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Podiatry Billing Services

Outsource Podiatry Billing Services

Medical experts at O2I are expert at medical coding, eligibility conditions, and billing protocols to ensure fast and complete podiatry billing at rates starting from $4 per read

Podiatry billing services, like any other medical billing services, depends heavily on accurate medical coding. Before submitting bills it is important to ensure specific ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes have been used properly to report diagnosis and treatment provided. Careful application and review of all the codes and modifiers for any podiatry procedure helps to prevent claim denials and guarantee complete reimbursement.

Outsource2india has over 2 decades of experience in providing end-to-end podiatry billing services to healthcare providers based in the US. Our podiatry billing system is based on the best strategies that entails detailed eligibility verification and obtaining authorizations followed by proper documentation and coding. Our comprehensive billing services includes dealing with podiatry claims rejections, podiatry billing disputes and other podiatry billing issues. Our team of podiatry billers have wide experience in billing for a range of podiatry services and are always up to date with the changing rules and regulations in podiatry specialty.

Our Comprehensive Podiatry Billing Services

As a reputed podiatry billing service provider, we offer a range of services to ease the process of podiatry billing and enable full reimbursements. Our services include -

  1. Insurance Verification

    Insurance Verification

    It is critical for podiatry practices to verify insurance details for proper reimbursement. When you outsource podiatry billing services to us we take care of all nitty gritty such as type of plan and coverage details and understanding the payable benefits, co-pays, deductibles, plan exclusions, patient policy status, effective date etc.

  2. Accurate Medical Coding

    Accurate Medical Coding

    Our certified medical coders have complete knowledge of the regulations for local coverage determination (LDC) and leverage this knowledge assign exact foot care CPT codes. Our coders are guided by an expert, ICD-10 PCS certified team to ensure accurate procedure codes are always applied. We back this process with thorough code auditing that makes sure every code assigned is thoroughly scrubbed.

  3. Accounts Receivable Management

    Accounts Receivable Management

    Evaluating A/R on a timely basis plays an important role in managing the revenue cycle of a podiatry practice. Our A/R experts have wide experience in optimize A/R management, with knowledge of payer specific guidelines, analyze reimbursement trends of payers on a regular basis, establish contact with payers to resolve problems faster, follow a strict collections policy for patient accounts etc.

  4. Denial Management

    Denial Management

    We handle claims denial with a well-defined process. Our claims denial experts read the explanation of benefits (EOB) and remark codes carefully to understand the reasons of denial. Based on the readings they build their reason for appeal. While appealing, we follow a definite procedure by choosing the correct podiatry form, submitting it on time and following up with carriers after submission.

Our Podiatry Billing Process

Podiatry billing and coding is complex as claims requirements need to be very specific because of restrictions on the conditions that can be treated. To maximize reimbursement, we bank on a definite process. Our podiatry billing services consists of steps like -


01. Proper Insurance Verification

This is the first step of our podiatry billing process in which we verify the eligibility of a patient and their active coverage with the insurance company. We leverage insurance verification prior to the treatment to reduce denial rates and enhance cash flow.


02. Documenting Procedure

Before the procedure starts, we document the doctors observations and comments in order to plan and coordinate the patient's medical care, communicate with associated healthcare professionals and most importantly support charges for services and ensure reimbursement.


03. Applying the Right Codes

This is the stage when all applicable codes to document podiatry procedures in medical claims are added to the bills. Be it a treatment for infections, pressure ulcers, active wound, injuries, or debridement, we take extra care to include the right CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 codes.


04. Choosing the Right Modifier

When adding certain procedure codes to podiatry bills, it is also important to add the most appropriate modifiers to differentiate between the codes. We make it a point to add the most precise modifiers so that there is no ambiguity in interpretation.


05. Quality check and Submission

Once the coding and billing for a service is ready, we pass the bills through our quality department to identify errors. In case of errors it is send back for review. If cleared the bill is submitted for claims electronically.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Podiatry Billing Services to O2I

Podiatry billing companies offer several benefits to podiatry practices. These benefits include -

  • Cost-effective Services

    We provide billing services that is economical and can be availed by small and big practices. We ensure this by employing certified medical coders, leveraging medical practice management software, staying up to date with changing regulatory requirements, following a well-defined process and carrying out thorough quality checks at every stage of the process.

  • Expert Team

    Our team of podiatry billing experts have wide experience in billing for establishing payment arrangements with providers and patients. They bank on our state-of-the-art billing system to generate claims on a daily basis and submit them electronically submitted. Besides they help podiatry practices monitor payments and carry out necessary follow-up if payment lapses occur.

  • Maximum Reimbursements

    Our experts have extensive knowledge of podiatry codes and modifiers. At the same times they have handled a range of claims involving highly complicated conditions. We leverage their in-depth knowledge and wide experience to help file claims accurately and ensure maximum reimbursements for our clients.

  • Accelerated Payments

    We strictly follow the right policies and procedures to ensure timely payments. These include keeping billing software up to date by posting payments and denials, carrying out timely denial follow ups and reporting follow up actions. We also assist podiatry practices collect patient balances by sending patient statements and intimating the practices front office of underpayments at time of service. We have a enviable track records of delivering payments in as little as ten days.

  • Complete Billing Transparency

    Our billing process is designed to know where your money is 24x7. We make sure there is complete transparency throughout the revenue cycle. We also ensure our clients have 24/7 accessibility to their patient data and financial information. Aside from this we follow full financial and practice management reporting.

  • Complete Denial Management

    We also specialize in podiatry denial management services. We appeal for denied claims after checking for explanation of benefits. When appealing we address the reason for denial and go through the carriers written policy to know the exceptions. After appeal submission we do necessarily follow up to confirm that proper review is undertaken.

  • Latest Billing Software

    We bank on the best podiatry billing software to capture demographic and insurance information upfront, post charges fast and efficiently, simplify the reimbursement process, and improve collections. We have hands-on experience working on a range of podiatry billing software such as -

    • DrChrono EHR
    • Athenahealth
    • Kareo Clinical EHR
    • AllegianceMD
    • Compulink Healthcare Solutions, etc.

As a renowned Podiatry Billing Service Providing Company, we offer each of these unbeatable benefits to our clients.

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Hello, I wanted to reach out to you directly and express my gratitude for the hard work that the Data team, as well as the AR team, has done with EJ practice. I have pushed both teams extremely hard over the past month and their efforts, as well as ours, have paid off.

RCM Account Manager,
EMR System Provider, FL, USA
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Outsource Podiatry Billing Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over two decades of experience in supporting the medical billing needs of podiatry practices in the US. From specialized foot care specialties, podiatry clinics to podiatry departments in large hospitals we have offered the most compliant and comprehensive podiatry medical billing services. We have assisted them bill accurately for a range of procedures such as routine foot care, foot radiological assessments, foot blisters, foot incision, warts, fungal cultures etc. Besides, we have also advised our clients on the latest software and potential upgrades to run their practices more efficiently. Over the years our podiatry billing has helped podiatrists increase collections, reduce claims denials, and maintain healthier accounts receivable.

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