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Healthcare Billing Software

Outsource Healthcare Billing Software

We use advanced healthcare billing software to help a wide range of specialty clinics with their billing functions. Our healthcare billing services start at $1280/month

Healthcare is a paper-heavy industry where meeting compliance and filing accurate patient data is a routine task. If the frequently evolving healthcare rules and regulations are anything to go by, it is apparent that sticking to the manual paperwork process is a recipe for expensive errors that may be time-consuming and costly to fix. At Outsource2india we aim to combat the staggering stress levels on your medical staff by offering billing software solutions.

We will leverage healthcare EHR and Billing software to specifically target issues in your healthcare operation. O2I's experts will use top-notch billing software to lessen or eliminate the time spent on administrative functions so that your healthcare professionals can become efficient and duly meet the compliance. We are adept at several leading technologies such as Kareo, Nextech, AdvancedMD & several more.

Healthcare Billing Software We Use

At Outsource2india, we have skilled healthcare executives who can handle a myriad of tasks on a range of top billing software. However, if the software deployed at your healthcare facility is outside of our current offerings, we can train our professionals in quick TAT. We walk the talk by demonstrating our dedication and ability as a one-stop-shop solution for your needs. Outsourcing healthcare billing software will help you get the billing done with speed and agility. We have professionals who are readily trained in the following billing software -

  • ChiroTouch


    Chiropractic clinics and organizations are witnessing difficulty in performing efficient billing and EHR management activities. It may be due to the hectic workload of administration, patient care, revenue generation, or the lack of sufficient manpower and expertise. It creates havoc in Revenue Cycle Management for any healthcare company.

  • Medisoft


    Maintaining and regulating billing efficiently is a major healthcare challenge because patient care, administration, revenue generation, and many more areas need attention simultaneously. This complicates revenue cycle management. Therefore billing software like Medisoft comes streamlines daily billings and administration processes.

  • eClinicalWorks


    We use eClinicalWorks healthcare billing software to deliver round-the-clock healthcare billing services to hospitals, independent practitioners, and clinics. Using this software, we close the gap in your billing performance to ensure faster collection and increased cash flow. Plus, you’ll no longer have to manually feed the data into EHR. The eClinicalWorks is a smart tool that is fast and template-driven making your job efficient.

  • AdvancedMD


    This is yet another smart billing software that is powered by the Cloud. It allows seamless integration with any existing EHR and boosts billing performance. AdvancedMD offers rich features like telemedicine, financial analytics, practice management, EHR, reputation management, BI reporting, and patient engagement. We leverage this tool to increase your billing performance.

  • Nextech


    It is considered the oldest and rugged healthcare billing software that is ideal for all healthcare providers, however small or big. It has seen two decades worth of action in the healthcare domain and continues to remain a go-to choice for many practices even today. It supports integration with EHR and is ideal for physicians, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and practitioners of major healthcare specialties. We not only use this app to perform billing for your healthcare facility, but also track appointments, get patient's information, and their medical records on demand.

  • Kareo


    Most healthcare facilities are already familiar with this popular billing and EHR software. This tool is a true multitasker in the hands of expert medical billing professionals where it allows the operator to do more than just entering data and filing records. Since this tool comes with a host of features, we make sure to utilize it fully for scheduling patient visits, insurance management, patient data documentation, report creation, and much more.

  • Lytec


    Lytec is an industry-leading practice management software that is used by an increasingly higher number of healthcare providers. While it does improve the cash flow process, it has also gained wide acceptability dues to its effectiveness in improving office productivity. This software is also highly robust and can take care of all the financial aspects of practice. With this software, it becomes easy to make appointments 24/7, set up appointment reminders, view the status of claims in real-time, and automate insurance letters and appeals.

