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ServiceNow Security Operations Services

Outsource ServiceNow Security Operations Services

Using existing KPIs, our team leverages ServiceNow operations services to be ahead of trends, avoid bottlenecks, and discover automation opportunities, starting as low as $2200 /minimum 160 hours

ServiceNow's Security Operations solution bridges the gap between cybersecurity and IT by allowing you to swiftly discover, monitor, and remediate risks before they disrupt your infrastructure. You may vastly increase your security response time and efficiency by leveraging ServiceNow's smart workflows and automation features. Security incident response, exposure-response, and threat detection modules enable organizations to automatically identifying and prioritizing issues so that they may respond to them promptly and minimize service interruptions or possible failures. All of that is provided by Outsource2india without adding more constraints to your budget or bandwidth.

Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading global ServiceNow Operations solution provider that can help you decrease the risk of incorrect ServiceNow Operations implementation and administration. We have a team of ServiceNow developers and experts dedicated to delivering timely consulting to aid you with your security posturing.

ServiceNow Security Operations Services We Offer

You can rely on the best team to provide software development services when you outsource Security Operations services. The following components are included in our services -

  1. ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

    ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

    Vulnerability Response contextualizes scan data by comparing it to information in your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and comparing it to information in your vulnerability scanning tools. The pool of discovered vulnerabilities is then filtered and prioritized based on variables such as business impact and technical severity. As a leading provider of ServiceNow security operations services in India, we use Vulnerability Response to do all of this by allowing your security agents to swiftly repair business-critical vulnerabilities while also collaborating with the IT team in seeking and executing necessary modifications in the IT infrastructure.

  2. ServiceNow Security Threat Mitigation

    ServiceNow Security Threat Mitigation

    Our team uses threat intelligence notes as indicators of compromise on your network or OS and checks threat feeds for intel on new vulnerabilities, software bugs, hacking incidents, and so on to augment your security incident archives with more pertinent data via integrations with security analysis tools and highly specialized threat data websites. This provides security experts with more expertise in identifying and evaluating deep-lying risks. To assist in determining if any security events or signs of compromise are correlated to a targeted attack operation, threat Intelligence enables these entities to be merged and treated as joint security incidents.

  3. ServiceNow Configuration Support

    ServiceNow Configuration Support

    As a reputed ServiceNow security operations company, we use Configuration Compliance to detect susceptible assets that are not configured per your security or business standards by analyzing data supplied from configuration scanning apps. Then, in your Configuration Management Database, we will prioritize them based on their prospective business effect (CMDB). Configuration Compliance aids in the diagnosis and remediation of more susceptible assets, thereby enhancing your security posture.

  4. ServiceNow Security Incident Management

    ServiceNow Security Incident Management

    We use ServiceNow to isolate suspicious activity across your infrastructure from QRadar, Splunk, and Rapid7, among others. Security Incident Handling seamlessly transforms these actions into security incidents, analyzes them using your CMDB, and assigns them to security analysts. Our security team uses a simple workspace to accelerate events from analysis and research to isolation and resolution. To enhance the efficiency of your security team, ServiceNow classifies each hidden pattern into a specific task and supports the standard task completion accoutrements such as automation processes, alerts, SLAs, escalation criteria, and so on.

  5. ServiceNow Security Perimeter

    ServiceNow Security Perimeter

    As a trusted ServiceNow security operations service providing company, we use ServiceNow SecOps to anonymously exchange suspicious observables (IP addresses, hashes, URLs) and other threat intelligence data with a specified network of organizations to discover and eradicate attacks quicker. The network may include colleagues in your sector, supply chain partners, or perhaps the entire ServiceNow customer community. If the data you supplied was noticed frequently enough among your network members, ServiceNow can automatically initiate the remediation procedure as a security event.

Custom ServiceNow Operations Process

Outsourcing ServiceNow Security Operations services are straightforward and do not necessarily need back-to-back meetings. As a top Security Operations service provider, we use the following procedure -

Custom ServiceNow Operations
Process Flow

01. Requirement Analysis

Our team will start by analyzing the feasibility of your request, and then we will assign the Security Operations work to the most appropriate team

02. Design & Development

We validate whether SecOps procedures match ServiceNow's best practices, therefore avoiding extensive modifications

03. Testing

Using current testing techniques, testers at our Security Operations service company will then begin the testing process by detecting gaps, performance issues, errors, and other concerns. Any issues that arise will be addressed

04. Update, Support & Maintenance

We look closely into your SecOps procedures to rule out flaws and tailor ServiceNow appropriately for optimal results

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose ServiceNow Operations Services from Outsource2india?

O2I has over 25 years of expertise creating services and can construct add-ons for apps in a wide range of verticals with high overall performance.

  • Affordable Support Services

    You have total control with customizable pricing. To get started, there are no channel costs or obligations.

  • High-quality Outcome

    It is our job as a leading Security Operations service provider to give our clients the finest available assistance.

  • Use of Latest Tools

    As part of our solution customization, we use powerful capabilities. You may set up and begin therapy in less time if you use our agents.

  • ISO Compliant SAP Software Support Services Provider

    As a well-known bespoke Security Operations solution supplier in India, we adhere to ISO standards.

  • Secure Data Secure Data Management Practices

    Your data security is guaranteed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We make every effort to keep your data secure by employing cutting-edge data management technology.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    All clients demand rapid results, and we'll be able to demonstrate our adaptability in fulfilling those expectations.

  • Scalable Solutions

    Our services may give scalable solutions that boost your company's efficiency by facilitating high-quality connections.

  • Experienced Consultants

    When you use O2I's Security Operations services, you are collaborating with highly qualified people that have years of expertise.

  • Use of Latest Tools

    As part of our solution customization, we use powerful capabilities. You may set up and begin therapy in less time if you use our agents.

  • 24/7 Support

    We provide our clients 24-hour customer support by phone, email, and web chat as well as international shipping choices.

Customer Success Stories

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A CIO Award winner and an S&P Index member construction conglomerate in the US required help to improve their existing ServiceNow functionalities and features. Our custom ITSM solution experts delivered improved standardization services and ensured the efficient consolidation of workflows.

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Outsource ServiceNow Security Operations Services to Outsource2india


We have worked with Outsource2india on various projects and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency - they are a valued service provider to our business!

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The first step is to ensure that your partner company, such as Outsource2india's Security Operations services provider, has great customer support. We provide a wide selection of ServiceNow solutions that assist businesses to develop more quickly by providing best-in-class solutions. Select O2I as your Security Operations service provider now to take advantage of our high-performance services.

So, if you want Security Operations and maintenance that is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, look no further. Contact us straight away.

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