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Digital Health Services

Outsource Digital Health Services

Digital health is a burgeoning area for healthcare organizations, especially during the COVID-19 and post-COVID 19 times. Outsource digital health services to us and get healthcare support at rates starting at $1280/month per FTE

Digital health services are a great alternative to reduce the burden on healthcare systems, especially in recent times when healthcare facilities are witnessing a surge in outpatient as well as inpatient services. How does digitalization change the scenario of work culture for hospitals and clinics? You, as a healthcare facility, can make digital consulting available for patients to avoid non-emergency visits when a certain medical condition does not require the patient to physically visit the doctor. Digital health services help adopt digital means of consultation that save much hassle both for the patient as well as the doctor. However, it can be rather a costly affair to start digital consultation, and more so if you are a small to a medium-sized healthcare organization. Not only that, the initial set up of processes for digital consultation will require much of your time, and it will mean juggling your core responsibilities and taking care of the digital consultations single-handedly. This is when collaborating with a professional digital health service providing company can prove extremely useful.

Outsource2india is the leading digital health service provider with 25 years of experience in offering a variety of healthcare BPO services that distinguishes it from many other companies that are relatively new to the field. With our digital health solutions, you can ensure that you are on top of your game and offer the most flexible and flawless healthcare services to your patients even remotely. Not only does outsourcing digital health services to us help lessen your burden, but it also helps you improve the quality of your services.

Digital Health Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers comprehensive digital health services, fully equipped with a team of professionals who have the expertise and experience to gain an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the clients and align the digital health services to their needs. Our digital health services will help you cater to your patients seamlessly such that the non-emergency cases are dealt with without requiring the patient to visit the healthcare facility. With that said, the following are some of the digital health services that we offer -

  1. Video Visits

    Video Visits

    We can empower you to schedule video visits, also known as video-based consultations such that your patients can get in touch with board-certified physicians through their phones, laptops, and other devices. Video visits can be customized such that they are made available to first-time patients, follow-up appointments, and for various other treatments such as pain management and sleep medicine. With digital health services, it becomes easy for the practitioner to share the prescription with the patient as well as keep a record of the demographic details and prescription of the patient for future reference.

  2. On-demand Second Opinion

    On-demand Second Opinion

    One of the most crucial healthcare services for patients is gaining a second opinion to make crucial decisions about treatment plans as well as care and management of the health of a loved one. With our digital health services, we help you collaborate with your patients and provide on-demand second opinions so that your patients can make informed medical decisions while they're at the comfort of their homes. With a digital health ecosystem such as EMR and EHR platforms along with various other platforms that help in scheduling appointments, both video consultation for first-time patients and those seeking a second opinion is made possible.

  3. Virtual Urgent Care

    Virtual Urgent Care

    Virtual urgent care lets your patient's book appointments on priority based on their requirement. We help you have access to platforms that keep a log of your appointments and schedule so that further urgent care or priority-based appointments can be booked as per the free slots.

  4. Digital Health Platform

    Digital Health Platform

    To make a digital transformation and have a partner manage your healthcare services digitally, you need a digital health platform. In case you have a pre-existing digital health platform that needs to be optimized, we are here to help you with your requirements. However, if you need us to build a digital health platform for you from scratch, we can as well cater to this requirement. Whether it is clinical, operational, or shared decision support, we are here to help you out with everything so that digital solutions are efficiently integrated with clinical routines, helping you be more flexible as well as scalable as a fast-growing healthcare facility.

Our Digital Healthcare Process

If you need a digital health services provider who has rich experience in all the processes within the digital healthcare system, you can count on O2I for all your needs. Our process is as follows -

Our process includes -


01. Conduct Needs Assessment

We talk to healthcare clients to understand their workflow and prevailing challenges that manifest within the process to measure their performance loss and productivity issue


02. Implementation of Process and Technology

After a thorough evaluation, our team will suggest adding technology to your process for eliminating redundancies and improving bandwidth for critical care


03. Execution of Digital Health Services

After your approval, we commence the implementation of the digital health services to ensure they seamlessly adapt to your process


04. Provide on-going support

We extend ongoing support to the process to keep your healthcare service in great shape. Our team can streamline support to patients, not on the intensive care category

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Digital Health Services to Outsource2india?

With countless digital healthcare companies out there, what makes us the right choice when you think of outsourcing digital health services is our rich experience coupled with sheer expertise. With years of catering to the varied requirements of a variety of healthcare organizations— big, small, and medium-sized, we have a reputation to care for, commitment and zeal to do better, and the dedication to offer digital health services that are nothing short of perfection. And thus, when you outsource digital health services to us, you are benefitted in many ways. With that said, some of the many advantages of choosing us as your partner in offering digital health services are as follows -

  • Affordable Solutions

    Our digital health services come at extremely affordable prices to help healthcare organizations of all sizes to upgrade their operations and opt for digital healthcare facilities. What's more is that we provide you with cost estimates based on your requirements, which means you only pay for the services that you genuinely require.

  • Improved Care

    With our digital health services, it becomes way easier for your patients to have access to improved care, especially in cases when your patients can't always visit you in the hospital. This specifically benefits disabled patients, those belonging to geographically isolated communities, and incarcerated individuals.

  • Improved Health Management

    Since in-person follow-ups and visiting the hospital for a face-to-face second opinion can be a hassle for the patients, there are high chances of no-shows and may even lead to negligence on the patients' part. However, virtual follow-ups with the help of digital health services help prevent such instances, thus helping in faster prevention as well as better health management for individuals.

  • HIPAA-compliance

    Being a HIPAA compliant digital health company, we ensure that any data or information that you share with us is completely secure and have no chances of third-party data access.

  • Scalability

    Our digital health services are one of the best ways to reach a wider range of audiences, especially targeting those who may not be located too close to your healthcare facility, thus making it difficult to book an appointment at the hospital. This is when virtual consultations help you retain or build clients who are even put up far from your facility.

  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

    Another significant benefit of outsourcing digital health services to us is that you can ensure increased patient satisfaction rates because of ease of access. This can help you with repeat business, great reviews, and even word-of-mouth popularity.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    Being a digital health service providing company, we are completely equipped with the latest and the most agile tools and technology that enable us to offer you flawless digital health services that fetch you the best of outcomes. In addition to that, we keep upgrading our systems and software to ensure that only the best-grade tools are put to use when we offer you digital health services.

  • 24/7 Support

    With a team of customer care and support executives available around the clock, you can reach out to us any time in case you have any queries related to our services. You can contact us via emails, calls, or the live chatbox on our website. We promise to get back to you in no time with the information that you need, irrespective of your location or time zone.

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Outsource Digital Health Services to Outsource2india

Digital health services are a great way to ensure that your patients have easy access to your healthcare services without the hassle of having to visit you all the way each time. However, besides that, digital health services also help you reach out to a larger population, thus helping you grow professionally. When you work with Outsource2india, one of the leading companies that provide efficient digital health services in India, we can help you in strategizing digital health and build as well as manage healthcare platforms that help you reach out to your audience hassle-free. With a proven track record of successfully catering to a range of healthcare facilities and a team of professionals working diligently to meet the expectations of our clients, we can give you complete assurance that when you choose us as your digital health services providing partner, you're on your way to growth, success, and best of outcomes.

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