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Pay Per Click Advertising Methodology - How PPC works

  1. Keyword Research

    The first and the most important stage in a Pay Per Click advertising campaign is keyword selection. Keywords are selected depending on their popularity and relevance to your website. Ideally it is better to start with a larger set of keywords including the more popular and the less popular. You would have to pay more for the popular keywords and that must be kept in mind while selecting keywords.

    The commonly used keyword research tools are:

    • Word Tracker
    • Overture Search Suggestion tool
    • Nichebot
    • Google keyword tool
    • Other search engine specific tools etc.

    Finding the right keyword is extremely important as your bids and spending would depend on it.

  2. PPC Engine Selection

    Contrary to popular opinion, it is not always wise to go for the best PPC engine like Google Adwords or Overture. Although they have their own advantages of high traffic, when it comes to selection of a PPC engine it is sensible to choose the second best to prevent the risk of spending too much with no desired results. The bids for same keywords would be high on popular PPC engines and comparatively lower on second tier PPC engines.

    PPC engines are selected depending on their popularity and campaign budget. Presently, we work with all the common PPC engines like Google, Overture, Enhance, Goclick, Miva, Searchfeed, 7search etc. Signing up could be done by the customer, or by us if sufficient details are provided.

  3. Creating Ads

    Catchy pay per click advertising is the key to grabbing customer attention. A PPC ad copy consists of:

    • Title
    • Description
    • URL
  4. All PPC engines have specified limits on the characters allowed in an ad copy. We make sure the ad copy is creative, catchy and compliant with the rules and regulations of the various PPC engines and they go live after customer approval.

  5. Ad submission to PPC engine

    With your approval we submit the ads and keywords to the selected PPC engine. The ad listings can be submitted through two methods.

    • Manual Submission: The ads are submitted serially with limited number of ad listings and keywords.
    • Bulk Submission: With a larger set of keywords, individual submission is time consuming. In this case, most of the PPC engines provide an excel sheet format in which all the details can be filled in and uploaded.

    We are familiar with both submission methods and can ensure smooth and fast submission.

  6. Setting Cost Per Click and daily budgets

    After the submission of ads, it is time to set a daily budget and allot bids to the keywords. Keyword bids are set depending on rival advertiser bids. It also depends on how much you are willing to pay per click. The budget and bids can be changed periodically for better results.

  7. Continuous monitoring and reporting

    Setting up the campaign is not the end of the pay per click advertising campaign, it is just the beginning. Reports have to be generated and monitored on a regular basis. The reports could be from the PPC engines itself or from other software like Counter Central or Google Analytics. Based on these reports, required modifications are made to the campaigns.

  8. Testing

    This is the final stage of the pay per click advertising campaign. The testing stage involves varying the landing pages, keywords and ad copy regularly in order to get optimum results.

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