General Surgery EMR Services

General Surgery EMR Services

We provide high-quality general surgery EMR services to care of E&M coding, workflow management, ordering lab tests, and other key functions to simplify general surgeons' calendar

Is manual operation of general surgery EMR costing you thousands of dollars' worth of productivity? Is your general surgery specialists inundated with paperwork and patient education responsibilities? There is a way to navigate around hassles without being charged an arm and a leg. Offshore general surgery EMR services to EMR specialists to plug the leak in your revenue stream.

At Outsource2india, we streamline your workflow by using template-driven general surgery EMR. Using our services will instantly free General surgeons from filing reports, noting drug interactions, field addressing the complaint, reviewing systems, and other legwork. Our general surgery EMR supports the latest version of ICD and CPT codes to make your practice stay focused on patient care rather the administrative functions.

General Surgery EMR Services We Offer

By choosing outsource2india's general surgery EMR services you can spare your team of general surgeons from resource-intensive administrative tasks. This would allow them to concentrate on patient care without distraction. Being a top general surgery EMR service provider, we offer the following services -

  1. Automated Eligibility Checks for Insurance

    Be it surgical billing, claims, or statements O2I's general surgery EMR services can automate these functions at the time of patient check-in. This will prevent the business downtime while keeping up with the rate of patient registrations.

  2. Interoperability of EMR Services

    If you are looking at ways to maintain communication between heterogeneous systems, ASC, and hospitals look no further than O2I's general surgery EMR services. Our system is robust and capable of interoperability in your practice.

  3. PACS Integration

    The way you look at clinical data will never be the same thanks to integrated picture archiving and communication system. With this solution, your workflow reports can be extracted without closing and opening the EHR software. Our solution can save a considerable amount of time that is otherwise spent on every visit.

  4. Vendor-agnostic Solutions for Mobile

    Healthcare providers can carry out important clinical functions, log patient encounters, and optimize collaboration within the community of general surgeons via mobile gadgets. With this solution, your workflow can be restructured to become agile and responsive. Additionally, the transcription costs can be significantly shrunk for quick and efficient completion of documentation.

O2I designs general surgery EMR system by integrating the following features

 General Surgery Letters
 Preventative Medicine and Screening
 Patient Education
 General Surgery PE
 General Surgery ROS
 Flow Sheets
 Customized Drug Interactions
 Radiology Order Custom Lists
 General Surgery Custom Lists
 Procedure Order Custom Lists
 Lab Order Custom Lists
 General Surgery Assessment/Plan

General Surgery EMR Services Process We Follow

At outsource2india we believe that transparency is the only way to making clients a loyal friend. Therefore, it is much more than a business to serve our clients with dedication. Our process flow is simple and streamlined so that you get reliable results in no time. The general surgery EMR services are as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

Through back and forth conversations we will understand and gather your business requirement which will be molded into a simple interpretation that is easy to handle


02. Strategy Selection

After understanding your needs we will decide the best approach that is likely to yield the best outcome. Once approved we will move to the next phase


03. General Surgery EMR Services Implementation

Our team of general surgery EMR specialists will take the project under their wing and ensure its completion within the stipulated time


04. Service Testing

The service we implemented will be scrutinized for flaws (if any). The tests will be carried out with near-real-time parameters


05. Feedback and Reporting

After completion of the service, we will request your valuable feedback to learn the level of satisfaction and how we can do better with your recommendation

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource General Surgery EMR Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india has both technology and human capital to implement general surgery EMR system that is ideal for your practice. Our awareness of the healthcare landscape, compliances, and best approach help us serve you better. Here are more reasons why you should prefer Outsource2india for general surgery EMR services -

  • Certified General Surgery EMR Services Company

    It is an important milestone for Outsource2india by becoming a leading provider of general surgery EMR services in India. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited HIPAA compliant provider of EMR services.

  • Data Security

    The security protocols at our end will ensure maximum protection to your client's clinical data. By allowing authorized specialists to handle general surgery EMR solution we eliminate the risk of your data ending up in wrong hands. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited company because we deal with data security threats in information medium with care and concern.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We discard the traditional method of implementing general surgery EMR system and instead prefer a sophisticated approach that is free from quality concerns. Our exclusive attention to quality will leave you feeling satisfied with the outcome.

  • Short Turnaround

    Oustource2india's general surgery EMR services are fast and efficient. We will work on a war footing if your requirement is high. Without burdening you with the myriad of pre-service formalities we will focus on meeting your goals with agility and accuracy.

  • Scalability

    The general surgery EMR services are scalable, be it is up or down. This can bring relief to your practice because with a scalable EMR service, you will never have to worry about having limited options to deal with evolving needs.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Choosing O2I's general surgery EMR services can lead to better savings because our service can be customized to your preference. Therefore, if you have a limited budget to work with, we have just the solution you need. You can explore our affordable general surgery EMR services by getting in touch with our agent.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We offer a single point of contact whom you can approach at any point during the partnership. Get instant help via your preferred means, whether it is routine information or clarification of concern.

  • Experienced Team of EMR Specialists and Project Managers

    We have a robust team of EMR and EHR specialists who have 10+ years of experience in dealing with complex scenarios. Our experts can consign your worries by delivering EMR services that you can count upon anytime, anywhere.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We take pride in having a modern infrastructure that includes the best software, hardware, and security systems being in-charge of process threads that are difficult to maintain and manage by manual methods.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Data sharing is via encrypted platforms such as SFTP and VPN. This will completely eliminate the risk of your client's sensitive data from being leaked or accessed illegally.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our agent system is dependable no matter where you are. We can be reached 24/7/365 basis because our delivery centers remain operational throughout the year. So if you have a concern or a request just get in touch with us via phone call, email, or web chat.

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I want to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication you have shown towards our company, truly a blessing and I thank you. You are doing a great job which allows us time to take good care of the client in areas we could only glance over.

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With 24 years of experience in healthcare BPO, Outsource2india has grown from a mid-size provider of general surgery EMR services in India to a global giant. Our success comes from a dedicated commitment to our client's cause. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with compliances and changing healthcare landscape, it's our job to close the gap in your practice's workflow. Our EMR services can quickly improve your revenue cycle management and ensure payments are captured with maximum efficiency. By outsourcing general surgery EMR services to us you can take a step closer to profitability. If you want to save time and money in a big way take the next step by connecting with us.

Reach us now and get a custom quote for our general surgery EMR services. Our services will bring you 100% result and satisfaction without stress.

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