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Outsource2india Developed a Ticketing Software Using ServiceNow for a US-based Firm

Case Study on Ticketing Software Development Using ServiceNow

The Client

The customer is a member of the S&P 600 Index and is one of the largest diversified construction and construction materials companies in the United States as well as a full-suite provider in the transportation, water infrastructure, and mineral exploration markets. This customer has recently been in the spotlight for being the 2021 CIO 100 award winner.

Client's Requirement

The client was looking for a reliable and efficient service provider who could help them develop a ticketing software using ServiceNow. They were using a third-party tool for ordering, hence the process was time-consuming and monotonous. They wanted a solution that could help them to save time and cost.

The Challenges

The client had to face quite a few challenges using the existing software for their ticketing processing. Some of the major challenges they faced were -

  1. The customer was ordering tickets through a third party so their IT department would have to manually create tickets for each request.
  2. The CMDB was not being added promptly, making the entire process of implementation monotonous and cumbersome.
  3. With an outdated system that was time-consuming to use, the issue of efficiency at this company was sky-high. There were delays in customer service resulting in their potential customers moving on to other companies offering quality yet speedy services.

The Solution

Our skilled team managed to come up with a proposal for a solution so that everyone involved could connect and interact much easier than before. ServiceNow is a ticketing software system that very easily interfaces and interacts with customers and ensures issues can be handled swiftly and properly.

Our team worked hard and within a short turnaround time created a cutting-edge service management solution by using ServiceNow. There were minimal licensing requirements and the following custom tables were created -

  1. User Management

    The user profile module allows you to store information about users in an organized central location. By having this information, you can apply levels of access and even confirm that there are no conflicts between different groups on the team using data like job titles, locations, departments, and contact information.

  2. Request Management

    Allowing your employees to create self-service requests, whether it be for work needs or even things like payroll perks through an app, will allow them to get the most out of their day so they can leave you more time to focus on taking care of other pressing matters relating to the running of your company.

  3. Approval Management

    This resource ensures that the process flow is clear for everyone involved in the request. It allocates who has the responsibility to approve which requests are made by their departments depending on what they are planning to purchase. The approval process also takes into account user profiles when allowing people access to certain information regarding certain purchases.

  4. Fulfillment Management

    This module deals with ‘how to respond to support' requests made by users via the app, and how to determine how long it might take to fulfill their requests. It defines the steps required to assign tasks for the fulfillment, along with when and how the task is then fulfilled. Workflows are used in conjunction with rules to define these processes accurately.

The Results

The client was extremely delighted to see the results of the services we delivered. Some of the key results we achieved were -

  1. Optimal Automation - First, we ensured that we automated those processes that were routine and highly visible to deliver maximum value. Secondly, we also ensured that the automated processes are extensible to other processes to fully leverage the automation capabilities of ServiceNow.
  2. Robust ITIL Knowledge - Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is related to successful ServiceNow automation. Our expertise in these components delivered immense business value to multiple teams in the customer's organization, like Business Process Management, Case Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Operations, and Support.
  3. Centralized Hub of Efficiency - We designed a solution to provide one centralized location for information related to multiple platforms, multi-business stakeholders, and various changes. Thus, you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

The customer got a high-performing application that was secure, fast, and automated, and saved them valuable time and effort too. They were then able to process customer requests faster for improved customer service and better productivity which then enabled their business to expand its client base.

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