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In this era of Internet and digital media, website is your company's face for the outside world. It is your hardest working employee that brings in maximum revenue. Therefore, it's necessary not only to have an attractive and user-friendly website, but also analyze if it's meeting its objective, i.e. bringing in visitors. Web analytics services have becoming extremely popular due to the same reason. Outsource2india has been providing high-end Website Analytics Solutions to our customers for the past 24 years. Over the years we have grown from simple, routine reporting services to developing our own custom-built tools, to cater to the specific needs of our customers.

O2I's Business Strengths

  1. Experience in Web-Based Business Model:

    We believe in Internet as a medium to generate business, our own websites being the testimony. Our experience with analyzing and quantifying websites has helped our customers improve their business ROI. We can use this experience to transform your website into revenue generating platform.

  2. Experience in Handling Huge Volumes of Reports:

    We have the capabilities, expertise and manpower to handle any kind of work volume related to web analytics. Most of our customers are multi-billion dollar companies for whom we have been provide end-to-end website analytics services.

    One of such clients has 25 different business units, services and industry verticals. Our Website Analytics team dedicated for this customer interacts with the division managers to generate specific reports on a routine or ad-hoc basis. We are used to perform analytics for companies with huge amounts of data catering to the needs of different stakeholders' within an organization.

  3. Strong Technical Background:

    We are well-versed with the pros and cons of different website analytics tools available in the market, and use them judiciously for web analytics. If needed, we also use our proprietary website analytics tool, Nablerstats, to measure and report things valuable for your website. Our web expertise not only helps us analyze client's requirements, but also develop specific modules using our software to meet their specific needs.

Why Outsource Web Analytics Services to Outsource2india?

  • We understand Internet as a medium to acquire business, and importance of web analytics for revenue performance management
  • Our Website Analytics team comprises most skillful personnel with wide domain knowledge and multi-industry experience
  • We understand various online marketing models and how to measure their effectiveness
  • Our team is open to using any tools available in the market and, if those tools do not help in achieving the numbers we want, we build our own tools to carry in-depth web analytics
  • We conduct business analysis to understand and translate business objectives into metrics
  • We use WebTrends Enterprise version to configure and create custom dashboards, and Clicktracks to configure and create advanced labels
  • We build pre-processors to remove unwanted traffic and tools to segment traffic at the raw data level
  • We do complete site optimization along with advanced web analytics

Web analytics is evolving, with new tools and techniques developing each day. At O2I, we welcome technological innovation with open arms, and use our web analytics knowledge to provide best results to our clients. Our technical know-how, flexible work approach, timely delivery, fast results and web analytics expertise has made us the favored outsourcing company.

At O2I, we are capable of providing end-to-end website analytics services including software configuration and set-up, data auditing, dashboard creation, routine and ad-hoc reporting as well as site analysis/optimization. We have expertise in working with all popular website analytics services software like Web Trends, ClickTracks, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics and more. Additionally, we have our proprietary, in-house web analytics software, built by Nabler, which provides complete analytics to help you take significant decisions about your website.

Outsourcing website analytics services to India and convert your website into a revenue generating machine.

Contact Outsource2india now for customized, unique website analytics services that will catapult your business to the top.

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