Dental X-Ray Imaging Services

Dental X-Ray Imaging Services

If you don't have in-house dental x-ray imaging capability, outsource to us and get reports quickly read by professionals at 98% accuracy at rates starting from $4.5/read

Advanced technologies have changed imaging techniques in significant ways. They have become more fast, reliable and safe. The impact on the dental landscape has been no different. Dental clinics and individual dentists can now leverage sophisticated technology to get dental readings done fast and accurate. Also, most of these practices are now able to outsource dental imaging services to experienced third-party service providers for quick readings and treatment initiations.

Outsource2india has over 24 years of experience in providing dental x-ray imaging service to both small and large dental healthcare providers. Our accurate and fast dental x-ray diagnostic services have helped us establish ourselves as a leading dental x-ray imaging company in the world. We bank on advanced technology, experienced dental radiologists, state-of-the-art facilities, and strict compliance to HIPAA rules to provide highly advanced dental imaging services.

Comprehensive Dental X-Ray Imaging Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers Dental Digital X-ray Imaging Services leveraging advanced techniques. We have wide experience serving the hospital, individual clinics or diagnostic center. We bank on the most sophisticated X-Ray tools, certified experts and a robust quality check method to deliver accurate services in record time. The services that we offer are as follows -

  • Digital X-rays

    Digital X-rays

    We have great specialization in providing Digital x-rays services. Backed by the experience of scanning more than 200000 digital x-rays we are experts in managing digital and film images in our web-based storage application as well as your PACS. Our experience has helped us come up with the expertise to transition to digital x rays in fast, simple, and affordable ways. With our services, you can improve productivity, avoid high-cost equipment purchases, and streamline workflow.

  • Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging

    Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging

    Outsource to India also specializes in using dental cone beam 3D images to help dentists develop a treatment plan. Our clients get in touch with us for these services when they treat patients for dental implants, orthodontic treatment, or treat uninterrupted teeth. We generate these images in such a way to get a full picture of the underlying issues. Our efficient services have helped many dental clinics take a proper treatment decision sooner than otherwise.

  • Intraoral Camera

    Intraoral Camera

    In some complex cases, it is important to take images of the tooth or gum from the outside. It at these times that we assist dental clinics with an intraoral camera. We have helped uncover hidden issues such as a fractured tooth to be spotted easily by imaging it with an intraoral camera and the later magnifying the image on a computer monitor.

What is Dental X-Ray Imaging?

It is a procedure that detects cavities, bone loss in the teeth and jawbones, as well as masses inside the mouth. There are many types of dental x rays Bitewing X-rays, Periapical X-rays, Full Mouth Survey X-rays, Panoramic X-Rays, Occlusal X-rays etc. A bitewing x-ray is commonly used when there is a need to look at one specific area of your mouth whereas a periapical x-ray is one that captures the whole tooth - from the crown to the root. A full mouth X-ray, on the other hand, is something that has a series of individual images, that combines both bitewing and periapical. Panoramic x-rays are used to take images of the entire mouth in a panoramic view. It is used by dentists to see the position of fully emerged, emerging, and impacted teeth, all in one frame. Occlusal x-rays, on the other hand, are very specific to the mouth area. They are used to detect the development and placement of a portion or entire arch of the lower or upper jaw.

Why Outsource Dental X-Ray Imaging?

Digital x-ray imaging is a form of imaging that transfers data on an X-ray file to a computer system without the use of an intermediate cassette. Off late it has replaced conventional x-ray system because it brings about a kind of cost and time efficiency by obviating the need for chemical processing and instead directly transferring images in the much-enhanced form. With the advent of digital x-rays, dental x-ray filming has become safer as less radiation is now used to produce images of better contrast and quality. Yet another big advantage is the ability to view the image instantly. This helps in concluding on treatment fast. Also, this can be used to decision making quick. The interpretation can also be done from offshore centers who have qualified resources to give the outcome of readings fast, thus helping you overcome the problem of resource shortage.

