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Web Analytics Services in the Philippines

Outsource Web Analytics Services To Philippines

Choose from our variety of customizable web analytics services in the Philippines and reach all your online marketing goals at rates starting from $20/hour

Web analytics has become an integral part of any online business. A thorough assessment of the website can provide the business managers pivotal information and statistics regarding user interests, type of target audience, size, demographics, purchasing patterns, etc. With a vast experience in the field, O2I is a one-stop-solution for all kinds of web analytics services. Global recognition and an extensive customer-base have earned us the top rank in the field of web analytics. Our offshore web analytics services in the Philippines have become hugely popular and are being increasingly preferred by global businesses due to the affordability of our offerings.

Web Analytics Services in the Philippines We Offer

Being one of the leading web analytics services providers in the Philippines, we offer well-rounded solutions to enable our clients to optimize web user interaction and boost conversions. Our services include -

  1. Analysis and Reporting

    Analysis and Reporting

    Understanding your website performance is crucial to develop a future course of action for marketing campaigns. Therefore, we provide you with in-depth reports developed by our experts after careful analysis of each and every component of your website. Documenting the statistics on the basis of key indicators can help businesses build better strategies to drive greater traffic and better conversion rates. We cover a spectrum of services like predictive analytics, data auditing, data visualization, video and image analytics, dashboard analytics, website traffic analytics services, KPI reports, etc.

  2. Dashboard Creation Services

    Dashboard Creation Services

    An extension of web analytics services that we offer, we design dashboards that have the ability to use the data and determine KPIs and other performance measures through a highly functional and easy to comprehend interface.

    Under dashboard creation services we provide the following solutions -

    • Custom Dashboard Development - We create tailor-made dashboards after fully analyzing your website and addressing your business goals.
    • Klipfolio Dashboard Creation - An easy-to-use dashboard platform loaded with automation features, Klipfolio makes for an attractive dashboard option for many small and medium companies.
    • Tableau Dashboard Development - For businesses looking to collate and create interactive dashboards in real-time, we are highly efficient in creation, integration, maintenance and migration of Tableau dashboards.
  3. Web Marketing Campaign Analytics

    Web Marketing Campaign Analytics

    All businesses run frequent marketing campaigns in order to boost their sales and attract new customers. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is as important as running them, as it gives the marketers a fair idea of what is working and why. Our skilled analysts scrutinize each aspect of the campaign and draw meaningful conclusions for enterprises based on visitor reach, landing page performance, market acquisition, conversion rate, and customer retention.

  4. Custom Web Analytics Software

    Custom Web Analytics Software

    Sometimes companies invest in highly advanced and expensive web analytics software that, unfortunately, yield reports that are of little relevance to their business. And, even if they are relevant, the generated reports are so technical that only a few experts can decrypt them for you. We can build software that is in synchronization with all your marketing needs and website measurement goals. We have a team of custom web analytics software developers that are adept in tailoring the analytics software to help you extract the vital insights. From building analytics dashboards to customizing web log analyzer, and automating excel report data processing, we offer a range of custom analytics software services to our clients.

  5. Google Analytics and Reporting Solutions

    Google Analytics and Reporting Solutions

    As a web analytics outsourcing company in the Philippines, we provide our customers with a wide range of Google Analytics services. Google Analytics is the most popular analytics software due to its easy integration into any website. Using this supremely competent tool in the right way can prove instrumental in taking your business to a new level. However, only installing it into your web server may not do the magic. It is the core understanding of its functionalities and how its features can be customized in the relevance of your marketing needs is what will do the trick. Therefore, we offer the following professional Google Analytics services to help you make optimum use of this tool -

    • Website Statistics and General Reports which primarily helps in tracking visitor interaction and data analysis.
    • Advanced Analytics Solutions that are relevant for high-traffic websites like e-commerce sites.
    • Customization of Google Analytics which may include flash tracking and custom GA codes.
    • Site Optimization and Testing which covers continuous testing and optimization through various testing methods.
  6. Setting and Configuration of Analytics Software

    Setting and Configuration of Analytics Software

    Careful integration and implementation of web analytics software are imperative for it to give accurate results and generate reliable reports. Our experienced team members ensure that they first understand the distinct needs of every business and then customize and configure web analytics tools for your website marketing goals and analytics requirements.

