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Outsource2india Provided ServiceNow Solutions to a UAE-based Logistics Firm

Case Study on ServiceNow Solution to a Logistics Firm

The Client

The client is a logistics company that is also a leading maritime service provider and a free trade zone facilitator, and it carries out its business through several subsidiaries. It was established in 2005, and presently handles 70 million containers that are brought in by around 70,000 vessels annually, representing approximately 10% of the total world container traffic. Between 2012 and 2016, the organization's primary focus was on becoming an operator of marine terminals and other port infrastructure. Starting in 2016, the organization has acquired several companies engaged in cargo carriage services elsewhere along the distribution chain.

Client's Requirement

In the several years since the company was established, it has expanded in size and acquired a great many valuable assets. Being a logistics company at its core, the company's daily activities consisted of handling customer service requests from a large number of clients across various sectors.

The existing systems were inadequate to handle such large amount of requests. Hence, the client was looking for a reliable and cost-effective service provider who could help them to solve these challenges within a quick time.

The Challenges

The client had opened us up to several challenges during the implementation of the project. Some of the major challenges we faced were -

  1. The existing website and applications were inadequate for more storage, and they were not able to scale it up to meet the increasing demands.
  2. The client was unable to track their assets with increasing volume and client requests and this was delaying the entire process and creating a lot of confusion.

The Solution

Considering the client's challenges and business requirements, our team at Outsource2india devised a streamlined plan for a comprehensive solution. We discussed with the client their exact needs and understood their business model. Our team decided to implement ServiceNow for the client with the following functionalities -

  • Created CMBD - this is a database that stores all the information about technical services and is used to track the status of individual IT components, and is also used for ticketing requests.
  • IT Service Desk to help customers with service requests and manage them.
  • Servers & Storage to ensure adequate storage for high volumes of data, and servers capable of handling the extra workload.
  • Office 365 to improve the Office experience and increase productivity.
  • Networking and data transfer.
  • Change Management Implementation & Customized work - this helps to manage all changes to the production ops environment from start to conclusion. Change Management enables organizations to recognize and work to diminish risks of changes made to the organization's IT environment.
  • ITOM Discovery Implementation with SCCM Integration - ITOM helps detect problems quickly, and provides visibility, speed, and agility; SCCM is a Windows tool that makes it easy to manage, deploy and ensure device and app security throughout an organization.
  • The Results

    The client was impressed to see the quality of the work delivered by our team as it brought them instant results. There are no longer rescheduled meetings, and the company could save at least 8 hours per week in logging, tracking, and managing service requests alone. They reported a 24% decrease in resource/asset wastage within 3 months because managers were able to properly track all assets now. No delays, backlogs, or bottlenecks could be found, so the company is moving smoothly along without wasting any time on unnecessary business tasks.

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