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Software Testing of SaaS Platform for a Scandinavian Company

Software Testing Services

Read this case study on software testing to learn how we helped a startup remove all bugs and inconsistencies by exhaustively testing their software, in turn ensuring the highest levels of product quality.

The Client's Business Requirement

Our client is an up-and-coming startup company based in Scandinavia. They specialize in providing a highly flexible SaaS application for real-time mobile-based business messaging for enhanced inter-organizational communication. The application is in the form of a real-time interface which delivers messages directly to the users' devices. The interface also tracks and analyzes how a user acted upon a particular message. This makes the communication process effective while making executives more accountable.

They were on the lookout for a resourceful partner who could strengthen their application with in-depth testing by providing them with an expert part-time resource. Their requirements included:

  • Careful testing for to validate and verify the product
  • End-to-end software testing services for all code generated
  • Load testing and stress testing to check the exact performance of the platform in various real-world scenarios
  • Testing the product on different interfaces, browsers, operating systems, devices, and platforms to verify performance

Project Challenges and Our Expert Solution

The product is of extremely high importance as it carries immense business value for the client's startup. Therefore, they were stringent in their requirement for someone who could design and implement highly effective test cases and provide quality assurance and quality control tests every time a new update was released for the product.

A per the client's request, O2I provided them with a highly flexible and expert software QA tester who was responsible for performing the tasks listed below:

  • Conducting testing once a week as per the update schedule
  • Working closely with the Scandinavian team and drafting test automation scripts to make the testing process faster
  • Ensuring highest level of product quality, and making sure that all the bugs were identified, rectified, and documented before release

Project Outcome

Our professional and experienced quality assurance tester has ensured that the client's SaaSsbased application is performing successfully and working well without any kind of errors.

The client is extremely pleased and satisfied with the work of our QA professional and they have expressed their willingness to depute a team of our professional Quality Analysts to work on the complete project. The client is also in the process of recruiting a fresh new team of developers for the same project.

The quality of our work and our dedication has impressed the client, and they would be utilizing our services for other subsidiary businesses as well.

Outsource2india - Your Ideal Partner for Software Testing

In order to realize your business goals and get to market faster with your product, you need a partner who can bring in agility, maturity, and professionalism to the QA functions which are necessary for a risk-free product delivery.

Your customers expect a superior product and our QA and software testing services ensure you can deliver a high-quality product every single time.

Contact us for impeccable software testing services at highly cost-effective prices.

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