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Cyber Security Assessment Services

Outsource Cyber Security Assessment Services

Identify and strategize your cyber security gaps and minimize cyber security threats to protect critical information assets at affordable prices

Cyber threats are evolving each day giving more nightmares to large organizations possessing complicated networks. A cyber threat anywhere in the network can collapse the whole system of an organization. It is always good for businesses to keep cyber hygiene within the ecosystem including the third and fourth-party vendors. A regular cyber security assessment will always help organizations keep up against the cyber threats.

The cyber security assessment is a sensitive process that involves risk assessments aligned to organizational goals. It allows an organization to get a high-level analysis of network weaknesses which will be mitigated by implementing security controls. It is a day-to-day assessment to keep away from cyber threats. That’s where we are helping our clients with cyber security assessment services. If you need a reliable, 100% secured, and trustworthy cyber security assessment services providing company, then partner with Outsource2india.

Cyber Security Assessment Services We Offer

Cyber security assessment will be different for different organizations and networks. The assessment will be done based on the organizational ecosystem and the functional objectives. Our team with ex-investigative agents, experienced security analysts, top ethical hackers and with the consultation of top cyber security experts, can pull off any requirements of our client. Based on the varied requirements of the organizations, we have categorized our cyber security assessment services as below.

  • Network Security Assessment

    Network Security Assessment

    Our expert security analysts will review the network security controls which are implemented to mitigate the vulnerabilities. They will list out the organization’s assets that are exposed to possible threats and analyze each of them to understand the triggers that led the threats to the network. A list of precautions will be provided based on the analysis to avoid further exposure of assets.

  • Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing

    The penetration test is also called a pentest. Our team consisting of ethical hackers will test for the organizational network and systems by hacking. This will let you know whether your network or assets are prone to cyber threats or free from any vulnerabilities. Our team will do a thorough pentest and submit a report to help you implement mitigation controls wherever it is necessary.

  • Cyber Risk Assessment

    Cyber Risk Assessment

    Our experts with over a decade of experience will apply the knowledge and the latest technology to analyze the network to identify potential vulnerabilities and data breaches. They will implement the strategy and provide precautionary measures to avoid data breaches and cyber threats.

  • Ransomware Preparedness Assessment

    Ransomware Preparedness Assessment

    The ransomware attacks are increasing year on year and businesses are paying billions for not preparing to avoid ransomware attacks. Our team containing experts from the field of hacking will analyze your network and assets and provide an assessment of vulnerability to ransomware and help implement security controls to avoid ransomware attacks.

  • Remote Work Security Assessment

    Remote Work Security Assessment

    Your consultants or employees working remotely, connected to your network, is close to bringing a cyber threat to your network as the second party would be operating using insecure web connections. This will lead to cyber attacks, ransomware attacks, and data theft. Our team does a thorough analysis and assess the security threat before it costs you a huge lump sum.

Unique Process Flow We Follow for Cyber Security Assessment Services

When you outsource cyber security assessment services to us, our team will work around the clock to provide you with cyber security risk assessment. Our services are designed to identify vulnerabilities, validate the security process effectiveness, and address security risks. We thrive on delivering quality services within a short turnaround time and our processes are built with that attitude. Let us take a look at our unique process flow.


01. Requirement Analysis

Once you decide on outsourcing your cyber security assessment needs to us, our sales manager will get in touch with you to analyze the requirements. Once the detailed requirements are recorded, they will be sent to the project team and accounts team


02. Pricing and Proposal

Our project team and account teams will coordinate and prepare a proposal containing all the deliverables and the price quote according to the requirements. They will be sent to you for further negotiations and requirement finalization


03. Finalizing and Agreement

Once you agree upon our proposal and the required deliverables as mentioned by our team, an agreement of non-disclosure will be made between both parties to secure the information that will be shared between each other


04. Team Allotment

A qualified team to handle your exact requirement will be allotted to execute the project. Our cyber security experts, managers, and supervisors will be in place to ensure a smooth process throughout the project execution


