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5 Livestreaming Apps to Change the Way the World Consumes Content

Top 5 Livestreaming Apps

As the quality of consumer-oriented devices and data connectivity improves, the usage of social apps which allow users to remain connected and view real-time information is seeing a large spurt of growth. Livestreaming apps today are a prime example of how sharing, connectedness, and immediacy can create a potent combination of factors which stand to disrupt content consumption.

Today, people are using live video streaming to take part and witness events as and when they happen, whether it is a star-studded music concert, or the latest breaking news. As low-bandwidth videos become more prevalent, and as virtual reality devices find more takers, live video in 2018 promises immediate gratification and an immersive way for people to share, view, and create content.

The Top 5 Livestream Apps

The latest trends in live video streaming in 2018 include quite a few sectors which have seen gradual adoption, including gaming and news media. Watching people play games isn't just popular, but is literally blowing away the roofs while bringing in exponential dividends for companies such as Twitch, which was recently acquired by Amazon. Let us have a look at some of the most popular apps which have contributed to the significant rise of live streaming -

  1. Periscope


    One of the most popular live video streaming apps out there, Periscope has single-handedly ensured the popularity of this technology. This Twitter owned app made its debut not more than two years ago, and tweaked already existing webcam technology for the new generation, while making it portable for the first time. This ensures that anyone with a smartphone could begin broadcasting whenever they want, and from wherever they want. Broadcasters can gain followers much like Instagram, and also view and reply to comments, thereby making the experience much more social in nature. Periscope streams can also be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  2. Facebook Live

    Facebook Live

    If Twitter is doing it, you can be guaranteed that Facebook is not far behind. The only difference is that anyone who has the Facebook app installed can immediately start sharing a live video. The option to do so is present right under the box where your status update goes, and a couple of taps later, you would be ready to share a live video stream with the entire world. Since it is Facebook, you also get granular control over your privacy settings, allowing you to choose who sees your video and who doesn't.

  3. Twitch


    Twitch is an app which any self-respecting gamer would have installed on their phones. Today, Twitch rivals YouTube in popularity, so much so that YouTube's separate app/website to attract gamers still lags behind Twitch.

    Owned by Amazon, Twitch allows gamers to Livestream their gameplay moments, and makes a confident example when talking about practical use cases of live streaming. Not only has Twitch's popularity managed to gaming media a more mainstream commodity, but also has benefited thousands of gamers sitting in far corners of the world come together to share their passion. Twitch also differs from other apps by being present not only on smartphones, but gaming consoles and PCs as well.

  4. Stringwire


    Stringwire is an app which aims to live up to its tagline "Live Video, Made Social". Although similar in functionality to most other live video streaming apps out there, Stringwire especially focuses on the social aspect of Livestreaming, allowing users to search explicitly for a country or for a particular stream right within the app. Users can also collaborate with each other, one of the emerging trends in live streaming, while ensuring the video is uploaded in a quality and format of their own choosing.

  5. Meerkat


    Although the app developers are now pivoting towards other use case scenarios, Meerkat still remains one of the more popular Livestream apps out there. This extremely stable and lightweight app has built in notification functionalities in order to let users know when the people they follow are online and are streaming, while also allowing them to re-watch live streams. This app also features a lot of different social sharing features, and allows users to easily save their personal streams into a gallery or library of their own choice.

Live Streaming for Businesses in 2018 and Beyond: What to Expect from the Future?

There are many scenarios where live video streaming can help countless people involved, and although we are seeing a rapid increase in the popularity of such apps, there is still a while to go before most of the inherent benefits of this technology are realized. In the future, we can see live streaming become a part of -

  • Q & A Sessions - Businesses can use live streaming to connect employees to subject matter experts, while also allowing customers and stakeholders ask questions live
  • Restaurants - Eateries and restaurants can use live streaming to not only show how the chef is cooking your food, but also market the daily special for prospective customers
  • Creative Events - Live streaming events are growing in popularity, but soon we will be seeing events created only with live streaming in mind, allowing for more social activity around the event and better marketing
  • PR - Businesses will also be using Livestreaming apps to hold conferences and reach out to their users, invite journalists, etc.

Choose Outsource2india for All Your Live Video Streaming App Requirements

Live video and audio footages are gradually taking off and are engaging new users on a rapid scale. With the help of a live streaming app, your business can not only tap into an avid user base, but also allow you to get in touch with new clients and customers on a more personal basis.

O2I has been in the field of software development for the past 25 years, and with our experience in mobile app development, you can get access to the best live stream technology for your app while incorporating features that you require. Contact us right away and learn more about our offerings!

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