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iBeacon App Development Services

Outsource iBeacon App Development Services

Woo your customers by becoming omnichannel with robust & innovative iBeacon app development services from Outsource2india

The information we know today is not isolated but communicated and analyzed. Today, customers have a wealth of information, which allows the company to find innovative tools that can meet the changing buying trends. Traditional brick and mortar sales have always been the first choice; however, the emergence of eCommerce stores has hampered its growth by providing too much product information, options, and rebates. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices, retailers are now becoming omnichannel and relying on iBeacon app development services to woo potential buyers.

As more and more industries show interest in beacon app development solutions, 2019 and beyond will be a turning point in iBeacon technology. Outsource2india is the leading provider of iBeacon application development services in India, which can solve your business problems by providing a deep understanding of consumer buying behavior through its professional iBeacon application development solutions.

iBeacon App Development Services We Offer

The expectations and experience of customers with services or products determine a company's growth. Today, modern businesses are increasingly changing course by turning into smart stores that provide automated shopping, aisle and better user experience. With iBeacon in the store, consumer behavior can be investigated to realign your business strategies.

As a market leader in providing outsourcing solutions for iBeacon app development, we offer the following services -

  1. App to Facilitate Event Management

    App to Facilitate Event Management

    We can cater to your iBeacon app development needs for streamlining the event management services that you offer to your customer. It will allow you to help your audiences without intervening manually. The guests of the attendees can get access to your events’ schedules, routes, etc., just by installing the app. This way you can cater to the need for the comprehensive buyer mood and improve your audiences’ event experience.

  2. Online (Mobile) Payment Solutions

    Online Payment Solutions

    You can become more resourceful by implementing online payment features in your iBeacon app. The payment system comes accompanied by 'self-checkout' functions to ease the payment procedure. It will help you simplify the payments by associating the mobile payment system with personalized proximity marketing facilitated by the iBeacon app development. Thus, by combining the mobile, digital, and physical engagements, you can produce an improved shopping experience for your buyers.

  3. Retail Store Application Development

    Retail Store Application Development

    iBeacon technology is the most significant tool for the retail market, as it helps to upsell, and cross-sell and you can produce an improved shopping experience for your customers. Also, these small devices are the fastest-growing in-store technology since mobile credit card readers.

    As an expert iBeacon app development company, we can assist you with the incorporation of this technology in your retail operations. You can use it to send offer triggers and promote products. You can also run campaigns to market your retail products.

  4. Inventory Management & Vehicle Tracking

    Inventory Management & Vehicle Tracking

    When you offshore iBeacon app development services, we can assist you with the inventory management and tracking of the consignments. By leveraging the app, you can trigger a location-based action by accurately tracking the assets’ location shifts. This way, you will be always ahead of your competitors.

  5. Healthcare Solutions

    Healthcare Solutions

    If you want to personalize your in-house health-based content and integrate your iOS systems with the wearable tech, we can help you do that. Our team can create iBeacon apps that will help you streamline your organization’s administrative process and use the app’s potential to manage your patients’ medication schedules. Your doctors can also use the app to get real-time patient data on their devices.

iBeacon App Development Process

At O2I, we offer complete iBeacon app development solutions and follow a validated process to make sure that you get a robust app. The process that we follow are -

Requirement Capture  

01. Requirement Capture

Our team kick off the iBeacon app development by gaining insights into your exact requirements and then approaching the app development process

Prototype Design  

02. iBeacon App Prototype Design

At this stage, our team of designers will begin the designing of the prototype and put into effect any custom feature, if necessary

Application Development  

03. Application Development

Our coders and developers will then start developing the codes, and upon completion, they will host send to the testers


04. Testing

Just as the development of iBeacon app finishes, our QA testers will execute testing to identify & rectify gaps


05. Deployment to Live

When the testing process is done, our team of build experts will deploy the app to the live environment


06. App’s Maintenance, Upgrade, & Support

Just when the app is released and is up for downloads, we will not abandon you, we will be there 24/7 to help you with the app’s maintenance

iBeacon App Development Tools/Software We Use

We can enable customization in your iBeacon app, run tests and release it in the market. Some of the many tools/technologies/languages, we use during the iBeacon application development are -

Swift Xcode Objective-C SQLite HTML5 CSS3 MySQL Java

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for iBeacon App Development Services?

With our expert iBeacon app development solutions, we provide a hassle-free app that will help you stand out in this volatile retail market. We have an expert team of coders, programmers, UI Bootstrap engineers, testers, consultants, and support staff who have an expert understanding of the iBeacon industry. A few of the many benefits of choosing O2I for iBeacon app development services include -

  • Affordable iBeacon App Development

    We provide flexible pricing for all our iBeacon app development services usually based on factors such as the number of resources involved in the project, the size, and duration of the project, and the coverage of the shift. This will allow you to choose the appropriate pricing model for your company.

  • 100% Secure Information Assets

    We always protect all information resources, including software, systems, tools, people and other IT systems. After obtaining ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, O2I spares no effort to protect the security of sensitive company information.

  • Quality Assurance

    All our iBeacon application development solutions are in compliance with quality standard 9001:2015. We also ensure that the codes have been thoroughly tested and you get a powerful, reliable and secure iBeacon app.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    Our computer programmer, testers and consultants have access to modern software, tools, and systems that enable them to deliver applications within a defined timeframe. In addition, all our offices and workstations are armed with uninterruptible power supplies, integrated safety controllers, and TELCO-grade data cloud centers, FM-200 suppression systems, etc.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have established five global delivery centers (the major one is in the Philippines) that span different time zones. It enables us to leverage local resources and their expertise to capture customer needs quickly and provide better service.

  • Expert Team

    We have approximately 5 years of extensive experience in providing iBeacon app development services. Our management team has more than 100 man-years of experience, thus, when you decide on outsourcing iBeacon app development services to us, you can be assured of a highly professional service.

  • Follow-up & Maintenance

    We keep track of our customers and get their feedback so that we can identify any gaps in our iBeacon app development services. Our team of experts always hones their skills by keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest advancements in the iBeacon market.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our contact center staff are on hand to answer your questions/queries. No matter how the time zone changes, you can contact them at the time you need.

  • Faster TAT

    We have adopted the best practices of Six-Sigma approach stage of the development process It helps us improve the performance of our development team and reduce waste. Therefore, we can speed up the results and provide faster turnaround times.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    When you outsource iBeacon app development services to us, you will get access to a dedicated resource, who will be your first point of contact and you can communicate with him for all your application development issues.

  • Option to Scale-up

    If you want to increase demand, we have the necessary resource expertise to optimize our services. So, you only have to pay for the services you get and not worry about recruiting resources or creating space for establishing new infrastructure.

Client Success Story

O2I Provided iOS Parking App Based on iBeacon Technology

iOS Parking App Based on iBeacon Technology

A UK-based startup approached us in order to create an innovative iOS parking app solution which leveraged iBeacon technology in order to help users find parking spots in a jiffy.

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O2I Created an Interactive 3D Game App for Android and iOS

O2I Created an Interactive 3D Game App for Android and iOS

Our mobile app developers created the required app for the Android and iOS platform within a quick turnaround.

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Outsource2india is a leading provider of iBeacon app development services in India with 25 years of experience in providing software solutions to its global customers. We have a team of experienced programmers, UI engineers, consultants, QA testers, consultants, and support staff who focus on developing innovative iBeacon app development solutions. In addition, we have a transparent app development process and offer tailor-made solutions with 24*7 maintenance and support service.

Outsource iBeacon app development services to us to avail powerful, affordable, and secure applications for your niche market. Get in touch with us today!

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