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Performance Testing Services

Outsource Performance Testing Services

Get access to error-free and superior quality performance testing services from an experienced team of software testers at affordable prices starting at $20 an hour

Is your software application running slowly when several users are using it simultaneously? Does your application suffer from inconsistencies and poor usability across different operating systems? Then, your software application needs to go through comprehensive performance testing. Are you struggling to find the right resources to handle your performance testing requirements? Then, the best option for you would be to outsource performance testing services to an experienced service provider.

Outsource2india is one such performance testing service provider who can be your one-stop-shop for all your performance testing requirements. Our services can help you monitor the speed, reliability, response time, and scalability of the software program. We can help you find the performance bottlenecks in the application and help you improve it before it goes to the market.

Performance Testing Services We Offer

Performance testing is the process of determining the speed, responsiveness, and stability of a computer, network, software program or device under a workload. This results in identifying the major issues, validate the software quality and its related attributes - responsiveness, speed, usability, stability, etc. Without performance testing, the software is likely to suffer from inconsistencies in performance on different operating systems and may run slow when it is being used to several users simultaneously.

When you decide on outsourcing performance testing services to O2I, a leading performance testing company, we can test your software under a mixture of load conditions and can check your application's performance against the time it takes to respond under varying workloads. Some of the performance testing services we offer include -

  1. Load Testing

    Load Testing

    Load testing is done to assess your software's behavior under routine and expected peak load conditions with the assistance of load testing tools. It ensures that your application performs as intended when there is a sudden load increase. Load testing can successfully identify the maximum operating capacity of your application and the bottlenecks which slow it.

  2. Stress Testing

    Stress Testing

    Stress testing can help you identify the maximum limit of your application. This is done by checking your system under abnormal conditions. It helps you prepare for extreme conditions, thus giving you an estimate of how much your software could endure.

  3. Spike Testing

    Spike Testing

    Spike testing is carried out to estimate the stability and weakness of your application. There are certain instances where the system activity varies, and spike testing could tell you how your system has responded to those instances.

  4. Volume Testing

    Volume Testing

    Volume testing could evaluate the productivity of your software. Its main intent is to find out the volume of data that your software can handle. By doing volume testing you can ascertain the size of your database and whether you need to expand your database or not.

  5. Scalability Testing

    Scalability Testing

    In this type of testing, you can measure the performance of your software under varied (increased or decreased) processing power and architectural changes. Scalability testing will tell you the degree to which your software could be scaled.

  6. Soak Testing

    Soak Testing

    Soak testing is performed to identify the stability and performance of your application. It can help you verify your system's performance over a certain period (time).

  7. Web Service Performance Testing

    Web Service Performance Testing

    When you outsource performance testing to us, we will collaborate with you to identify the important parameters of testing and will execute the testing based on agreed parameters. We provide exceptional and uninterrupted testing solutions.

Performance Testing Tools We Leverage

Software performance testing is one of the solutions, which can be executed to enhance a software's quality and estimate its performance, thus, allowing your business to appreciate the risks of software implementation.

At O2I, we help you gain the necessary head start with consistent high-quality performance testing services. And we execute the software testing of your application by leveraging some of the latest and robust tools. Those are -

Apache JMeter CloudTest HP LoadRunner Httperf LoadStorm LoadUI Pro LoadView NeoLoad QEngine (ManageEngine) IBM Rational Performance Tester Silk Performer SmartMeter.io StresStimulus WebLOAD

Our Performance Testing Process

With experience in the software testing domain, O2I has established a performance testing approach that can be customized to your individual requirements. We follow a validated strategy to execute the performance testing, which includes -


01. Identify the Testing Environment

In the first step, we will understand the client's testing requirements and select the best-suited testing environment for that particular project


02. Identify the Performance Entry & Exit Acceptance Criteria

Once we have understood the client's requirements and challenges faced, we will set the exact performance entry and exit acceptance criteria after consulting the client


03. Plan & Design Performance Tests

In this step, our team of software testers plan and design the performance tests as per the software application's architecture and the client's requirements


04. Configuring the Test Environment

Once the performance tests are designed and planned, we configure the test environment in which the tests will be run


05. Implement and Run

Once the test environment is configured, we will implement the test design and run the planned tests to check for any kind of inconsistencies


06. Analyze, Tune, & Retest

We will analyze the results of the performance tests, retune the application, and rerun the performance tests on the application

Why Choose O2I for Performance Testing Services?

Over the last few years, Outsource2india has worked with clients across the globe, ranging from small businesses, eCommerce companies, healthcare organizations, global enterprises to educational institutions. Each software testing project is special to us, and we can swiftly adjust to your requirements, deliverables & specifications. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us as your performance testing service providing company are listed here -

  1. Cost-effective Performance Testing Services

    If your in-house frameworks are rigid, and your budgets are tight, then outsourcing performance testing is the best alternative for you. At O2I, we have inculcated an omnichannel approach to software testing, allowing you to make a high performing application. We have the required skills, expertise, and infrastructure to provide you a world-class and robust performance testing services at highly affordable prices.

  2. Infrastructure

    Our offices have modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art software testing tools essential to provide the best performance testing services. We have independent built-in IT redundancies, 200% power back up, etc. We have also mandated our software testing team to strictly comply with your industry's regulations.

  3. Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have four different offices and over 10 delivery centers spread across the globe. It lets us deliver better support and make ourselves accessible at a convenient time. Furthermore, our customer support teams work across all the time zones and are readily available to provide their service all the time.

  4. Data Security

    We take data security very seriously when it comes to software development and testing services. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization that ensures that all your software application data is kept safe at all times and not divulged to any third party without prior permission.

  5. Experience

    We have total experience in performance testing services. Furthermore, our collective management experience exceeds 100+ man-years. So, when you outsource performance testing services to us, you can be assured of a highly professional software testing service.

  6. Follow-up, Maintenance, and Assistance

    O2I is one of the leading providers of performance testing services in India. Our team of performance testing professionals is always updated with the latest software testing tools. When you collaborate with us, we will ensure higher performance of your application through our services.

  7. Faster TAT

    When you outsource performance testing services to us, you will see a quicker turnaround for all your performance testing projects. We also leverage the expertise of our global delivery centers' resources to deliver the industry's best customer service through modern communication channels.

  8. 24/7 Availability

    We will allocate a dedicated project manager once you outsource the performance testing project to us. Our project manager, call center executives, and the performance testing team is always accessible, and you can raise any problem or discuss your inquiries via a communication channel of your choice.

  9. Ease of Scalability

    At O2I, we have dynamic testing resources and the wherewithal in terms of know-how and infrastructure. You can depend on us to manage any surge in your business demands so that you pay only for the services you received.

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Outsource Performance Testing Services to Outsource2india


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At Outsource2india, we have an extended suite of software testing team, who can provide you with a high level of scalability & flexibility, which can be customized according to your needs. Outsource2india has been a leading provider of performance testing Services and a series of other custom software development services. At O2I, we deliver quality software testing at compatible rates with excellent support. With around of experience in the software testing, we carry in-depth software testing expertise and are results-oriented. Our performance testing services will enable you to leverage the power of your application and allow you to evolve with growing business demands.

Approach us now for robust software testing solutions and driving your application towards yielding a sustained impact on the market with the help of our Performance Testing Services.

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