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Network Monitoring Services

Outsource Network Monitoring Services

Maintain a resilient, well-performing, and integrated network by outsourcing network monitoring services at prices starting at $20/hour

Increasing dependence on connectivity and integrated network systems brings along the liability of keeping these networks highly functional and well-performing at all times. Network monitoring involves predicting, preventing, and minimizing network downtimes while keeping performance and efficiency high.

Outsource2india (O2I) offers the best network monitoring services in India and across the world. Along with strong and highly optimized network systems, you get the advantage of utilizing the complete scope of your network's potential by tracking crucial factors like performance, visibility, bandwidth, and more. If you are looking for a consistently stable, robust, and plain sailing system of networks, join hands with O2I and outsource network monitoring services to us.

Our Network Monitoring Services

O2I has collated a team of professionals with diversified expertise and specializations that can understand and cater to your unique network monitoring needs. Our network monitoring services providing company curates end-to-end solutions by leveraging the expertise of our diverse team. Some of the most in-demand solutions include -

  • Network and Performance Monitoring Services

    Network and Performance Monitoring Services

    From maintaining robust networks, tracking several metrics, to generating intuitive reports, we offer a broad range of solutions and services for 24/7/365 network performance monitoring, performance management, and optimization.

  • Distributed Network Monitoring Services

    Distributed Network Monitoring Services

    Our distributed network monitoring services are for those of you who have ditched the conventional centralized model and embraced a decentralized architecture. Our solutions cover an extensive range of observation points to offer exhaustive network performance data and intelligence.

  • Incident and Problem Management Services

    Incident and Problem Management Services

    The larger the network, the greater the data security threat. O2I is known far and wide for its lightning-fast response and crisis management solutions. Our network security monitoring team will put its experience and expertise to good use to ensure your network gets out of every incident unscathed.

  • Event Monitoring and Management

    Event Monitoring and Management

    In case of an event's occurrence, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting it, and signaling within a limited time is extremely necessary. With our 24/7 event monitoring services, data and alerts are instantaneously sent to the subscribed OS processes as well as human operators.

  • Change Management

    Change Management

    Changes are a part of every network system, however, integrating one can be tedious as it requires considerable iterative planning, testing, and upgrades. Good for you, our dedicated change management team at O2I specializes in just that, to make your change management smooth and disruption-free.

  • Network Integration/Upgrading Support

    Network Integration/Upgrading Support

    In this hyper-dynamic business environment, you need to keep integrating your existing network with newer ones, and updating your systems to better ones. With O2I's extensive tech stack and expert network support engineers, this responsibility is in reliable hands.

  • Provisioning Support Services

    Provisioning Support Services

    As your network grows and adapts to provide newer services to its users, professional provisioning support becomes important to equip it to handle the new dynamics. This is where O2I comes in with its highly supportive team that will help every user in the network through the technicalities of onboarding and more.

Our Network Monitoring Process

Network monitoring essentially ensures that your systems work smoothly without interruption and at optimum efficiency. And one of the major reasons why O2I is a renowned network monitoring service provider is because of its streamlined, highly iterative, and meticulous work methodology.

Have a look at the following steps to understand how we make it all possible -


01. Setting Information Monitoring Guidelines

Besides relying on SNMP, our approach involves first understanding the client requirements and the networks that need to be monitored so that we can integrate interactive probes accordingly


02. Determining Network Performance Levels

Before implementing the network monitoring software, we take time to define the metrics that are suitable for your network along with the performance levels your infrastructure operates in


03. Network Mapping and Device Discovery

Next, we map your network to get a rough outline of all the devices involved and the interconnections between them, thereby making connections that are important for data organization


04. Capturing Status and Statistics

Next, we work on adjusting our network monitoring support to various versions of the SNMP protocol so that a diverse range of metrics and information can be captured


05. Setting Up Alerts and Reports

Finally, we set-up a system to identify devices and owners that are supposed to receive alerts if an issue were to arise. Alongside, we set-up a timely system of performance updates and reports

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Network Monitoring Services to Outsource2india?

Through our consistent performance, success rates, and commitment to improving the productivity of our client's networks, we have emerged as the market leader in providing network monitoring solutions. Here's what makes us stand apart -

  • Cost-effective Pricing Plans

    A consolidated package of end-to-end network monitoring services need not necessarily burn a hole in your wallets. With O2I's customized and highly economical pricing plans that offer uncompromised quality, you won't hesitate before outsourcing network monitoring services to us.

  • Minute-Based Network Monitoring

    While most leading network monitoring services offer an hourly server health assessment, O2I sends evaluation signals to the ports every few minutes. This effectively reduces the downtime of your networks to around 1 percent.

  • 24/7 Security Management

    One of the greatest assets of network monitoring, when put to the right use, is quick identification of security threats and prompt action on eliminating the same. With O2I's cutting-edge technologies and highly experienced personnel, you can be convinced that no virus or malware can disrupt your network systems.

  • Real-Time Reports

    Time is of the greatest value in network monitoring, and we make sure there's no lag at any time of the day. With O2I, you can always expect synchronized procedures and real-time reports listing all pertinent statistics that can affect your network performance in any way.

Client Success Story

O2I Created a Powerful Power BI-based Application to Help a Client Analyze Data

O2I Created a Powerful Power BI-based Application to Help a Client Analyze Data

Outsource2india developed a robust Power BI-based app for a logistics provider to help it analyze large amounts of client feedback data.

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O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

We adopted the latest digital forensics methods to put an end to data theft issues faced by the client. With complex diagnosis and investigation, our customer had their security posture reviewed and optimized to thwart future issues.

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Outsource Network Monitoring Services To Outsource2india


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Real-time performance tracking, frequent reports analysis, and minimizing downtime of your network can keep your business running disruption-free. But the scope of network monitoring services transcends way beyond that. With a network monitoring service provider like O2I, you can reduce your network's MTTR, test changes before publishing them, and evaluate performance post business hours, among other things. Each of these factors contributes to improved time and cost efficiency, thereby directing your business towards greater profits.

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