Medical Billing Software Support Services

Medical Billing Software Support Services

Efficient, timely, and cost-effective medical billing software support straight from experts who can keep your practice free from billing hassles without overhead expenses

Are you in need of comprehensive medical billing software to create and manage invoices? Are you unable to keep up with the huge influx of patient each day? You are just a step away from the ultimate solution for your practice. As technology permeates further into the medical field, hospitals and medical organizations continue to look for new avenues to streamline revenue cycle management for healthcare providers.

Outsource2india's expertise in providing medical billing software support solutions has helped countless healthcare clients across the globe. We can help you streamline your revenue stream while enabling you to focus on your business and spend less time dealing with invoicing irregularities and follow-ups.

Medical Billing Software Support Services We Offer

Our medical billing software support is 100% ANSI 5010 compliant, ensuring your staff has access to a powerful workflow engine which can single-handedly manage revenue and billing management functions for your entire healthcare practice, however large or small. Scalability is a major reason why our clients use our services on a day-to-day basis, allowing them the flexibility which many other costlier solutions cannot. Our latest software version has all the tools necessary to manage claims tracking, insurance billing, patient accounting, accounts receivable, etc. Our highlight services include -

  1. Medical Appointment Scheduling

    Medical Appointment Scheduling

    Whether you are dealing with solo or multiple providers spread out over multiple locations, our offshore medical billing software support services can help you efficiently manage in-patient and out-patient scheduling while ensuring all checks are run properly regarding insurance eligibility and sending appointment reminders to the eligible patients.

  2. Medical Practice Management

    Medical Practice Management

    Our medical billing software support allows healthcare managers and hospitals to process their claims easily and efficiently without incurring losses in the form of lost revenue. Our proprietary software technology helps your staff collaborate easily and manage accounts receivable easily while leveraging the data generated to provide you with in-depth practice analytics and other reporting features.

  3. Medical Support Services

    Medical Support Services

    As one of the world's top providers for medical billing software support solutions, our medical support services are provided by highly skilled medical software billing professionals who are experts in medical billing and coding processes. With years of experience under our belts, you can leverage the agility and skills of our revenue cycle management experts whose insight can help you drastically reduce revenue leakage.

Apart from the above, we also offer the following services -

  • Implementation and customization of mainstream billing systems
  • Patient charge verification and entry
  • Staff training and development
  • Patient data security management
  • Application-based insurance verification
  • Payment posting and reconciliation
  • Insurance claims transmission
  • Patient demographics information entry
  • Claims denial management
  • Claims resubmission

Our Medical Billing Software Expertise

Effectively managing all patient information and management can directly lead to better customer satisfaction and easier billing processes. While the entire process requires inputs from multiple channels, at O2I, we ensure we can provide exceptional assistance with our medical billing software management services. We believe in providing high-quality services that help you easily navigate the troubled waters of medical insurance and billing, thereby helping you achieve your goals faster. Whatever software you may be currently using or are planning to implement, we can ensure a team which was previously worked on the said software and has the necessary experience only works on it. Our software support extends to the following -

NextGen Healthcare Kareo Billing & EHR eClinicalWorks AdvancedMD brightree medisoft Athenahealth MediTouch athenahealth Billing & EHR AdvancedMd Billing Epic Billing AdvantX Billing CareCloud Billing Centricity Lytec Billing Misys Modernizing Medicine Billing & EHR Nex-tech Billing & EHR Proclaim Pulse SequelMed TotalMD Billing

Medical Billing Software Support Process We Follow

Health care providers and hospitals especially require industry-specific billing features which change according to patient diagnostics, in-house and outpatient treatment, health care coverage, etc. From setting up over-the-counter patient balance collection, optimizing claims submission and recording process, charge entry, etc. we ensure you never have to worry about outsourcing medical billing software support ever again. Our process is as follows -


We will collaborate with your team to understand your pain points and existing process


We will create a checklist of the process where the software support is necessary


We will create a process wireframe of modules to ensure that the application is compliant with your needs


We will implement the medical billing software modules and apply the support to relevant areas


The modules are tested with real-time data to ensure the proper functioning


We will create reports to help you compare and understand the process and outcome

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Medical Billing Software Support to O2I?

