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How Remote Patient Monitoring is Transforming Healthcare

10 Ways in Which Remote Patient Monitoring is Transforming Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring is much more than just fancy tracking devices. Know how remote patient monitoring is transforming the healthcare industry

Remote patient monitoring is helping to reduce hospital admissions, provide better care to patients, and lower healthcare costs and is much more than just fancy tracking devices. Remote patient monitoring or RPM has helped to bridge the gap between patients and physicians and improved the quality of care that is being provided.

With the rapid advancement in technologies, RPM has seen fast developments and improved the quality of the care being provided by clients. Apart from this, RPM has helped to ease the process of saving records, access appointments, continuous monitoring, and transforming access to medical records. Here are some of how RPM is transforming the healthcare industry.

10 Ways in Which Remote Patient Monitoring is Transforming Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring and digital care management have advanced rapidly in the past decade and have been transforming the healthcare industry. So how is remote patient monitoring changing healthcare? Here are some of the top ways in which RPM systems are transforming the healthcare industry -

  • Connect Patients and Physicians

    Connect Patients and Physicians

    With activity trackers and other remote patient monitoring devices always attached to the patients, it provides a constant link to the physicians. Any rapid change in the vitals of the patient alerts the physicians instantly and the further course of action can be planned accordingly.

  • Diagnose and Treat Strokes Faster

    Diagnose and Treat Strokes Faster

    A high number of strokes lead to deaths if there is no quick treatment provided to the patient. If remote patient monitoring devices attached to the patient can notify the emergency services and physicians nearby, the diagnosis can be done rapidly and treatment can be initiated within a short time thereby reducing the death rate.

  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases

    Reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases

    Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the world. Accurate drug treatment and lifestyle changes can reduce the risks considerably. Remote patient monitoring applications can detect cardiovascular problems in the early stages and reduce the risk of death in the future.

  • Enable Patients to Manage Chronic Conditions

    Enable Patients to Manage Chronic Conditions

    Hypertension and a variety of digestive diseases can affect the lifestyle of patients in the long term. Remote patient monitoring devices in healthcare and telephone consultations can help clients to manage their chronic conditions of their own rather than repeatedly visiting the emergency room or to a clinic for a consultation.

  • Enable Mental Health Consultations

    Enable Mental Health Consultations

    Mental health issues are one of the rapidly increasing problems in the world especially seen in children. Dramatic incidents and events around can affect mental health and lead to aggravating conditions such as depression, hyperactivity, and anxiety. With remote patient monitoring, physicians can keep a track of their patients and provide the required consultations and counseling as and when the need arises.

  • Improve Oral Health

    Improve Oral Health

    With the help of remote patient monitoring & telehealth, dentists and dental experts can share records among their community and get advice if a certain procedure is required or not. Dentists can also detect and spot the different problem areas and advice of preventive measures which can help to avoid the situation getting worse.

  • Push Diabetics to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

    Push Diabetics to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

    The healthcare costs related to diabetes in reaching new heights every year with more and more patients going through this disease. Leveraging the power of remote patient monitoring methods, the patient can be encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve glycemic control and set specific goals to change the patient's behavior in the long run.

  • Allow Rehab at Home

    Allow Rehab at Home

    The real care process of a patient starts after the patient I discharged from the hospital. This is true especially for patients who have experienced stroke or have some neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, dementia, etc. Remote patient monitoring systems can help patients to undergo the rehab process at home without any hassles and constantly be in touch with their doctors and physicians.

  • Provides the Second Set of Eyes

    Provides the Second Set of Eyes

    This is one of the key benefits of remote patient monitoring. RPM provides nurses and ICU doctors with a second set of eyes while taking care of several patients. It raises alerts if there is any emergency or reminds them of a missed medicine dose or any other important signals. This helps in improving the quality of care provided and reduces the overall costs.

  • Help Improve Rural Healthcare

    Help Improve Rural Healthcare

    In most of the developing nations where healthcare facilities are scarce and inaccessible in the rural regions, remote patient monitoring can be a boon to them. Remote online consultations can help resolve minor healthcare issues before they become severe.

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