitors through our added benefits. Below are a few of the advantages you can achieve when you outsource Athena medical billing services -

  • Cost-effective Services

    At O2I, we provide the most reliable and quick services at a lower cost compared to having an in-house team and our competitors. We do not have service packages to serve our clients. We quote our clients as per the requirements. We don't charge for the work that we don't do. Though our services do cost less, we always ensure the quality of services to be top-notch.

  • Data Security

    We are one of the few ISMS certified companies to provide Athena billing services in India. All our employees and consultants must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as per the ISMS policies. This makes us have control over the data not being stolen or misused by our employees of consultants.

  • World-Class Infrastructure

    At Outsource2india we are all equipped with the latest technologies and tools that help our teams to perform best at the least turnaround time. We always believe that the combination of experts and the latest technologies let us serve our clients the best.

  • Highest Quality

    With world-class infrastructure, a dedicated team experienced professionals and managers to ensure the quality services being delivered to our clients, when you outsource billing services using Athena software to us, be assured to receive top quality services from us.

  • Certified Athena Billing Service Provider

    O2I is an ISO certified service provider with more than two decades of experience in providing services to healthcare practitioners. We have multiple teams who are well experienced to get your job done using Athena software.

  • Dedicated Team of Experienced and Certified Professionals

    Our Athena billing services team is full of certified and experienced professionals who can ease the healthcare business operations with their expertise and dedication round the clock. We always ensure that a team is working on a single project at any given point of time to ensure the quality of services.

  • Scalability

    As an experienced Athena billing service providing company, we have seen healthcare service providers scaling their service to a large extent. With multiple teams working under different managers, we have over one thousand experienced executives that can team up to handle any scalability at large.

  • Secured Data Transfer

    All the data transferred between us and clients will be through secured FTPs which and all the emails from and to our clients are encrypted. We always give utmost priority to the security of our client's data and we always strive to protect the confidentiality of it.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We understand the importance of communication between our clients and our team which is highly necessary throughout the project execution. To ensure the right communication, we have a single point of contact policy where every communication will be passed through a single representative.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    With world-class infrastructure, experienced professionals, and proper actionable plans, our team delivers services at the quickest turnaround time without compromising on the quality of the services.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Since we have clients from different time zones, we have our customer support executives working round the clock to ensure that the queries regarding our services are addressed all the time. Equipped with world-class infrastructure, teamed up with expert professionals with an experience of over a decade having and being in the industry for over two decades, we are capable of serving Athena billing services from small to large scale healthcare practitioners without any hassles.

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Outsource Athena Medical Billing Services to Outsource2india


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Outsource2india has been providing the most reliable, compliant, and cost-effective billing services using Athena billing software for over a decade now. With years of experience in serving the healthcare industry on a large scale, we are known as one of the prominent outsourcing partners with more than a hundred clients. We have been offering billing services using Athena software to small scale clinics to large scale healthcare service providers. With the experience of over a decade, we are well aware of the challenges that healthcare service providers face while dealing with Athena billing software.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner to outsource billing services using Athena billing software, contact us to get a quote.

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Billing Services using Athena Software FAQs

  • What are billing services?

    It's a process of an entity or individual who undertakes clinical billing on a physician's behalf. The addendum being that no clearinghouse or CHC competitor shall offer billing service.

  • What is Athena electronic medical records?

    It's a cloud-based medical record service that helps hospitals to stay organized by taking care of appointment scheduling, healthcare documentation, and claims filing.

  • What are 3 different types of billing systems in healthcare?

    The 3 types are classified as close, open, and isolated billing systems. These systems undertake a wide range of functions from billing to providing advisory to patients and practices.