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Amazon Redshift Services

Outsource Amazon Redshift Services

Optimize and customize you Amazon Redshift data warehouse by choosing our Amazon Redshift services at prices starting at $20/hour

Amazon Redshift is an extremely secure platform for data storage and management. It can significantly contribute to your BI program and the scalability of the business. The core of Amazon Redshift lies in the management of a large volume of data and analyzing it to deliver fast query performance.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading Amazon Redshift service provider delivering unbeatable solutions to numerous clients all over the globe. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive Amazon data warehouse solutions to ensure performance tuning and integration of Amazon Redshift with existing BI tools. Outsourcing Amazon Redshift services to our professional developers and testing team helps you leverage the optimal benefits of the AWS Redshift data warehouse by customizing the services according to your business needs.

Our Amazon Redshift Services

Amazon Redshift is a petabyte-scale data warehouse service that provides automation, monitoring, configuring, and integration with other AWS tools. O2I is the leading Amazon Redshift service provider that offers the following services to aid your data management and analytics -

  1. Requirement-specific Configuration Management

    Requirement-specific Configuration Management

    Our team of experts configures the Amazon Redshift and AWS Redshift data warehouse as per the requirement stated by the client. We offer you the opportunity to expand your IT infrastructure with Amazon Redshift through the utilization of the AWS cloud platform.

  2. Data Warehouse Migration

    Data Warehouse Migration

    When migrating business data to Amazon Redshift, your business cannot afford the loss of any data. You can trust O2I for fast and secure data migration from data warehouses such as Greenplum, Teradata, Netezza, or Vertica warehouse to the AWS Redshift data warehouse.

  3. Amazon Redshift Optimization

    Amazon Redshift Optimization

    Our certified experts optimize Amazon Redshift tailored for your business so that you can enjoy scalability and hassle-free data storage and management. Additionally, O2I integrates your existing business tools with Amazon Redshift to enable a centralized platform for the business.

  4. Warehouse Performance Tuning

    Warehouse Performance Tuning

    O2I utilizes the best industry-standard practices to fetch the advantages of columnar technology and parallel processing of Amazon Redshift. This effectively improves the performance of warehouse management. Our team of experts tune query performance to ensure fast delivery. Additionally, we monitor the warehouse performance so that you can explore, upgrade, or update data without any disruption.

  5. Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    Our teams are always ready to help you out when any issue arises in Amazon Redshift or Amazon Redshift data warehouse. We constantly monitor the services to provide you with seamless high-quality service throughout.

  6. Building or Redesigning the AWS infrastructure

    Building or Redesigning the AWS infrastructure

    Amazon Redshift is an amazing platform but its infrastructure must be modified as per your business needs. Our team of experts utilizes the benefits of IT infrastructure to design/redesign the AWS platform into a reliable, scalable, and low-cost platform.

  7. Our Specialized Amazon Redshift Solutions

    For the services mentioned above, we leverage several techniques to optimize Amazon Redshift for your business. These include -

    • Compressed Encoding

      Our experts implement compressed encoding on the AWS Redshift data warehouse to enhance data mobility and faster query results. We use the best practices to compress the columnar technology of Amazon Redshift.

    • Built-in Security

      Your data is secured through SSL when in motion. Amazon Redshift also provides AES-256 encryption to tighten security on your data. Therefore, you can achieve the best level of data security with our Amazon Redshift services.

    • Automated Backup

      O2I prevents any loss of your data by using the snapshot feature on Amazon Redshift. This enables storing of new data in clusters to Amazon S3. Additionally, you get the provision of restoring data.

    Our Process

    O2I is a reputed Amazon Redshift services providing company that delivers customized Amazon Redshift action plans as per the unique needs of the client. Each project is handled by professional experts and usually goes through the following stages -


    01. Analyzing the Client's Needs

    Business goals are distinct for every client. Therefore, our team takes care of understanding the business need such as customization, optimization, automation, etc. Analyzing the client's requirements helps us to formulate the plan of action


    02. Strategy

    We devise Amazon data warehouse solutions according to the client's specific needs. We discuss all the tools and techniques to be used during the process. Our clients are provided with a clear roadmap for the services to be provided


    03. Client Approval

    O2I's professionals are proactive as well as reactive to their services. We welcome client feedback and incorporate them into our plan through multiple internal reviews. Therefore, we finalize the plan of action only after the client validates and approves it


    04. Execution of Amazon Redshift Services

    The finalized plan is implemented for the business. Our experts undertake continuous monitoring to ensure you can avail automated Amazon Redshift services without any discrepancies. They further ensure responsive customer service to resolve issues in case of any disruption


    05. Support Services

    After the initial data migration and service automation, our team offers a periodic review and support services when required by the client

    Other Services You Can Benefit From

    Key Benefits of Outsourcing Amazon Redshift Services to Outsource2india

    O2I has earned its reputation as a market leader in outsourced Amazon Redshift services and has delivered successful projects to numerous companies from around the world. When you hire us as your Amazon Redshift service provider, you can enjoy the following advantages with our best-in-class services -

    • Dedicated Team of Experts

      With a team of 150+ domain experts, we provide you with a dedicated team along with a manager to handle your project.

    • Outstanding Quality Services

      As a trusted Amazon Redshift service providing company, we understand the importance of data storage and management for a business's growth. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

    • Affordable Services

      Our top-notch service comes as a value-for-money package. The flexible pricing models of our tailor-made services have made us popular among SMEs as well as large-sized companies.

    • Deadline Commitment

      Our professionals are dedicated to delivering you uncompromised high-quality service within the desired time frame. Our turnaround time is a USP for Amazon Redshift services in the market.

    • Global Network

      With offices spread all across the world, O2I provides you a global reach to connect with us anytime, anywhere.

    • Assured Data Security

      Data security and confidentiality is a major deciding factor when it comes to IT-based services. We assure reliable security by ensuring data safety through multiple security checkpoints.

    Client Success Story

    Case Study on Facility Management App for an Emirati Client to Manage Appointments

    O2I Created a Facility Management App for a UAE-based Client to Manage Appointments

    We created a facility management app to enable an Emirati client to seamlessly book and manage appointments as well as create reports and handle escalations, among other features.

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    Case Study on API Development to Automate Transcription of Audio Files

    O2I Automated the Transcription of Audio Files by Developing an API for a Hong Kong-based Startup

    A Hong Kong-based client required a solution whereby they could streamline the process of transcribing audio files. We provided a high-quality solution by developing an API and getting a QA team to manually check for errors.

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    Amazon Redshift is the most reliable data warehouse solution to gain scalability and derive business intelligence. With the help of O2I, a leading provider of Amazon Redshift services in India, you will be able to automate the AWS Redshift data warehouse and drive productivity through warehouse performance tuning. Our experts blend technological expertise with engineering heritage to provide you with the highest quality services.

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