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Empower Your Business with Top 10 AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business

From simple personal assistants on phones to driverless cars, artificial intelligence (AI) has seen a tremendous growth and will continue to surprise us with its limitless capabilities. More and more companies including some of the world's biggest tech giants are taking interest in this technology and are working towards developing path-breaking products. Artificial intelligence and AI tools are expected to play a key role in business and marketing in the coming years.

AI will be the new way in which people will interact with their day-to-day gadgets, such as smartphones, car, fridge, microwave, heating systems, etc. The formula for building smart products is to make these gadgets comprehend the user's current context and predict their intentions. Numerous AI tools are already being widely used in businesses today. In this article, we have listed some of the top tools, which are empowering businesses by making things simpler.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools that Can Transform Business

In the years to come, AI is expected to assist the development of smarter lighting, smarter city infrastructures, smart houses, etc. and completely change the way people carry out their day-to-day tasks. Therefore, organizations should understand and calculate the probable benefits AI can have on their business operations. Some of the main artificial intelligence apps and top AI tools harnessed by businesses today are listed here -

  1. Textio

    textioThis AI tool uses predictive technology to help organizations write better job listings, as it analyzes every word and make it sound lucrative to potential candidates. Textio recognizes over 50000 phrases using AI and scores a document based on its capability to lure users and also eliminate subconscious gender bias, if present in a job description. Most of the companies, such as Atlassian, Twitter, Microsoft, Square, and Starbucks, are already making use of this tool.

  2. Conversica

    conversicaDesigned to reach out and connect with the gross sales leads, Conversica is a virtual sales assistant, which helps sales team to focus on selling and closing the deals, rather than chasing down sales leads and prospects. This AI tool connects with the leads multiple times and for whatever duration of time required, through automated, two-way email conversations.

  3. X.ai

    X.aiThis AI tool is a smart assistant app that is extensively used for handling meeting requests. As soon as an individual receives a meeting request, X.ai works back-and-forth to pin down a place and time and also responds and schedules all emails like a natural user. X.ai is totally addictive and the users can just update their status, as "busy" or "available", this tool will then plan the meetings and events accordingly.

  4. Gluru

    GluruThis is one of the most widely used AI tools, which help the user to keep a track on their calendar, track events, meetings, etc., and provides updates on deadlines, to-do lists, occasions, and various other appointments. It will automatically arrange all the e-mails, notes, and other information needed throughout these occasions.

  5. Tamr

    tamrThis is mainly a data integration tool, which solves data curation problems and helps businesses save up to 20% of human efforts. It uses a data-driven, bottom-up approach and integrates numerous data sources into a single model. By smartly combining human efforts and automation, Tamr implements the concepts of machine learning and data analysis in the most efficient manner.

  6. DigitalGenius

    DigitalGeniusDigitalGenius is a smart tool that is fueled by AI and natural language processing (NLP) and carries out human-like conversations with customers via calls and SMS. The tool makes use of predictive automation and artificial intelligence to analyze the question first and then take it to the right answer, thereby helping businesses to improve their customer service operations. This AI tool outperforms most of the existing customer service operations, as it analyzes customer service logs, understands everyday transactions, and then chooses the most appropriate response.

  7. Quill

    QuillIndividuals looking to incorporate artificial intelligence in small businesses must try Quill. This tool uses certain specific sets of data and converts them into a written document, which helps to automate processes such as generating earnings reports, etc.

  8. Recorded Future

    Recorded FutureThis AI tool serves as a threat intelligence system, which helps businesses to predict future threats and keeps them at lower threat risks. Recorded Future makes use of machine learning to detect any kind of external threats to the company and responds to them at a much faster rate. Its Web Intelligence Engine uses billions of indexed facts to continuously analyze web to detect emerging threats.

  9. Intraspexion

    IntraspexionThis is an AI tool which is used to prevent and warn companies against any potential litigation. Intraspexion alerts a company's corporate council against litigation risks by continuously running in the background, regularly scanning the company's internal emails, and flagging potential litigation risks for further review.

  10. DataRPM

    DATARPMThis is one of the best AI-based tools, which processes a variety of company data in a short time and predicts various things, such as potential asset failures, factors responsible for frequent repairing of tools, and the importance of timely maintenance. In this way, DataRPM helps businesses in reducing their operational costs by a considerable extent.

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How Do AI Tools Help Businesses Cut Through the Competition?

Companies which understand the importance and effectiveness of AI in their business as early as possible will be able to achieve greater operational efficiency within a short time. Just like how companies moved from paper-based systems to digital processes by deploying actionable data, it is important to recognize the rise of artificial intelligence and begin implementing it in business. The key here is to develop the right mindset and take one step at a time.

The idea of using artificial intelligence in business needs to be normalized and companies should focus towards increasing the efficiency of business processes and finding better ways to generate greater revenues. Today, there are several AI apps and tools, which can be carefully chosen to improve business processes.

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