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Database Services

Outsource Database Services

Increase the accessibility of your data with comprehensive database management services that include day-to-day maintenance and monitoring

Are you struggling to find talented resources with your organization's database requirements? Is it becoming too expensive to have an in-house database solutions team? Then, it is time you outsource database services to an experienced third-party services provider. Outsourcing can give you ample time to concentrate on your core competencies and access highly skilled resources to handle database solutions.

We are a premier database service provider that offers a one-stop shop for all your offshore database requirements. Our highly talented and experienced team of software and database experts can help you with services like database management, database administration, database migration, database design services, etc.

Database Consulting Services We Offer

We cater to the needs of clients from different industries and have the required capability to handle complex tasks and deliver results within a quick turnaround time. Our database solutions include -

  1. DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service)

    DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service)

    Our services take care of everything from backups to periodic upgrades to ensure that your database remains secure and available 24/7. Our DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) solutions offer significant financial, operational, and strategic benefits to your organization.

  2. Cloud Database Services

    Cloud Database Services

    We manage, migrate, and modernize cloud databases to improve agility. Our services test, validate, and operationalize new opportunities and business ideas.

  3. Database Warehouse Services

    Database Warehouse Services

    Our database warehouse services lead to data consistency; it improves data quality, data security, and business intelligence. Reach out to us today to save time and costs and enhance ROI by up to 50%.

  4. Database Migration Services

    Database Migration Services

    Our team of database experts can help you migrate your existing database to any other database. We ensure that we migrate all your data securely and keep the source database operational during the process. It helps minimize the downtime of applications that depend on the source database.

  5. Database Management Services

    Database Management Services

    We provide comprehensive database management services that include day-to-day maintenance and database monitoring. It will leave your internal team enough time to concentrate on other innovative tasks. Our services help you with troubleshooting and monitoring.

  6. Database Development Services

    Database Development Services

    Almost all businesses today depend on data provided by databases for all kinds of day-to-day operations. Having a stable database for your organization has become essential for every client. Our team can provide you with quality database development services by seamlessly integrating it with the client's RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) be it Oracle, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

  7. Database Design Services

    Database Design Services

    We have the required expertise to provide clients with high-quality database design services. We provide a secured, well-defined, and highly customized database design that suits client requirements perfectly.

  8. Database Administration Services

    Database Administration Services

    We consider database administration a strategic priority and is at the core of our business as it lays the foundation for what your organization will achieve next. Our database administrators manage and protect your data and unleash its full potential.

    • GraphDB Managed Services

      Need a scalable backend with all your database connected to the cloud and managed automatically by a third-party service provider? Outsource GraphDB managed services to realize tangible business benefits.

    • SQL Server Managed Services

      If you feel you are underequipped to manage your SQL servers with your internal team, leave your SQL server management roles to us. We handle database maintenance, patching, troubleshooting performance enhancement, and everything in between at reasonable rates.

    • MySQL Managed Services

      Reap the benefits of MySQL managed services to handle large amounts of data and have them on the cloud by outsourcing MySQL managed services to us for maximized performance through complete support for your MySQL database infrastructure and environment.

    • Cassandra Managed Services

      If you are looking for reliable Cassandra managed services to manage large amounts of data effortlessly, outsource to us today. Our solutions include dynamic scaling, fault tolerance, analytics, and optimized configuration.

    • Apache Ignite Managed Services

      We digitally transform our client's businesses to add speed and scalability to their services and infrastructure. Outsource Apache Ignite managed services to us for superior services at the best rates.

    • MongoDB Managed Services

      To manage MongoDB systems warrants specialization in database management. Limited backend staff can affect the business workflow and lead to more service disruptions. Outsource MongoDB managed services to us and sit back while we do the best on your preferred infrastructure.

    • PostgreSQL Managed Services

      If you are looking for the right database platform to store your data workloads and optimize performance, outsource PostgreSQL managed services to us for premium quality services at budget-friendly prices.

    • ArangoDB Managed Services

      Not all businesses are well equipped to manage ArangoDB. It poses challenges in the business workflow which sometimes leads to service disruptions. If this is you, outsource ArangoDB managed services to us and sit back while we handle the rest.

    • ScyllaDB Managed Services

      Managing ScyllaDB systems is not everyone's cup of tea because scaling alone is expensive. Hiring expert ScyllaDB engineers can pinch your budget even further. The best way out is outsourcing ScyllaDB managed services to a reliable service provider like us.

