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Gastroenterology Transcription Services

Outsource Gastroenterology Transcription Services

Get quality-driven and accountable gastroenterology transcription services provided by professional transcriptionists at prices starting at $1280/month

Are you a gastroenterologist finding it hard to manage your work and time? Are you looking for quality-driven, cost-effective, and accountable gastroenterology transcription services that free up your time and allow you to focus on your core areas of operations? Are you looking to partner with a reliable and professional third-party provider of gastroenterology transcriptions with extensive experience in providing a comprehensive range of gastroenterology transcription services? If so, then we are here to help.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading provider of gastroenterology transcription solutions to individual and group practices, hospitals, physicians, and other facilities of any size. Our gastroenterology transcriptions are provided in a very timely fashion and are reliable and accurate. Our gastroenterology transcriptions can also be integrated into your EHR system, allowing you to reduce your data entry tasks so that you can spend more time with your patients.

Gastroenterology Transcription Services We Offer

We are a leading gastroenterology transcription service provider and can provide you with a comprehensive range of transcription services for gastroenterology. We provide both domestic and international gastroenterology transcription services that are customizable based on your requirement. We have substantial experience in transcribing consultation notes, discharge summaries, notes related to physical examinations and patient history, and laboratory tests. We provide high-quality reports that cover -

 Anoscopy Transcription
 Appendectomy Transcription
 Colonoscopy Transcription
 Endoscopy Transcription
 Laparoscopic Procedures Transcription
 Nasogastric Intubation Transcription
 Thoracotomy and Esophageal Exploration Transcription
 Umbilical Hernia Repair Transcription
 Biopsy Transcription
 Sigmoidoscopy Transcription
 Diagnostic or Therapeutic Paracentesis Transcription

Our Gastroenterology Transcription Process

We are a leading gastroenterology transcription service providing company and follow a well-defined and systematic process when it comes to delivering our high-quality gastroenterology transcriptions. Key steps in our process include -


01. Receiving the Report

In this step, you send the reports across to us through a secure FTP server.


02. Transcription Performed

Our team of professionals carefully studies the reports and meticulously transcribes them into electronic format.


03. Quality Check

We perform multi-level quality checks to ensure that your report has been transcribed accurately.


04. Delivery

We deliver the final reports to you through a secure FTP server or as an encrypted e-mail attachment.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Gastroenterology Transcription Services to Outsource2india?

We are a top provider of gastroenterology transcription services in India and abroad and have helped numerous clients accurately transcribe their gastroenterology reports. Outsourcing gastroenterology transcription services to us also makes sense for a whole host of reasons, including -

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    Our gastroenterology transcription services are priced very affordably, offering you savings of up to 40%.

  • High-quality Services

    We are an ISO-certified medical transcription company and make use of multi-level quality checks to ensure that you only receive the highest quality gastroenterology transcriptions from us.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    Our skilled transcribers work out of world-class office spaces equipped with modern computers to provide high-quality gastroenterology transcriptions.

  • Structured Process

    We follow a structured and time-tested process to deliver gastroenterology transcription services that are completely accurate.

  • Data Security

    We fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and take all steps to ensure full protection of your data.

  • Experienced Team

    Our gastroenterology transcription team has 25 years of experience in producing high-quality gastroenterology reports and are well-versed in all the related terminology and jargon.

  • Short Turnaround

    You will always receive our gastroenterology transcription services well within the stipulated deadline.

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Outsource2india processed over 3000 physician encounters for a team of Indianapolis physicians.

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Outsource Gastro Transcription Services to Outsource2india


I appreciate your assistance and service! I am very impressed by your professionalism, efficiency, and quality of the medical transcription.

Medical Practice, USA
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Outsource2india is a leading provider of gastroenterology transcription services to a global clientele. We have been in the medical transcription business for 25 years and have groomed our medical transcribers on how to provide the most accurate services. Our team is well-versed with all the terminology and jargon used in the gastroenterology specialty and this helps us provide superior gastroenterology transcriptions. We also provide our gastroenterology transcription services at cost-effective rates and within quick turnaround times.

If you are looking for accurate and cost-effective gastroenterology transcription services, get in touch with us today!

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