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Healthcare BPO Services - Pricing

Medical Billing Support

As low as:
$1300 - 1500 per biller/month


As low as:
$1600 per coder/month

Teleradiology, Xray or MRI reading

As low as:
$4.5 - 60/read

Medical Animation Services

As low as:
$15-25 per second

Healthcare Calling work

As low as:
$1440 per FTE /month

Data entry

As low as:
$1280 per FTE /month

Increasing healthcare costs, advancement of technology, and evolving patient-physician-hospital dynamics are forcing healthcare industry to reorganize their business delivery processes. In order to maximize value from their business processes, global healthcare companies are leveraging the healthcare business process outsourcing model.

One of the key players helping global healthcare organizations meet their cost disparity is Outsource2india. Our focus is not just on reducing the costs for our clients, but increasing their business revenue. By offering our services, we not only help our clients shrink A/R, adjudicate claims, and post accurate payments, but also ensure up to 90% collections which results in a 20% improvement in their cash flow.

Our Pricing Models

  • Our medical animation service prices start as low as $15-25 per second. The prices can be customized based on your requirement and project complexity.
  • FTE Pricing- The price ranges from $1280 to $1600 per FTE per month, if you want to hire a dedicated resource for your project. It is an ideal pricing option if you have long-term projects at hand, or in case you experience sudden spike in work volumes. Here’s the detailed pricing:
    • Medical Billing Support- $1280 to $1440 per biller per month
    • Medical Coding- 1600 USD per Coder per month
    • HC Calling work- 1440 USD per FTE per month
    • HC Data entry- 1280 USD per FTE per month
  • General Pricing- Our prices for Healthcare BPO range from $4.5 per read to $60 per read for Teleradiology, Xray or MRI reading depending on the kind of reads and whether they are pre-reads or certified reads.
  • General Pricing - Our prices for Teleradiology, Xray, and MRI reading are cost-effective, depending on the kind of reads and whether they are pre-reads or certified reads.
  • Percentage of Collections Model- As per this model, a client is charged only for the claims where we have directly assisted in making collections
  • Transaction-based Pricing Model- Here, the billing is done based on the number of claims processed, or transactions made, or bills received per day
  • Customized Pricing- We can also customize the prices depending on the skill required, the complexity of the task, volume of work, and terms of the contract

If you are looking for high quality, customized healthcare BPO, outsource to O2I. Read more specific information about our healthcare infrastructure, security, quality, software, and compliances.

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Pricing Disclaimer

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We make every effort to keep all information on the site accurate and up-to-date and keep the pricing constant, but at times we might need to increase or decrease the pricing of our services. Final pricing for a project can differ from the quoted price on the site.


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