    • Neo4J Managed Services

      Working with Neo4J requires resources qualified in the process framework. In most cases, it can be overwhelming for your team if they are stretched already between various functions. If this is you, outsource Neo4J managed services to us.

    • CouchDB Managed Services

      CouchDB systems warrant specialization in the process that takes place in the CouchDB framework. Unfortunately, not all companies have exposure to perplexing challenges that sometimes plague their backend teams. If having your workflow disrupted is the last thing on your mind, outsource CouchDB managed services to us and do away with all concerns at once.

    • PostgreSQL as a Service

      Working with Postgre warrants expertise and infrastructure that most companies may not readily have at their disposal. But outsourcing PostgreSQL as a service gives you better control over your backend without causing service disruption.

    • JanusGraph Managed Services

      Working with JanusGraph requires thorough knowledge of the database framework and modeling solutions for faster and more efficient performance. We have knowledgeable teams and resources, and infrastructure to do it all without you investing more.

    • Patch Management Services

      We have the skills and resources to deliver world-class patch management services at affordable rates. With our services, you can keep your software running smoothly and safe from security threats and mismanagement.

    The Database Services Process We Follow

    Our database solutions come with a transparent workflow that can be validated at every instant. Here is the snapshot of the process we follow -


    01. Planning & Requirement Evaluation

    We work side-by-side with your team to understand requirements and develop a detailed plan that is customized for your business.


    02. Design Conceptualization

    Once we understand your needs our team will design a prototype for the proposal that will include an illustrative example of the final implementation.


    03. Database Design

    Inputs and modifications (if any) will be implemented after a detailed consultation with your team. The design will be optimized, and approval will be sought before development.


    04. Database Implementation

    The database services will commence depending on your budget capacity and the primary needs. The implementation will be completed n stipulated time.


    05. Maintenance

    We will roll out routine updates as part of maintenance to ensure your database system stays consistent with the trending needs.

    Database Management Tools We Leverage

    We believe in providing our clients with state-of-the-art services within a quick turnaround time. Our experts leverage some of the latest and updated database tools and technologies. Some of the tools we use include, but are not limited to -

    ADABAS Amazon RDS IBM DB2 Microsoft Access Microsoft SQL Server mongoDB MySQL Oracle RDBMS PostgreSQL SAP Sybase ASE SQLite TERADATA

    Why Should You Pick Our Database Consulting Services?

    We are a pioneer in providing quality database solutions to clients from different industry verticals. Outsourcing to us can give you access to the following benefits -

    • Fast Turnaround Time

      We can deliver the best services within a quick turnaround time without compromising on quality through our multiple delivery centers spread across time zones.

    • Ease of Scalability

      We are fully equipped with the bandwidth to scale up and scale down the service requirements as and when your business requirements change.

    • Single Point of Contact

      When you outsource services to us, we assign a dedicated project manager who will be a single point of contact for all your queries and will keep you updated about the project status whenever you ask for it.

    • Experienced Team

      We have a team of highly experienced and skilled database experts, managers, and administrators who can handle even the most complex database tasks and deliver high-quality services.

    • Best Infrastructure

      We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of uninterrupted network connections, world-class office spaces, and the latest database management tools and technologies.

    • 24/7 Availability

      Our database experts, sales team, and call center agents are available 24/7 at your service to address all your issues and answer all your queries.

    • Affordable Services

      We provide our clients with highly flexible pricing options for our database solutions. They pay only for the services they opt for, the number of resources, and the time involved in the project.

    • Information Security

      We are an ISO 27001:2103 ISMS certified organization; we ensure that only authorized personnel has access to your information during database management, administration, and migration.

    • Data Accuracy

      We are an ISO-certified organization that ensures that we deliver high-quality database design, development, migration, and management services to clients.

    Additional Data Management Services for Business Enhancement

    AWS Database Service

    Our services make it easy to operate, set up, and scale a relational database in the cloud.

    Azure Database Service

    Our easy-to-use migration tools make it possible to shift to Azure with minimum downtime.

    Oracle Database Service

    We provide a secure hybrid cloud environment that executes quick backup and recovery.

    IBM Database Services

    Our services include IBM cloud backup, block storage, file storage, mass data migration, and more.

    Google Cloud Database

    We facilitate easy collaboration through remote access and unmatched security.

    SQL Server Database

    Using SQL queries, we enable you to retrieve voluminous records from a database at increased speed.

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    Our team comprises database experts and software developers who hail from the top institutes in the world. We understand the importance of data security and ensure that all your technical, financial, legal, and customer data is safe with us. For reliable, cost-effective, and efficient services, look no further.

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