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Outsource Web Portal Development Services

Web Portal Development Services

Outsource2india offers skilled web portal development solutions to organizations enabling them to use the immense potential of the internet for their business growth. O2I offers portal design, development and portal maintenance services that result in the creation of feature-rich web portals and industry specific vertical portals or vortals. Outsource your web portal software needs to Outsource2india and be assured of quality portals that achieve a mix of design and engaging content with a high inflow of traffic on the web.

Outsource2india has planned, designed and developed high quality web portals and industry specific vortals that stand apart in the crowded sphere of the internet by virtue of being current, feature-rich, scalable and easy to maintain.

Internal features such as navigation architecture, platform and scalability of the portal are just as important as external features that add value to the user experience such as the look and feel of the site, relevance of information, credit card processing and online purchasing possibilities.

What are Portals and Vortals?

Portals are websites that serve as a point of access to the internet and also present information on a variety of topics in an integrated manner. Websites such as Yahoo, MSN and AOL are portals that serve as gateways to the internet while carrying comprehensive content ranging from news, entertainment and sports to updates on technology, movies, jobs etc. They also offer critical features such as email, chat, games, personals and online shopping which add value to the visitor's browsing experience. Portals act as the virtual one-stop-shop for people browsing the internet.

Portals are a cost effective, quick and secure channel for companies to share information with customers, partners and employees and are a must for companies operating in today's market.

Vertical Portals, commonly referred to as Vortals, provide information and resources for a specific industry or group. Vortals are ideal for professionals or persons with focused interests as they provide news, research, discussions, newsletters, online tools and other services specific to that industry.

Industry watchers predict growing popularity of vortals because it is easier to cluster and present correlated information. Vortals are also becoming increasingly popular for searching the net because general Web search engines such as Altavista and Google tend to return too much information of little relevance to the user.

Why Outsource Portal Software Development to Outsource2india?

Portal development is a multi-dimensional activity that demands expertise in various domains and companies may find it difficult to maintain dedicated teams to work on all these areas.

With several years of experience in the domain of vortal development and portal solutions, Outsource2india has a team skilled in these areas. Outsource to O2I for specialized and skilled vortal development and portal implementation services and enjoy substantial savings on your web portal implementation.

O2I has dedicated resources for:

  • Portal Maintenance and Updating - Quality portals need to be well-maintained and updated at all times as they have to present current data
  • Online marketing – Required to draw traffic to your portal with links and tie-ups with related sites and banner advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization – Portals need to be optimized for good search engine ranking

O2I's Vortal and Portal Solutions

Outsource2india has developed customized portal solutions for a variety of e-commerce portals, Enterprise portals, Content Management portals, hospitality and educational portals, research portals and industry specific vortals. O2I has expertise in the following areas of web portal software:

  • Intranet portals - Intranets and corporate portals developed by O2I facilitate strong internal communication among employees of an organization and allow storage and access of databases, memos and internal communication.
  • B2C portals - O2I's B2C portals effectively show-case a company's products and services and offers options as online shopping, billing, and credit card processing features to facilitate e-commerce.
  • B2B portals or partner portals - O2I has developed applications for B2B portals that serve as a customized, on-demand platform for sharing proprietary and critical business information among partners or across supply chains.

Portal Platforms at O2I

Our portal development team is specialized in the comprehensive skills required for portal development from customer consultation, architecting, application development, portal design and implementation.

O2I uses industry standard portal platforms with a focus on open-source portal platforms such as DotNetNuke, PHPNuke for small and medium businesses to proprietary enterprise portal platforms provided by Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, BEA for large corporations. At O2I, we deploy popular open-source portal platforms such as Liferay, JBOSS, JetSpeed for customers favoring open-source portal platforms.

Our technical team has expertise in the areas of ASP, ASP.net, ORACLE, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access and is complemented by superior design team enabled on the latest graphics and animation software who work together to give you well-designed and fully featured portals.

Portals and Vortals: Complete Feature List

  • Online browsing and shopping
  • PDA features such as calendars, to-do lists, and group scheduling
  • Online billing
  • Online receipts
  • Credit card processing
  • Search site features that allow search based on keywords and phrases
  • Discussion forums
  • Online chat
  • Personals and classified advertisements
  • Banner advertisements
  • Forms for inquiries, information or orders
  • Infotainment features such as online games, quizzes etc.
  • Surveys and online polls
  • Links to favorite sites

Web Portal Software Development Process at O2I

At O2I, we build portals that match customer needs. For this we take a consultative approach towards the portal development process and create portals and vortals that best meet the needs of the industry that it represents. The following are the stages involved in the process:

  • Understand company vision, goals and expectations from the proposed vortal
  • Thorough Requirements Gathering process
  • Determine the concept, design and content for the portal
  • Recommend suitable portal architecture and portal platform
  • Portal software development
  • Installation of portal components, introduction of graphics and animation etc
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Banner advertising and online marketing
  • Ongoing maintenance and updating of content

Benefits of Portal and Vortal Development Services from Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we focus on the 3 Cs of a quality portal or vortal that is content, community and commerce. Portals developed by O2I have the following highlights:

  • Give attention to design and content
  • Built on industry standard portal platforms
  • Accessible by multiple users
  • Anticipate and match user needs
  • Integrate and present information efficiently
  • e-commerce enabled with credit card acceptance and online billing
  • Built with scalable architecture

Outsource Vortal and Web Portal Software Development to O2I

Outsource2india offers highly skilled portal, vortal and community website development services. We design and develop intelligent portals and vortals that make the browsing experience simpler and more effective for the user.

Read the case study to know how Outsource2india Developed Web Portal with Payment Option for World's Largest Logistics Company.

Contact us for your end-to-end web portal software and vortal development needs.

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Web Portal Development Services FAQs

  • How much does it cost to build a web portal?

    There are lots of factors that influence how much it will cost to build a web portal. These influencing factors include the features, design, and efficiency of the developer.

  • What is the difference between a website and a web portal?

    Websites are accessible through a unique URL while web portals require a secure login where typically the username and password is entered.