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Cassandra Managed Services

Outsource Cassandra Managed Services

Avail reliable Cassandra managed services to manage large amounts of data effortlessly at a reasonable price starting at $20/hour

Today, some of the biggest companies use Cassandra to handle large active data sets. What makes Cassandra a great database is that it is highly scalable and a high-performance database. It has been specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of many large businesses that deal with large amounts of data day in and day out. With Cassandra, there is high availability of data with no single point of failure. Are you also planning to leverage Cassandra for all the exciting features that it has to offer when it comes to storing, maintaining, and safeguarding data? Outsourcing Cassandra managed services to a professional company can do the job for you.

Outsource2india is the leading Cassandra Managed Service provider that has worked with several companies. We have a team of Cassandra engineers who are thorough with the features of Cassandra and how to utilize it to benefit companies such that they can handle their applications and the environment in a better way.

What is Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is open-source and free of cost NoSQL database management system that helps in the handling of large amounts of data across different commodity servers. It also supports clusters from the many data centers. When you use Apache Cassandra, you can manage your data as well as develop apps and transform your conventional database into an open-source database more efficiently. The most common industries that deploy Cassandra are software engineering companies, web development companies, and companies that perform data analysis.

Cassandra Managed Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers complete Cassandra managed services to companies that build applications that need high performance and reliability. With our Cassandra managed services, you can focus on the other aspects of your application while we run Cassandra for it. Being a superlative Cassandra managed service providing company, we guarantee low latency and improved performance. Following are the features of Apache Cassandra that we leverage to power your applications -

  1. Continuous Availability

    Continuous Availability

    Cassandra offers zero downtime and continuous availability. We also offer 100% SLA as the uptime, which means our services are accessible without any downtime, and is continuously operational, thus enhancing the performance of the applications manifold.

  2. Dynamic Scaling

    Dynamic Scaling

    With our Cassandra managed services, we can both upscale as well as downscale the processing capacity of your cluster. It is possible for the cluster to be 10 times upscaled or 10 times downscaled based on your requirements. This scaling up or down takes less than half an hour which helps a great deal in saving the costs involved in scaling your environment. You can communicate your specific requirements with us.

  3. Alerts and Monitoring

    Alerts and Monitoring

    We also offer to alert and monitoring services by monitoring a range of metrics accounting to about 1000 in number from each node that is managed. This helps us manage your clusters more proactively, thus also allowing us to access Cassandra metrics that can further aid in better management of your application.

  4. Automated Health Check Reports


    We make use of the latest systems that automate many operations, including monitoring of Cassandra usage and your schema. These reports help in assessing the health of your application to Cassandra so that we can make changes and adapt the best practices of Cassandra for enhancing the performance of your application.

  5. Analytics


    We can carry our analytics on Cassandra to optimize your applications. We use the four standard methods meant for analytics which are- integrated search based on Solr, batch analytics that integrates Hadoop with Cassandra, Hadoop, and Hortonworks or Cloudera powdered external batch analytics, and real-time analytics based on Spark. By using these methods for analytics, we can expand the possibilities of using Cassandra.

  6. Fault Tolerance

    Fault Tolerance

    One of the best features of Apache Cassandra is that it offers fault-tolerant storage. While Cassandra offers complete data security, it also stores the data across multiple locations so that the data can be accessed from other locations in case of hacking or server-failure. However, it is up to you and us as to how many replications we want to have, and once that is specified, Cassandra activates it with high-level backup.

  7. Optimized Configuration

    Optimized Configuration

    We develop operating systems and select configurations and types that are best for running Cassandra. With this optimized configuration of Cassandra, we can deploy the underlying infrastructure in the best ways possible.

  8. Round-the-Clock Technical Support

    Round-the-Clock Technical Support

    If you need our help in coding and other technical matters, our Cassandra engineers and professionals are available round-the-clock to help you with your queries.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for Cassandra Managed Services?

Outsource2Idnia is the best Cassandra managed service providing company for a plethora of reasons. We are experienced and have the expertise that is required to streamline our processes and offer Cassandra managed services that are nothing short of perfection. Our Cassandra managed services complement your efforts in building applications, thus bringing you better opportunities. Here are the several benefits of outsourcing Cassandra managed services to Outsource2india -

  • Affordable Pricing Solutions

    We offer Cassandra managed services at the most affordable rates. Furthermore, our services are customized and we have several packages with different services that you can opt for. The costs depend on the number of services a package has and the package that you select.

  • Data Security

    Data security is one of the common concerns among businesses that outsource their requirements. To ensure complete data security, we take stringent measures and use protected systems that allow no third-party access to your data. Our team also signs a confidentiality clause to give you complete confidence.

  • ISO Certification

    Outsource2india is an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified company. We follow standard procedures and methodologies to offer the highest quality services. Our commitment to quality at a reasonable price is validated by our ISO certification.

  • Impressive Infrastructure

    We work with the latest and the best systems to offer you unparalleled Cassandra managed services. We use a range of automated systems that make the process of our operation way more convenient. We also keep abreast of any updates to ensure that the best tools are put to use when we work for you.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Reaching a different Cassandra engineer each time can be painstaking and confusing, requiring detailing and explanation every time you communicate with a different professional. This is why we assign a single point of contact to your project so that you can conveniently reach the professional for assistance and support.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We offer round-the-clock customer support services so that you can reach us anytime and from anywhere in case you have queries. We address your queries regarding our services very promptly irrespective of your location or time-zone.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

We investigated and solved the data theft with digital forensics for an automation client. Our prudent services help the client in foreseeing potential data risks.

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Software Testing of SaaS Platform for a Scandinavian Company

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They have shown enormous skill and vast domain knowledge and their IT expertise is reliable and trustworthy. We would recommend Outsource2india to anyone looking for quality IT services, delivered professionally.

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Outsource Cassandra Managed Services to Outsource2india

The demand for Cassandra services in India and overseas has significantly increased ever since the conception of Apache Cassandra. The benefits and exciting features that Cassandra offers makes it the ideal database for people who deal with large amounts of data daily. Whether it is storage or monitoring of the data and the environment, Cassandra can do wonders for your application. However, Cassandra managed services that require skills and expertise. This is why outsourcing Cassandra managed services becomes a natural choice for people who plan to leverage Cassandra features.

Outsource2india can be your ideal partner and Cassandra managed service providing company for its in-house team of capable and skilled Cassandra engineers. We are driven to offer top-notch services that benefit your business and our priority is to fulfill the requirements of our clients that brings about complete client satisfaction.

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