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Outsource CPT Coding Compliance at Outsource2india

Using the right medical codes or Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes defines accuracy in medical transcription or any healthcare documentation. It is the exactness of CPT coding that makes medical records consistent, compliant, and easy to find when needed in critical situations. Accuracy in CPT coding and CPT compliance is a service benchmark for all O2I's medical billing and coding & medical transcription services.

What Makes O2I's Medical Billing and Coding Services Accurate?

At O2I, medical billing, coding and transcription is not a mere conversion of doctor's dictations into electronic formats, rather it's more about accurately applying right code to the records of each and every patient. Our work is the culmination of accurate information gathered from lab results, medical records, doctor's transcription and other such medical notes.

We cross-check these CPT codes against the code books provided by AMA to ensure that all codes are entered accurately. We purchase American Medical Association's CPT coding guidelines every year to offer most updated codes to our clients, and are currently following latest version of the CPT codes, i.e. CPT 2012.

CPT Code Accuracy, Not Approximation at O2I

With so many CPT codes describing a health condition, unqualified transcriptionists tend to enter the closest or approximate CPT code, which may lead to improper information about the patient. At O2I, we have certified CPT transcriptionists and quality & error handling audit teams to ensure that approximate codes are clearly avoided, and only the accurate CPT codes go into the records. In case of any doubt, our healthcare transcriptionists take client's opinion, and thereafter enter the correct codes.

O2I is ICD-10 Compliant

Outsource2india is ICD-10 and CPT coding compliant. The major difference between these being that ICD-10 is meant to diagnose medical claims, while CPT coding identifies the rendered services.

With the more accurate ICD-10 codes in force, O2I was one of the first and leading healthcare BPO providers complying with ICD-10's vast code base. Our inner transition training programs and change agents have helped us to move on easily, and accurately use CPT codes, from over 68,000 ICD 10 available codes.

Benefits of O2I's Medical Coding Services

  • Our team consists of expert medical transcriptionists, coding specialists, software experts, EMR transcriptionists, voice experts, error handling and audit teams, DRT service experts and a huge support teams to ensure the best coding and transcription services to our clients
  • CPT compliance and accuracy of transcription is a delivery norm at O2I
  • With accurate and CPT compliant coding it becomes easier for our clients while reimbursing insurance or healthcare claims
  • With precise CPT coding data consistency is achieved. This becomes relevant as the records will be accessed by doctors, patients, medical officers, insurance companies, etc.
  • O2I is your perfect offshore CPT coding expert, with its geographic time difference advantage

Outsource CPT Coding Services to O2I

Get the cost advantage, timely delivery guarantee, highest quality assurance, CPT coding compliance, dedicated coding, transcription team's support, and all these backed up by O2I's credible experience and trust, making it one of the leading CPT compliant transcription service providers in India.

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