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Prior Authorization Services

Outsource Prior Authorization Services

Save valuable time and minimize the hassle of insurance pre authorization by outsourcing it to us at reasonable prices. Prices start at $1280 per FTE per month

Pre-authorization and insurance verification are critical for every healthcare institution for effective revenue cycle management. Prior authorization aids the healthcare facility in streamlining billing processes, collection of payment, reduction in denials, and constant follow-ups.

Outsource2india is a leading prior authorization service providing company with 25 years of experience in handling thousands of relevant projects across the globe. We fully understand the complexities of pre-authorization in medical billing as well as the insurance prior authorization needs of our clients. Our highly qualified and experienced coordinators efficiently manage end-to-end communication and authorization and work with all government and private insurance companies to ensure that all our client needs are met effectively.

Prior Authorization Services We Offer

We aim to simplify the prior authorization processes between healthcare service providers and insurance companies by offering superlative services that include the following -

  1. Verification Services

    Verification Services

    Our pre-authorization experts undertake thorough verification of the patient's insurance scheme to get the request preauthorized by the insurance companies. We take into account all the benefit terms against the required medical procedures to minimize any chances of error or denials.

  2. Leveraging Cloud Billing Software

    Leveraging Cloud Billing Software

    Medical billing is a crucial part of pre-authorization and in today's world, it has become mandatory to digitize billing processes. We have a dedicated team that can integrate or custom build cloud-based medical billing software for the healthcare facilities or in case, they already have one, we can extend our expertise to streamline and fasten the billing processes using their cloud software.

  3. Pre-certification Service

    Pre-certification Service

    O2I has a dedicated team with in-depth knowledge of insurance eligibility and benefits to help patients obtain pre-certifications from insurance companies, ensuring quick claims at the first go. Our experts also help in processing any other pre-cert requirements through constant communication and follow-up.

  4. Complete Documentation

    Complete Documentation

    We have developed standardized documentation templates to speed up the process and maintain a record of all necessary information for the payers, patients, and healthcare providers.

  5. ICD-10 Coding

    ICD-10 Coding

    We utilize proper ICD-10 diagnosis codes with your pre-authorization requests to avoid any delays in request processing. We have a team of trained coders that are well versed with the code environment and its latest guidelines.

  6. Tracking


    Our team helps organizations clear the long log of pending pre-authorization requests by tracking requests as per their status. They also keep a close tab on the email and any other status updates from the insurance companies to ensure to eliminate any communication gap between the parties.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire O2I as Your Prior Authorization Service Provider?

Outsourcing prior authorization services to us provides you with the following advantages -

  • Easy & Flexible Pricing

    We do not bound our clients into long-term contracts and offer competitive prices for our services.

  • 100% Data Safety

    We undertake standardized data protection protocols to minimize the risk of data leakage or any other cyberfrauds.

  • Less Paperwork and Chances Of Data Errors

    We use secured cloud-based software to streamline your pre-authorization process, significantly curbing the chances of duplicated efforts, data/human errors, and reducing paperwork overload.

  • Maximized Reimbursements

    Through maintaining amicable terms with leading insurance agencies and end-to-end handling of requests we help in reducing write-offs and denials.

  • Fast TAT

    We have a disciplined approach towards pre-authorization to ensure speedy pre-cert and request approvals.

  • Reduced operational costs

    Our pre-authorization services enable healthcare providers to save 30-40% on operational costs.

Client Success Stories

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O2I Performed Accurate and Reliable Patient Demographics Entry for a Georgia-based Healthcare Provider

Our medical billing specialists meticulously and reliably processed over 1200 claims a month for a group of four different healthcare providers.

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O2I Keyed in Demographic Details For a Texas-based Client

O2I Processed Over 17000 Medical Claims a Month For a Texas-based Client

Our team of professionals utilized the Kareo software to key in charge and demographic details for a Texas-based client. Our team also processed over 16000 medical claims a month.

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Outsource Prior Authorization Services in India to O2I

As a leading prior authorization company, we have highly-trained team members with expert knowledge to carry out all the paperwork quickly and efficiently to obtain request approvals from insurance companies.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to outsource medicare prior authorization services, contact one of our experts today.

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