05. Preparing Cyber Security Assessment

As a cyber security assessment services company, we have highly experienced cyber security experts, threat analysts, and hackers who can analyze your network and assets. Our team will thoroughly analyze the network and assets, and prepare assessments containing all the precautionary measures and critical security controls that must be implemented


06. Submitting the Assessment

Once our team completes and compiles the assessment deliverables, they will be submitted to you via a secured file transfer protocol

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Why you Should Outsource Cyber Security Assessment Services to Outsource2india

There are thousands of cyber security assessment service providers. Which cyber security assessment service provider will you choose for the betterment of your organization? How will you decide which cyber security assessment services providing company can bring justice to your requirements? What additional benefits you can enjoy when you outsource? There are only a few who can meet your all your requirements and provide additional benefits. Below are the benefits you get to enjoy by outsourcing cyber security assessment to Outsource2india.

  • Adherence to Local Laws

    We serve clients from different countries which have different laws as per their policies in public safety and security. We respect the laws of every land, and we adhere to the laws regarding the data regulations and tax models.

  • 24/7 Service Support

    At O2I, we believe that our continued support post-service makes our services the most trusted one around the world. Since we serve our clients who operate from different time zones, we keep our service support live 24/7. You can contact us anytime to resolve a query regarding cyber threat assessment.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Delivering world-class services without the right infrastructure is impossible for any organization. We are equipped with the latest tech tools and software that accurately supports our workflow and the team in delivering quality services at shorter times.

  • Shorter Turnaround Time

    With an expert team working on projects following a perfect process flow using the top-notch infrastructure, we have always made sure that we deliver our services within the shortest turnaround time compared to our industry peers.

  • A Solid Data Security

    Our in-house IT team has experienced managers working with us for over a decade and our network is highly secured with the latest cyber technologies. We are an ISO-certified company that meets all the international standards of data protection. All our employees are boarded upon signing the non-disclosure agreement which makes them liable for any data breach from them.

  • Leverage the Expertise

    At O2I our cyber security assessment teams have experience in collaborating with the most well-known agencies in assessing the major potential threats. We have consultants, who have served in investigation agencies, to guide us in every step of our journey in assessing the possible threats.

  • A Dedicated Team

    When it comes to cyber security assessment, as a cyber security assessment services company, we understand the amount of damage a small mistake can cause. To avoid any errors in security assessment, we always make sure our teams aren’t working on multiple projects at any given point in time.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Communication is the key to an excellent service. A small miscommunication can cause a huge impact on the quality, accuracy, and delivery of services. To avoid any miscommunication, we have implemented a single point of contact policy where all our communication with clients will be through one person.

  • Lower Cost

    As we use our expert team, infrastructure, and process flow to deliver services in a much shorter time compared to our competitors, the cost of services will always be the lowest. That is a major promise to our clients who are looking forward to outsourcing cyber security assessment services in India.

  • Highest Accuracy

    When you outsource cyber security services to us, our utmost priority will be in providing accurate services. Our QA teams with experience in analyzing the cyber risk assessment for over a decade will assure you the highest accuracy of your assessments.

Client Success Story

O2I Created a Powerful Power BI-based Application to Help a Client Analyze Data

O2I Created a Powerful Power BI-based Application to Help a Client Analyze Data

Outsource2india developed a robust Power BI-based app for a logistics provider to help it analyze large amounts of client feedback data.

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O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

We adopted the latest digital forensics methods to put an end to data theft issues faced by the client. With complex diagnosis and investigation, our customer had their security posture reviewed and optimized to thwart future issues.

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We thank Outsource2india for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent and hardworking. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

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Outsource Cyber Security Assessment Services to Outsource2india

Are you planning to outsource cyber security assessment services to the most trusted outsourcing partner who can fulfill the requirement to assess the possible cyber threats? You have reached the right place then. With a team that has already assessed the network and assets of over a hundred clients, we assure you of top-class cyber security risk assessment. We are confident to meet all your cyber security assessment requirements with the highest accuracy. Outsourcing cyber security assessment services to O2I will also fetch you additional benefits as mentioned earlier. So, contact us now with your requirements and let’s get to work.

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