At Outsource2india, we sincerely believe that good decisions are made based on good data. Our modern solutions for the healthcare industry reflect the same attitude and has resulted in us becoming one of the top providers of medical billing software support services in India. Throughout the medical billing process, we capture data that is relevant to your practice, enabling custom reporting to provide in-depth insights into all necessary areas of your day-to-day business.

By choosing us as your partner, you can benefit from the following –

  • 100% HIPAA Compliant and ISO Certified

    All our internal policies, processes, and systems are written, reviewed, and maintained by in-house professionals. Every aspect of our healthcare business is reviewed by independent third-party auditors, ensuring we can serve our full compliance to HIPAA as a positive differentiator. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

  • Secure Data Management Practices

    We manage all our client's data with care because we value the confidentiality of the project. We will walk the extra mile to keep your data out of reach from unauthorized professionals. Therefore, our efforts towards this end are rewarded with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation.

  • Quality ICD-10 Medical Coding and Industry Expertise

    Our entire team is comprised of medical billing professionals who are AAPC certified coders and are proficient with ICO-10 and CPT conventions. This ensures that all medical charges are filed as per the norms, resulting in better accuracy in the billing process.

  • Scalable Solutions

    Our services are offered as per your requirements and provide you with the flexibility to change things on the fly. We can scale up resource input as per your growing requirements while providing additional support during the months where you might have more need for us than usual.

  • Timely Support

    With more than 10,000 happy clients, most of whom still partner with us for repeating business, our track record in delivering medical billing software support in quick TAT makes a statement of its own. We understand the nature of work involved in this industry is complex but are successfully able to challenge existing norms by raising the bar for medical billing software support services.

  • Cost-effective Specialty Practices

    Having worked with clients across the globe, we leverage our existing knowledge of medical billing software to customize the service as per the requirements of our clients. We are one of the few service providers out there to support specialty practices and improve the efficiency of your healthcare business by offering affordable solutions.

  • SPOC

    We will assign a dedicated point of contact to readily offer first-level support. If you have concerns, it shall be resolved in no time by our specialized SPOC.

  • Specialized Experts with Industry Experience

    We have worked with medical service providers and healthcare professionals for the past 24 years and have built a team of medical billing professionals who have a minimum of 10 years of experience between them. This means you can count on our ability to work with multiple software across geographies and demographics while benefiting from streamlined processes.

  • Superior Infrastructure to Improve Collections

    We bring in a host of modern improvements to the ancient collections process, enabling A/R tracker enhancements which allow you to see the total patient co-pay in the unpaid transactions grid. This means collections can be optimized while becoming smoother and more efficient. Our infrastructure enables our team to do much more without spending all the resources.

  • 24/7 Support

    Customer satisfaction is key to remaining at the top of the healthcare industry, and our patient email and SMS connect ensures all your patients are notified of their appointments and overdue charges. This ensures your patients feel cared for and can get back to you in case of any query. Our teams work round-the-clock to become available when you need to reach us.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Insurance Eligibility Services for Telemedicine Provider

Provided Pharmacy Insurance & Medical Insurance Eligibility Services to A Telemedicine Provider

Insurance eligibility verification was provided to a Californian client by O2I. We ensured that the claims they received fulfilled the mandatory criterion.

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O2I Provided Charge & Patient Demographics Entry

Provided Charge and Patient Demographics Entry to Georgian Client

Nearly 1200 claims were processed by O2I in a month for a Georgian client. We delivered the solutions which were 98% accurate.

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Hello, I wanted to reach out to you directly and express my gratitude on the hard work that the Data team, as well as the AR team, has done with EJ practice. I am very proud to announce that there was a 1% rejection rate, as well as a 1% denial rate for this practice as well as the highest collections this practice has ever had.

RCM Account Manager, EMR System Provider, FL, USA More Testimonials »

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As a globally renowned medical billing company, we cater to many healthcare specialties and our medical billing and coding team can help you streamline your existing payments system. With our targeted services which aim to reduce financial pressure and streamline the billing system, you can reduce reimbursement issues, and provide high-quality services to your customers.

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