Dental X-Ray Imaging Process We Follow

Dental x-ray imaging from Outsource2india is transparent and we ensure that you understand every aspect of the service we offer with maximum clarity. Our process eliminates the rework and ensures that your patient care stays optimal. Our dental x-ray imaging process is as follows -


01. Diagnosis at Dental Clinic

The patient with tooth ailment will visit the dentist and undergo x-ray imaging and tests


02. Collecting Client Details

The data from the diagnostic tools will be downloaded by us from the client's end or from the diagnosis center


03. Assessing and Interpreting

Our imaging specialists will read the diagnostic data and prepare reports on the observation


04. Multi-Level Expert Proofreading

The report will be re-read by other quality control experts to ensure that the report is 100% accurate


05. Final Report Delivery

After a thorough quality control process, the reports will be sent to the client for perusal or recordkeeping

Other Services you can Benefit from

Benefits of Outsourcing Dental X-Ray Imaging Services to Outsource2India

Outsource2india has emerged as a renowned Dental X-ray Imaging Service Provider in the world because for diverse reasons. As a trusted Dental X-ray Imaging Service Providing Company we guarantee service excellence that leads to improved operational outcomes. Our services have helped our clients to improve responsive agility, bring down costs, and improve service to external and internal constituents so that all your staff are freed to focus on core tasks. Some of the benefits of working with us include -

  • Accredited Dental X-Ray Imaging Company

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified dental x-ray imaging company. This certification testifies that we abide by all HIPAA regulations. We hire only certified x-ray experts. They work hand-in-hand with all dentists and perform x-rays as per their requirements. They are experts in detecting cavities and have a comprehensive understanding of the health and structure of the jaws and teeth. As a certified dental x-ray service provider, we have successfully completed thousands of projects. It's because of this all-round proficiency that our clients consider us as the best dental x-ray imaging service providing company.

  • Reliance on State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

    We have the most advanced x-ray machines which include portable machines, dental OPG and RPG machines. C-Arm image intensifier etc. All this helps us in delivering an accurate diagnosis. We also bank on best dental imaging software and advanced computer systems to deliver highest-quality services.

  • Robust and Foolproof Data Security

    As data security is a prime HIPAA requirement, we ensure this with 100% digital and in the Cloud services. It is precisely because of this that your employees' will be freed from undertaking tasks that are not patient-centred. Our strict data security measures are based as per ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation and we back this with the proper data recovery process.

  • Varied Pricing Models

    We provide cost-effective prices to our customers. We offer different modules of pricing to help you choose the one that suits you the most. Our customized and flexible pricing helps us meet the diverse needs of diverse dental clinics both big and small.

  • Expert and Experienced Dental X-ray Imaging Experts

    We are driven by a team of certified dental x-ray imaging experts. They have in-depth knowledge and experience of dental x-ray imaging and interpretation. We train them to follow the client's policies and protocols. Besides, they have great knowledge of government regulatory requirements and accrediting standards.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    One important hallmark of our services is meeting the deadline. We have a reputation of being on time with our deliverables which is why our clients keep coming back to us time and again. In the unlikely event of a delay, we keep you informed about the delay and expedite the process at our end to ensure the delay is as short as possible.

  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support Service

    We work from 8 global delivery centers which enable us to provide you with 24/7 support services. We have a dedicated customer support team to attend to your queries at any point of time. You can get in touch with us through email, fax or over a call and get your issues resolved at once.

  • One-Point-of-Contact

    Every project we take up is handled by a single point of contact. The point of contact usually is the project manager assigned with your task. This makes it easy for the customer to communicate issues and resolve any queries.

Client Success Stories

O2I Helped a Medical Imaging Firm with Quick Teleradiology Services

Outsource2india Helped A Medical Imaging Firm with Quick Teleradiology Services

The backlog faced by the client was resolved by our trained Radiologists within just 24 hours. O2I's team used PACS software to fix the challenges faced by the client.

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O2I Provided Full-Service Billing with Medisoft Software

Outsource2india Provided Full-Service Billing with Medisoft Software

Outsource2india offered comprehensive billing support to a client who experienced a drop in collections and AR performance. Our service decreased the AR days and streamlined their revenue.

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Why Outsource Dental X-ray Imaging Services to Outsopurce2India?


We are very pleased with the work and attention to detail provided under our services agreement with O2I. We continue to look for ways to enhance this relationship with our billing company. Thank you again for all that you do.

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We have over 24 years of experience in dental x-ray imaging service and teleradiology in general. As a leading provider of dental x-ray imaging services in India, we offer our clients with the best combination of certified experts, sophisticated equipment, and a well-defined workflow to guarantee top-notch services to our clients. The hallmark of our services is proper, evaluation, and interpretation of every dental x-ray image followed by a review of the interpretation by experts. It's because of these multiple rounds of evaluation that our services are highly precise and reliable. Our well-defined process makes the workflow smooth and seamless and ensures there is no delay in service delivery whatsoever. Having completed over 5000 projects we have earned the trust and reliability to become a trusted dental x-ray imaging partner for life.

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