  7. Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing

    The elementary force driving the customers to websites are search engines. Therefore, for optimal utilization, one needs a strong sense of search engine marketing techniques and strategies. Having experienced and leveraged the power of search engine optimization for over two decades now, we are seasoned enough to provide you with 360° SEM solutions. We cover services like website optimization, SEO, paid search or pay per click services, email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing solutions to all types of enterprises.

How Do We Conduct Web Analytics Services?

We follow a comprehensive process to ensure that the project lifecycle is completed swiftly, transparently, and successfully. Our process involves the following steps -


Understanding the project needs and developing a framework to measure performance


Allotment of a team of experts headed by a Project Manager. The team may include varied specialized experts as per the project needs


Examination of the existing analytics tools if any and suggesting updates, customizations, or migration as per its performance


Carrying out web analysis using popular tools or customized web analytics tools and documenting the findings


Integration of data and developing meaningful reports for clients and sharing/uploading them through a secure platform


Continuous testing and maintenance services if required by clients

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Outsource Web Analytics Services in the Philippines to Outsource2india

As a leading Philippines web analytics services company, we enjoy a high reputation amongst our clients for our superior quality of work and timely delivery. Being in the business for more than 25 years, O2I is transforming the way people do business online. Here are some differentiators that make us the most preferred choice in the market -

  • Affordable Web Analytics

    The fee structure of our web analytics solutions is pocket-friendly, making us a hit amongst small, medium, as well as large enterprises. Having a team in the Philippines allows us to get the best of outsourcing at a lower cost for our clients.

  • Strong Team

    Our team of experienced experts are our biggest strength. Our expert web analysts and data specialists are skilled in using and integrating leading web-analytics tools and building a comprehensive analysis report in order to bridge any gaps and achieve more effective lead generation.

  • Technological Expertise

    We place a high value on sound infrastructure and ensure the availability of the latest tools to our experts so that they can maximize their work potential. We have expertise in handling tools and software like Google Analytics, Omniture, Web Trends, Site Catalyst, Yahoo Web Analytics, Compete Analytics, Click Tracks, Net Insight, and more. We can build customized analytics software modules to meet your specific needs as well.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Our team of analysts provide precise and error-free answers to complex business questions. A quick assessment of reports and swift decision-making leads to quick turnaround time and helps the businesses stay ahead of their competitors. We offer solutions for conducting advanced drill-down analytics that enables our clients in finding hidden correlations and achieve better results.

  • Insightful Reports

    Another key differentiator that makes us ace the market of web analytics services in the Philippines is the way we deliver our reports. The reports that we provide are easy-to-decipher and well-structured for all business managers irrespective of their background or understanding of the technicalities of the website, thereby making our services user-friendly.

Customer Success Stories

Digital Agency Web Analytics Services

Digital Agency Web Analytics Services

We offered routine insights on client's websites and provided recommendations to make the most out of their websites and marketing activities.

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Google Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics Implementation

We created the segments - Geographical and Business Units and captured the data in Google Analytics. This enterprise-level implementation of Google Analytics enabled the client to gain greater visibility over the reach and impact of their website.

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Outsource Web Analytics Services in the Philippines to Outsource2india

If your organization is looking to make it big in its online operations, web analytics is the key requirement and O2I is undoubtedly the best web analytics services provider in the Philippines. Being an ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001:2022) certified company with a vast team of multi-domain expert analysts and guaranteed quality control, we can help your business reach wider audiences and generate better leads through accurate analysis and robust reports.

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