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Website Migration Services

Outsource Website Migration Services

Choose our website migration services and ensure that you don't lose traffic after your website transfer. Prices start at $20/hour

Are you finding that migrating your website is becoming an overwhelming affair due to the sheer volume of work involved as well as the dangers it presents to the quality of your data and your SEO? Are you looking to migrate your website in an SEO-friendly fashion that ensures that your website does not lose its organic visibility and search engine rankings in the process? If so, you can benefit significantly from our website migration services.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading provider of website migration services in India and abroad to clients from all industries and from across the world. We have significant experience and expertise in performing website migrations to new hosting avenues and platforms and can also help you with SEO migrations. We can also help with migrating your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager as well as perform domain name migrations.

Website Migration Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a leading website migration service provider and can help you address a wide variety of website migration requirements.

Our website migration services include -

  • SEO Migration Services

    SEO Migration Services

    When we perform our website migration, we will ensure that we quickly and efficiently move your website while eliminating or reducing the SEO risk and reducing any downtime. We will ensure that all webpages redirect properly and that all SEO-related best practices are being used. Our services include -

    • Benchmarking the analytics
    • Updating internal links
    • Canonicalization of pages
    • Removing duplicate content
    • Updating backlinks
    • Performing comprehensive URL redirect mapping
    • Performing site move verification on Google and Bing
    • Creating site URL crawl and page inventory
    • Benchmarking the ranking and visibility
  • CMS Migration Services

    CMS Migration Services

    Irrespective of whether your website is on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, or any other CMS (Content Management System), our website migration experts will help you seamlessly move your existing website to the CMS of your choice. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and come up with a CMS migration strategy customized to your needs. Our services include -

    • Evaluating your existing website
    • Creating a CMS migration strategy
    • Migrating website design elements
    • Importing content
    • Testing website functionality
    • Reviewing the website
    • Creating a website launch strategy
    • Performing detailed SEO best practices analysis
  • Web Hosting Migration Services

    Web Hosting Migration Services

    We provide outstanding website hosting through partnerships with entities like Microsoft Azure and others. We ensure that your website will maintain a consistent 99.9% uptime when you host it through us and we will also ensure that your website responds optimally to your users irrespective of where in the world they access your website from. Our services include -

    • Website data backup
    • Reducing downtime
    • Performing the migration process
    • Domain name updating
    • Evaluation and choosing of a new web host
    • Transferring your website to the new host
  • Domain Migration Services

    Domain Migration Services

    We fully understand that changing the domain name can be highly risky since search engines use the domain name and structure to crawl websites. When we perform our website migration, we ensure that the optimal redirect strategy is implemented to help guide search engines. We also ensure that authority is transferred to your new domain. Our services include -

    • Performing appropriate URL mapping
    • Coming up with a redirect strategy
    • Analyzing search engine crawlers
    • Repairing site navigation
    • Repairing internal links
    • Troubleshooting all database errors
    • Providing advice on best practice implementations
    • Conducting post-migration analysis and providing recommendations

Why Outsource Website Migration Services to Outsource2india?

We are a leading website migration service provider and can provide you with a full spectrum of website migration services. Outsourcing website migration services to us also makes sense for a whole host of reasons, including -

  1. Affordable Pricing Options

    Our website migration solutions are priced very reasonably, providing you with the highest return on investment you will find anywhere.

  2. Structured Process

    As a leading website migration service providing company, we make use of a streamlined and structured process to deliver all our website migration services.

  3. Experienced Team

    Our website migration team has 25 years of experience in providing a full spectrum of website migration services to clients from across the world.

  4. High-quality Services

    We are an ISO-certified website migration company and make use of multi-level quality checks and other QA processes to ensure that we always provide the highest quality website migration services.

  5. Tools and Technologies

    Our website migration team is abreast of all the latest best practices and will implement them to provide you with the highest quality services.

  6. Superb Infrastructure

    All our website migration experts work out of modern offices and use powerful computers. This enables them to provide the highest quality website migration services.

  7. Data Security

    Your data is of utmost importance to us and we also comply with all the latest international data security and privacy laws to ensure complete data security.

  8. Short Turnaround

    You will always receive our website migration services well within the agreed-upon deadline.

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Outsource Website Migration Services to Outsource2india


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Outsource2india is a pioneer when it comes to providing high-quality and SEO-friendly website migration services to clients from across the world. Our website migration team has decades of experience in helping a wide variety of clients migrate their websites easily and efficiently without affecting their site's search engine rankings and visibility. Our website migration team is highly proficient in using all the required software tools and technologies to provide highly robust website migration services.

If you are looking for high-quality and robust website migration services, get in touch with us today!

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Website Migration Services FAQs

  • What is website migration?

    Whenever a website evolves or changes, such that it affects the SERP ranking and visibility, the trailing modification made to old versions pertains to website migration.

  • What are the types of website migration?

    The types include protocol change, domain name change, subdomain change, site structure change, and top-level domain name change.

  • How long does a website migration take?

    Website migrations can take place over varying lengths of time. Some are fast and completed within few hours but an average migration time is as low as 30 minutes.