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10 Most Popular Applications of Commercial Drones

10 Most Popular Applications of Commercial Drones

The global market for commercial drones is increasing at an exponential rate with more and more organizations using this technology for different purposes. It is projected that this market is expected to reach the staggering US $1.8 billion by the year 2020. This massive increase is aided by the increasing use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to carry out a variety of tasks, such as inspection of cell towers, maintenance, etc., across numerous industry sectors. This trend is expected to grow in the same way in the coming future.

Better known as drones, these UAVs have gained a lot of popularity among hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike. There was a time when drones were used only for military purposes but that is not the case anymore. Data capturing capabilities of drones have opened up new avenues and several other applications of UAVs. In this article, we have a comprehensive list of UAV drone uses.

Top 10 Commercial Drone Applications

There are several new regulations in place, which streamline the process of flying drones for commercial use. Many companies have identified the applications of drones in business and are using this opportunity to leverage drones for several purposes to efficiently manage their business processes. Some of the most popular applications of commercial drones are listed here -

  1. Agricultural Drones

    Agriculturists can benefit from agricultural drones in several ways and this sector is predicted to be one of the biggest areas of opportunity for commercial drones. Drones can be used by farmers to know which crops are failing, taking inventory of crops, map the area and study the irrigation systems, etc. Using this technology to carry out such time-consuming tasks can help agriculturists save a lot on overhead costs and time.

  2. Commercial Drones in Real Estate

    Architects and construction contractors can also make use of drones in real estate by using the images and videos of the property to create 3-dimesnional views for prospective clients. Architects can get aerial shots of the property, which can be worked on to get the real-world concepts clear. This helps them to create accurate designs and also demonstrate how things can fit inside the property, to their clients.

  3. Drones in Engineering Projects

    Engineering firms can make good use of drones, as they are involved in several commercial projects. They can use it for in-depth projects, such as maintenance inspections, transmission cables, and oil pipelines. Drones can also help engineers in various critical activities, such as airport planning, road construction planning, etc., to increase the efficiency manifold.

  4. Environmental Conservation and Monitoring using Drones

    The drone technology can also be used to monitor and conserve the environment around us. UAVs are discrete and can be used to keep a tab on animal populations without disturbing them and can provide us with insights, which can be used for conservation efforts, such as habitat management, migration tracking, conservation efforts, flood assessment, etc.

  5. Drones in Media Coverage

    Media coverage has been one of the obvious applications of commercial drones. A few years ago only the larger news corporations could afford news helicopters to provide their viewers with an aerial shot of the happenings. Today, even the local journalists and small-scale media houses can also afford a drone and provide their viewers with better live aerial shots.

  6. Drones for Security

    This is another field which is increasingly making use of commercial drones to ensure uncompromised security. Here drones are used to apprehend and track any sort of criminal activities and are also used in war zones to track terrorist movements and identify fugitives. Today, parking spaces are also being provided with full drone surveillance systems to ensure maximum escort for chief guests.

  7. Drones in Special Events

    This is one of the latest trends which is fast catching up. Today drones are also used at special events such as weddings, house warming ceremonies, birthdays, etc. The ability to take aerial shots using drones, which was not possible in the past using traditional video recording systems, is now giving a whole new perspective to create memories of such special days.

  8. Search and Rescue Operations

    Drones are successfully being used to locate people in areas which are affected by fire, floods, or any other natural calamities. Drones which have infrared sensors can detect people in remote areas using the heat maps. Aided by visual information, people in distress can be quickly tracked in real-time by the rescue operation personnel.

  9. Drone Delivery

    Delivery by drones is one of the fastest growing and popular applications of drones. As the technology evolves and matures more in the future, this concept is expected to gain higher momentum. e-commerce giants like Amazon have already invested in Amazon Prime Air, a drone technology, and will be launching the entire service once the feasibility issues are resolved.

  10. Assessing Insurance Claims Using Drones

    This is one of the newest applications of commercial drones, where this technology is used to claim insurance in the event of an accident. When you notify the insurance company about the accident, a drone can be sent to the accident location to assess the vehicle condition by taking pictures and videos. Drones can also be used to monitor home damages and speed up the entire insurance process.

Companies Already Using Drones for Commercial Use

With major tech giants investing in research and development of drone technologies, which can be used in their daily businesses, drone sales in the world are bound to shoot up over the next few years. There are several companies in the world, which are already utilizing applications of drones in their businesses to the fullest. Some of them are -

amazon Balfour Beatty BBC DHL easyjet Microsoft NASA Network Rail Royal Mail Shell The UPS Store Walmart

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