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Mobile Gaming Applications

Mobile Gaming Applications

Mobile Games are portable and offer entertainment anywhere, anytime. The rapid growth of mobile games industry has led to a whole host of gaming companies offering applications in the mobile games space.

Mobile Games may run directly on the software of the phone, or they may use additional technologies such as Multimedia Messaging (MMS), Simple Text Messaging (SMS) or Geographical Positioning System (GPS). Games can be directly embedded on the phone, or downloaded from operator or other portals.

The visual appeal of mobile phone games is now about the same as what you would expect with the latest gaming consoles. With the improved hardware and technology of mobile phones, it’s now possible to provide the same user experience on high-end mobile phones as on other gaming devices.

Many mobile phone manufacturers also manufacture phones integrated with gaming console features. These phones typically have all the navigation and control buttons as available on a gaming controller. Gaming phones are a popular buy for the youth.

Popular mobile gaming application trends

Mobile gaming applications is a dynamic market, and while earlier single player modes, and filler-type games (arcade-based/cards) are still popular, there is a growing market for multi-player modes and 3D games. Some popular trends that mobile game developers are exploring include location-based games, cross-platform games, connected/online games and learning games.

  • Location-Based Games: This is a niche-area, and such games use location-based services of the provider to determine the mobile user’s co-ordinates. Examples include treasure hunts, street games and adventure games.
  • Cross-platform games: These allow the same game to play across multiple platforms. For example, the same game can be played as a console game and on the mobile phone, where some parts of the game are revealed only on the phone. Or, a game could allow a web site to create some content for the mobile game.
  • Connected or Online games: While most games are offline, with some of them using Bluetooth or Infrared for short-range communication, this gaming style, which allows multiple players to communicate and play together using the mobile service, is expected to become popular. Strategy games are a popular example of connected games.
  • Community games: Communities are the central theme, and the mobile user participates for the sheer pleasure of social communication, and staying in touch with the community. Such games are often played using social networking platforms.
  • Serious games: Games for education and learning, health and nutrition-based games are some examples in this category. Education via the mobile phone or Mobile learning (m-Learning), in particular, is gaining momentum, and experts see potential here. There may be many simple or complex games depending on the target audience. For example, a young user may use a word scramble game while high-school users could learn about the biological classification system, and play in a multi-player mode for motivation.
  • Mobile Gambling: The players can play gambling games with the mobile phones, such as those on the Internet and the Kiosks.
  • Mobile Advergaming apps: This is more of an advertising/marketing application in gaming. A game can be customized for a specific product or brand, or an ad is run before / after the game. Visually rich and interactive games offer a way to advertise, and the user’s brand recall is high. Games can also cut across cultural and language barriers, thereby being available to wider audience.

Challenges for mobile gaming applications

The mobile game development space is constantly evolving, and application developers/providers face many challenges:

  • Accessibility: One of the challenges faced by the mobile gaming industry is to make mobile games easily accessible to a wide audience. People want games which can easily be accessed and played. The App store model for downloading games is very popular now.
  • Piracy: Finding ways to make people pay for the content that they use, by implementing different models while not reducing accessibility, is something that most gaming software providers need to consider.
  • Technical Challenges: Mobile application development can have many hurdles such as limited phone resources, data traffic pricing, latency issues and portability.
  • Non-Technical Challenges: Understanding the diverse requirements and user needs, and satisfying multiple stakeholders is a constant challenge in the gaming space.

The need for devices for business, entertainment and leisure has led to device convergence, with the three aspects converging on a single device – the mobile phone. The mobile game development market is driven by the fact that mobile services have penetration in both developed and developing worlds. Both urban and rural users have mobile handsets, and the declining prices of both handsets and data/voice services, are fuelling the growth of the mobile gaming industry.

O2I understands the Gaming space for mobile applications, and can design and deploy mobile games applications on multiple platforms.

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