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Outsource Managed Testing Services

Managed Testing Services

Managed testing service (MTS) is a complete and fully customizable service where we at Outsource2india take complete responsibility of all the testing activities at every stage of the software development cycle. Our expert team of software testers is trained to work on different technologies and can be easily scaled up or down as per the client's needs.

With the customer's expectations from businesses on the rise to obtain personalized content to generate great user experience, the focus is now shifting towards testing and quality assurance. Outsource2india's managed test services provide a customized approach with a systematic procedure and processes suited for the business.

Our Managed Testing Services

Outsource2india is a global organization that has several test centers across the globe and can provide round the clock managed testing services through our multiple delivery centers. Our service model ensures that we first thoroughly understand your requirements, leverage the most advanced tools and technologies to provide the service, use best available resources, and create a strategic plan to implement the project.

Some of the key managed testing services we offer include:

  • Defect Management
  • Knowledge Management Framework
  • MTS Dashboards
  • Test Data Management
  • Shared Services
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Performance/Load Testing
  • Big Data, Data Warehouse and Interface Testing
  • Application Security Testing
  • Automated BI Report Testing
  • Test Case Documentation

Our Managed Testing Service Model

Outsource2india provides an end-to-end testing service, right from test strategy to planning, execution, reporting, and delivery. Our services not only help you run your business but also transform the way you work. We follow a unique testing service model to cater to various requirements from our clients:

  1. Build, Operate and Transfer

    Build, Operate and TransferThe complete requirements are sent to Outsource2india's software testing centers. A dedicated manager is assigned for every project who ensures that the software testing procedure is executed smoothly and delivered on time.

  2. Build, Transfer, and Fill

    Build, Transfer and FillMainly designed for medium and long-term engagements, in this model we hire a team of specialized software testers and train them on tools specific to the client's requirements and then sent to the customers. A filler team is built to ensure that the gaps in the clients' project requirement are filled.

  3. Onsite Implementation

    Onsite ImplementationOur software testing engineers help out the customer's team at the client location, and the in-house dedicated project manager handles the entire project. This model is mainly beneficial for clients to scale up resources, tools and technologies, and products.

Benefits of Outsourcing Managed Testing Services

Our highly qualified team of software testers is trained to work on different kinds of software and tools and understand the pros and cons of each. It is easier for us to understand your business model, your requirements, the benefits of MTS, and provide the relevant services.

Some of the key benefits of outsourcing managed testing services are listed here:

  • Reduced Risk

    Managed testing service providers take all the responsibility of the entire testing procedure and hence take all the risk associated with it. These are supported by service level agreements which make the service providers responsible for all the actions during the testing procedure

  • Complexity Reduction

    Since the entire process of managed testing is outsourced to a third-party service provider, it reduces the overall complexity of the process on the customer's side

  • Competitive Pricing

    By outsourcing the managed testing services to cheaper offshore locations it becomes helpful to cut tasks and manage all the processes efficiently

  • Transaction-based Compensation Model

    This is an alternate to the traditional time and material-based models and shifts the major risks of the testing procedures to the managed testing service provider. This also helps in making the budget flexible and simplifies budget planning to a large extent

  • High Quality of Service

    Managed testing services being the core competency of the service provider, provide access to the best resources, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the latest cutting edge tools and technologies to provide the best quality services

  • Improved Innovation Potential

    By outsourcing the managed test services, companies are free to concentrate on other processes and their core competencies. The employees are freed from their excess workload which boosts motivation and enhances the innovation levels within the company

  • Increased Range of Service-oriented Approach

    Using managed testing services helps companies take a general service-oriented approach in the business processes. This approach can also be used in marketing, sales, HR, and is not limited to testing only

Why Choose Outsource2india for Managed Testing Services?

As part of Outsource2india's managed QA services, we take full responsibility of your software testing through various service level agreements and result-based testing procedures. Some of the reasons why you need to choose us for managed testing services include:

  • We have a team of certified and highly experienced software testers who deliver high-quality testing services
  • We have access to some of the latest and cutting edge technologies which help us deliver the best results
  • Easily scale up or down the number of testing resources based on your business requirements
  • We provide accurate validation and verification of your test cases to ensure that it conforms to your needs
  • Our processes are completely transparent, and clients are kept updated at every stage of the testing procedure
  • High-quality managed testing services and cost-effective rates

Hire the Best Software Testers at Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been providing high-quality managed testing services to clients around the globe for over 25 years now. Outsource2india's proactive approach in the software testing domain has helped some of the leading companies to continuously improve their products. We use standardized testing methodologies and integrate the latest testing tools and technologies to provide a complete software environment, provide full traceability, and share assets.

Outsource managed testing services to us and be assured that your software products are in safe hands. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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