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Outsource Open Source e-Learning Development

Open Source e-Learning Development

The benefits of open source software have touched almost every application possible, and e-Learning has had its share with some extremely useful open source e-Learning solutions on the web. O2I has a team of expert programmers who have on-hand experience in various open source technologies.

We can help you transform this free, open source learning platform to suit your needs and offer an enhanced and customized open source e-Learning experience to your users.

Advantages of Open Source e-Learning Solutions -

  • Ready-made solutions - You can choose a solution that exactly meets your requirements from many ready-to-use open source e-Learning solutions readily available. The other key benefit of going for open source is that they are free e-Learning software, so there is no licensing cost involved.
  • Fully customizable solutions - Because of the open source nature of the software you get complete source code absolutely free. This enables full customizability of the e-Learning software. Having worked with hundreds of clients, our team has required competency to offer advanced customization and development services for any open source platform.
  • Faster updates - As there are lots of software contributors for open source software around the world. Therefore, getting regular updates for these open source e-Learning software is easy and quick. This also helps in adding new features to your free e-Learning source easily without any additional costs.

O2I Leverages Open Source to Meet Your Specific e-Learning Needs

O2I offers complete range of open source e-Learning solution development services starting from consultation and tool selection to implementation, customization, hosting, and maintenance. We can build custom learning management systems (LMS) based on various open source tools available freely in the market. Our capabilities include -

  1. Customization -

    As most open source e-Learning solutions are targeted at general usage, they may not provide you the desired learning management solution. You might need specific module development or changes that are necessary for your organizational objectives. At O2I, our team of experts can fully customize different open source learning solutions to meet your varied e-Learning needs.

  2. Integration -

    We can integrate different open source learning applications to create customized e-Learning solution for your needs. Our team can also integrate these applications with your native software and make things easier and simpler to use. We can also manage third-party integration of your LMS tool. For instance, integrating Moodle with Drupal, Dimdim, Open ID, etc. O2I also helps with content conversion services across multiple standards and platforms.

  3. Maintenance and Upgrades -

    At O2I, we keep a track of the latest open source e-Learning applications and other relevant tools. Therefore, we can always suggest you the best solutions for your needs, and help you upgrade to the latest versions quickly. To create sustained and superior performing e-Learning solution for your users, we also offer on-going maintenance and upgrade services.

  4. Moodle LMS Development -

    Moodle is a leading open source LMS. Our wide range of Moodle e-Learning services could just be the right option for you to create that complete learning management system. Learn more about our Moodle development services.

  5. Other Open Source LMS Services -

    Other than Moodle, we can also setup and customize your entire e-Learning on other open source systems or LMS like Dokeos, Open IMS, eFront, e-LMS, OLAT, A Tutor and Sakai to name a few.

  6. Compliance with Open Standards -

    We comply with e-Learning open standards like Common Cartridge, IMS content packaging, SCORM and QTI among others in our e-LMS solutions.

Outsource Open Source e-Learning Development to O2I

Expert skills in various domains are required to customize open source learning software as they are written in multiple languages. At O2I, our team of experts has wide domain experience in multiple skill set, and can deliver you the best and cost-effective e-Learning solutions.

Try our open source development services for e-Learning today.

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