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Case Study on Charge and Demographic Entries by using the Kareo Software

Case study on Charge and Demographic Entries

The Customer:

A fast growing medical billing company in Houston, TX.

The Challenge:

O2I was initially approached by the company to take care of charge and demographic entry. The company decided to offshore because of the following reasons:

  • Employee turnover
  • Cash flow problem due to delay in submitting the claims

We had to use a new software namely Kareo for carrying out the operations. We got cross-trained over phone on the practice management software.

The client was a multi-specialty billing company

The Project:

  • To provide charge/demographic entry to this client using Kareo
  • To processing more than 17000 claims every month

The client had mentioned in advance that we will have to handle heavy workload often and complete it within 24 hours.

The Solution:

Quickly ramped up the team with short notice.

  • We defined well set process to implement any instruction changes or updates within 8 business hours
  • We are maintaining a Consistent Turn around time of 24 hours
  • Two levels of QA done to ensure accuracy levels of 98 – 99%
  • Working with this client for the past 1 ½ year with no escalations
  • The client has successfully overcome the problem of employee turnover and improved the cash flow
  • Saving more than 45% of the operational cost

Having got satisfied with our services, the client has shifted the payment posting work to us recently.

The client is also looking to outsource the Accounts Receivables Management to us in near future.

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