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Search Analytics Methodology at Outsource2india

If you are an online retailer, then the importance of Search Analytics cannot be underrated. You would have different products and product categories on your website, making it difficult for visitors to find specific products on your website. It’s important to have a Search option within the website and also to analyze the results obtained from that Search option.

There are many websites that have a Search option, but do not put in the time and effort to analyze the data obtained from this. They are wasting valuable information that the visitors are willingly giving them. For example, if you are running am online cosmetics retail site, and your visitors keep searching for Herbal products on your website, it is a good enough cue for your to add those to your range of products.

But Search Analytics has to be implemented effectively for optimum results. Here are the stages that we at Outsource2india follow for implementing Search Analytics on a website.

  1. If your website does not have a Search option, then it has to be implemented at the earliest. The decision on where the Search button has to be placed is of prime importance. Should it be on the homepage, the category pages, the header or somewhere else? This decision would depend upon the navigation of your website and the products you sell

  2. If your website already has a Search option, we would analyze how the option is being implemented, and how the is being collected. Having the right technology in place, can make data Search Analytics easier on your website

  3. The next stage is to decide on the tool for Search Analytics. If you have already invested in a Web Analytics tool, then the tool has to be configured to suit your requirements. If you do not have a Web Analytics tool or if your existing tool does not allow for customization, then we can also develop tools of our own to meet your requirements

  4. Then comes the reporting. Reports can be generated daily/weekly/monthly based on your requirements. Analysis of the reports would also be done, and we can give suggestions based on these reports for optimization of the website

  5. Implementation is the most important stage of Search Analytics. The insights gained from analysis of reports have to put in action on the website immediately for optimum results. Be it putting up a new page, or modifying things on a particular page, Search Analytics can help you take the right decisions.

By outsourcing website analytics services to O2I, you can take informed decisions on your website.

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