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Types of Software Testing

Types of Software Testing

Outsource2india offers several different types of software testing at cost-competitive rates. Software testing is crucial to software quality. Our extensive range of software testing services can ensure quality assurance, verification and validation, reliability estimation, and can also be used for the tracking of generic metrics.

Software Tests that we Perform -

  1. Compatibility testing

    Our quick and inexpensive compatibility testing service can be used to test your web site, optical disc or application on a wide variety of operating systems, browsers, databases, servers and hardware that your customers may use.

  2. Usability testing

    Usability testing is a core test that cannot be ignored, since it determines whether a particular software system will be able to meet its intended purpose. Our cost-effective usability testing is quick to determine the system's strengths and weaknesses, increasing the overall usability of the product.

  3. Accessibility testing

    Your software needs to be accessible in order to reach a wider audience. O2I's accessibility tests are all-inclusive and give precise results with standard point-by-point testing techniques.

  4. Performance testing

    Performance testing is necessary to assess product readiness and evaluate against pre-defined product criteria. We carry out meticulous testing procedures to determine the responsiveness and reliability of your software application.

  5. Scalability testing

    Scalability testing is an extension of performance testing. We conduct rigorous scalability tests to identify any problem that can impede the scalability of an application.

  6. Application security testing

    This essential test evaluates an application's security against virus and worm attacks. We perform full vulnerability application security testing on cloud, mobile and web platforms.

  7. Functionality or feature-level testing

    This test is essential, as it validates the proper functionality of an application. Our functionality tests include testing of the mathematical and algorithmic accuracy of scientific and financial software, as well as testing of GUI functionality.

  8. Regulatory-compliance testing

    O2I's proven methodologies and experience in regulatory-compliance testing facilitate resolution of compliance issues and submission of necessary documentation to meet regulatory guidelines and mandates.

  9. QA Testing

    We perform software QA testing during the integration and final test phase of the product life cycle. Our QA tests are a combination of requirements-based, regression and feature level tests to ensure the success of your product.

Test Automation Services from O2I

O2I's test automation frameworks are customized according to each client's specific requirements, with the ultimate aim of increasing testing speed and reducing time to market. Our test automation service verifies and validates software and ensures the integrity of your software system.

Our test automation framework includes -

  • Designing of test case GUI components specific to your software under testing
  • Development of tool feasibility evaluation automation
  • Preparing test data frameworks including application-specific GUI properties, extracting data and generating combinations
  • Implementation of test execution including record, playback, test scripting and execution, unit tests, etc.
  • Provision of automation framework solutions for comprehensive software testing lifecycle support (code analysis, bug identification, test case creation, execution, test data management, defect tracking, and analysis for process improvement)
  • Managing automation of unit, functional, load and performance testing with application security analysis and data privacy
  • Providing runtime debugging that is inclusive of memory leaks and pointer errors
  • Executing requirements analysis and standards compliance consulting for source code audit, coding standards compliance and test coverage including code, path and requirements coverage
  • Program performance portals monitor distributed resources and assets across various stages of ongoing projects

Why outsource software testing to O2I?

O2I's wide range of software testing methods helps ensure that your software system is successful. Using our testing methods can ensure -

  • Accurate verification and validation to ensure that the software confirms to the client's specifications
  • Integrity of the software system through deduction of error-prone areas
  • Added value to the software system by precise testing methodologies
  • Reduction of communication gaps between the client and the developer in the software development life-cycle
  • Decreased security risks in the application from cloud, mobile and web attacks

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