Dental Insurance Verification Service

Dental Insurance Verification Services

Leverage our dental insurance verification services and accurately verify and calculate insurance details like claim information, customer benefits, and co-payments

Dental insurance verification is quite a tiresome process for most dental service providers. To them, the process of verifying and calculating customer's benefits, claims, co-payments, etc. is not only cumbersome but also affects the quality of their service. Are you also facing problems with dental insurance verification and looking for a reliable company that can handle this entire process for you?

Well, look no further, as we are an experienced and reliable provider of comprehensive dental insurance verification services. By hiring us, you can ensure that you never have to be bothered about processing insurance verification data ever again. Additionally, it will allow your clients to receive your services on time and not have to face any implementation issues regarding insurance verification. You can also focus more on providing the best dental care to your patients rather than spend time on paperwork.

Dental Insurance Verification Solutions We Offer

Small and mid-sized dental practitioners and companies prefer outsourcing dental insurance verification services to specialized support providers as it gets taxing to meet the ever-increasing demand for insurance verification when the number of insurance holders increases.

Our dental insurance verification solutions include -

  • Standard Verification

    Standard Verification

    We ensure seamless dental insurance eligibility verification by conducting a side-by-side comparison of reported values and the data provided by insurers, proactively verifying all details like insurance policy coverage, patient records, benefits, etc. Once our team validates the patient's dental insurance, a report is sent to you so that you can continue with your customized treatment plan as per the estimated payment options.

  • Extensive Verification

    Extensive Verification

    As part of our extensive verification, we verify items like plan history, frequency, and benefit maximums. This option is designed more for verifying additional family members using the same plan. Our extensive verification is also perfect for new patients or those looking for an annual update of their benefits.

As a part of our dental insurance verification support, we verify the following -

Policy Status

Policy Status

Details Regarding Deductibles

Details regarding deductibles

Co-insurance Details

Co-insurance Details

Payable Benefits

Payable benefits

Effective Date of the Policy

The effective date
of the policy

All round Coverage Information Plan Type

All round coverage information and plan type

Details Regarding co-payment options

Details regarding
co-payment options

Insurance Plan Exclusions

Insurance plan

History of Previous Claim

History of previous claim
& treatments

Pre-authorizations Patient Referrals

Pre-authorizations &
Patient referrals

Mailing Address Details

Mailing address

Information about Deductibles

Information about

Our Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

We follow a streamlined process which includes the following steps -


01. Eligibility Verification

Once provided with the patient's details, we use different software like MISYS, Medisoft, Ortivus, Medical Manager, etc. for eligibility verification


02. Checking with the insurance company

We are quite persistent when it comes to finding out information from an insurance company. We tally all the details with the insurance company to ensure that no obligations on the part of the patient are due both before and after the treatment. Our experienced team of data handlers ensures that every last issue is resolved before the final report is submitted


03. Following-up with the patient

In case we notice missing information or any other unfulfilled obligation on the part of the client, our insurance commission experts get in touch with them directly to resolve said issues. We will also provide information regarding how much of the entire cost will need to be borne by the patient after the insurance is processed


04. Data submission

We implement rigorous privacy, security, and confidentiality that safeguards at each rung of our department. We ensure this by the use of only FTP/SFTP servers for sending and receiving the files. Whatever the files we send and receive are always encrypted and protected with a password to add an extra layer of security

Why Are We The Preferred Dental Insurance Verification Company?

By outsourcing dental insurance verification support to us, you can avail the following advantages -

  • Industry Leading Certifications

    We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company which strictly adheres to the HIPAA compliance standards and follow all CPT, HL7, HCPCS, & ICD-11 regulations and guidelines. Following these certifications and standards reduce sambiguity and ensures the standardization of universal processes across the department.

  • Highly Experienced Team of Insurance Verification Experts

    We have been working for more than 24 years in the healthcare domain and understand all the nitty-gritty of insurance verification. Presence of 200+ healthcare and insurance verification executives and an extensively dedicated and professional management with a combined experience of over 100+ years ensure that our clients remain extremely satisfied with our offerings.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Our pricing process is absolutely simple and based on the number of hours, units of work done, percentage collection, etc. You also have the option to personalize the pricing option based on your insurance verification requirement.

  • Accurate Results

    We have defined SOPs and conduct regular training programs and quality assurance (QA) inspections according to the mandated insurance best practices, which help us offer the best quality of services.

  • Advanced Tools and Technology

    We employ the latest technology and best insurance verification tools to ensure that the data we provide is devoid of inaccuracy.

  • Save Time

    No matter what amount of information must be processed, we can always ensure the speedy delivery of services and therefore save you a lot of time.

  • Personalized Processes

    A personalized approach is taken towards solving the issues of individual accounts to provide accurate results in each case. Being part of the process, we ensure that all the details regarding the insurance commission are cleared out with the insurance company via phone calls and by logging into their company websites.

  • Complete Data Security and Confidentiality

    We are an ISMS certified organization and ensure that all our processes are dealt with complete privacy. We take utmost care of the client's data security and ensure that their data is completely safe in our hands.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our executives are also available 24/7 so you can reach out to us with any problem or query regardless of which time zone you belong to.

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