  • Athena


    Athena medical billing is what every practice needs to have a transparent billing. It takes care of end-to-end medical billing and claims processing without gaps or errors. The best part is you only have to pay for using Athena after the claims are honored by the insurer. Our team has most experience you ask for in billing with Athena. The claims are processed faster leaving your practice with healthier RCM

Other Healthcare Billing Software We Use

As a world-class medical billing software provider, we use the following software for billing -

TGI QRS Misys Tiger Medical Manager Vericle Medisoft Ortivus eMDs NextGen Healthcare AltaPoint Lytec Billing

Our Healthcare Billing Specialty

 Pediatric Nephrology
 Internal Medicine
 Physical therapy
 Emergency Room
 Urgent Care
 Pediatric Neurology
 Skilled Nursing Facility

Benefits of Using Advanced Billing Software

Outsource2india's healthcare billing software can handle simple and complex functions to keep your healthcare operations healthy and patient-friendly. We use healthcare billing software to handle the following challenges -

 Claim Denials
 High Volume of Claims
 Coding Inaccuracies
 Lower Revenue Generation
 Complex Multispecialty Billing
 High Overhead Cost
 HIPAA and Other Compliance Issues

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Healthcare Billing Solutions to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india can provide both the software and operator assistance to handle complications in your front-office. We know how to efficiently resolve billing, compliance, and patient concerns without impacting the quality of patient care. Here are reasons why you should consider the healthcare billing software solutions from O2I -

  • Certified Healthcare Billing Software Company

    Outsource2india is a leading HIPAA compliant and ISO 9001:2015 accredited healthcare services provider whose expertise includes resolving challenges across EMR, medical billing, claims processing, and range of other functions with healthcare billing software.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Being a top provider of Healthcare Billing Software Solutions in India, we make no compromises in the quality of our service. We dedicate ourselves to deliver services that help you realize the revenue while being reliable and certified by QA professionals.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    At Outsourcei2ndia, the healthcare services we offer comes at a special price. In 25 years, we have perfected our business model to deliver value-add services without putting our own growth prospects at risk.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Outsource2india's team is supported by the most advanced infrastructure equipped by an outsourcing company. With top-notch software, hardware, and security systems we can accomplish results that you expect. One facility is housed with powerful security systems that prevent mismanagement of your project.

  • Data Security

    The data sent by our clients are handled with caution by following ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified security measures. We adhere to compliances including NDA where we cut out the task to professionals who are signatories of a Non-disclosure agreement.

  • Short Turnaround

    Healthcare services provided by Outsource2india is fast and efficient because nearly all our processes are cloud-based and paperless. This will save the time you spend on filing forms to create a document trail.

  • Scalability

    Since we have adopted technology to digitize the healthcare process in all areas, scaling up or down is quick and easy. Without waiting to ends you can scale your requirement by hinting us through your preferred channel.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We provide 24/7 close-knit support to walk you through challenges. Our dedicated point of contact will liaise with our team operating the software to bring you updates via reports and insights. In addition, you can get timely support if you need clarifications.

  • Experienced Team of Healthcare Executives and Project Managers

    Outsource2india's healthcare executives are the people with a decade of experience in various on-going and specialized projects. They deliver consistent results and 100% satisfaction to guide your patients in the friendliest manner.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Your patient's healthcare data can be shared with us via our secure network. We are supported by SFTP and VPN that facilitates safe and fast data sharing.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our contact centers are 24/7/365 facility. We operate out of 4 continents to help clients across the globe. We have expert client support agents who are trained to support queries and issues pertaining to healthcare billing software.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Full-service Billing for an Urgent Care Practice

Outsource2india Provided Full-service Billing for an Urgent Care Practice

Using AdvancedMD, O2I performed AR follow-up with insurance providers and secured unpaid dues. We resolved denials and streamlined the cash flow for the practice.

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O2I Provided Comprehensive Billing with the help of Medisoft Software

Outsource2india Provided Comprehensive Billing with the help of Medisoft Software

O2I handled over 1000 claims a month by processing denied claims. We resolved BCBS challenges that resulted in delayed claims within just three weeks.

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Outsource Healthcare Billing Software Solutions to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a leading healthcare BPO solutions provider with front offices in 3 countries worldwide. We have 500+ full-time professionals who can offer robust healthcare services using advanced tools. If you lack the expertise in managing billing & EMR on your own, we can help you save cost and time overhead by handling your requirement with utmost dedication. We can streamline your patient care services and enhance revenue generation through our custom healthcare services.

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