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Network Penetration Testing Services

Outsource Network Penetration Testing Services

Identify your critical vulnerabilities and configuration and strengthen your network security by choosing our team's services at prices starting at just $20 an hour

Network security is no more a simple buzzword. There is a hacker attack happening every 39s in the United States, with 43% of these cyber-attacks targeting small businesses. In 2020 alone, the global average cost of a data breach amounted up to $3.9 million across global SMBs.

This is the terrifying reality of conducting business online in today's world, and therefore as an organization, you need to do everything you can to protect your cyber assets and customer information.

O2I's penetration testing allows you to strengthen asset security by finding out critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout your network architecture and security systems. This, in turn, enhances your network security measures, reduces risk, improves efficiency, facilitates compliance, and more importantly, enhances customer trust.

Network Penetration Testing Services We Offer

Network security will always remain an ongoing task - and penetration testing by extension - needs to evolve as quickly as the technology being leveraged by hackers. Our holistic approach towards penetration testing goes beyond standard vulnerability analysis and helps you identify every single vulnerability right down to a line of code. Our network penetration testing services include -

  1. External Network Penetration Assessment

    External Network Penetration Assessment

    External perimeter networks are usually extremely vulnerable and most organizations tend to ignore them. Our services include in-depth external testing to identify significant vulnerabilities in your software or cloud architecture as well as servers accessible from the internet.

  2. Internal Network Penetration Assessment

    Internal Network Penetration Assessment

    Our network testing engineers approach the process with the mindset of an external hacker looking for the most obvious, and thereafter the not-so-obvious loopholes within your architecture. We leverage a variety of proprietary tools to try and uncover secure user information, sensitive assets, credentials, and more.

  3. Wireless Network Penetration Testing

    Wireless Network Penetration Testing

    Wireless-based networks are omnipresent today and pose the highest security risk by remaining susceptible to multiple types of attacks. As your chosen network penetration testing service provider, we test the entire range of wireless networks to figure out potential vulnerabilities. This includes extreme tests to check for ‘Wireless Bleeding,' to lock in distances within which a potential attacker cannot pick up your wireless signal.

Testing Process We Follow at O2I

We begin by formulating a series of primary and secondary tasks which depend on the type of client requirement. Our process consists of the following steps -


01. Determining the Scope

We communicate with your internal security team to work on an operating environment that suits both teams. Thereafter, we pen down the scope of the penetration testing while keeping in mind your requests and the variables at hand


02. Information Gathering

Our team of network penetration testers collects as much information as they can leveraging a variety of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools and process methodologies. By gathering all this data, we can understand the operating conditions within which your organizational processes are established


03. Vulnerability Scanning and Security Enumeration

During this phase, we leverage a variety of automated proprietary tools, penetration scripts, and other cutting-edge information-gathering methods


04. Systemized Attack and Penetration Tests

After the rounds of preparation, we turn our focus on finding network vulnerabilities. Our engineers begin the work by conceptualizing attack vectors in a simulation environment while preserving the overall integrity of your network


05. Penetration Test Reporting and Documentation

Proper reporting is essential to the success of any penetration assessment, as it provides the necessary documentation in a concise manner which can then be digested by the management as well as the security vendors


06. Remediation Testing

As an additional service based upon your requirement, we conduct a thorough assessment after your organization has got time to patch the marked-out vulnerabilities. We retrace our steps to ensure all changes were implemented as per the directives and requirements

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Why Do You Need A Network Penetration Test?

With O2I, you get in the right position to enhance your safeguards against security risks, reduce overall chances of getting attacked, facilitate compliance with regulation and improve your overall operational efficiency. Some of the key advantages of network penetration testing include -

  1. Reveal Critical Vulnerabilities

    With the help of network penetration testing, we can determine existing weaknesses in your system and applications which are critical to the overall infrastructure. Our reports further inform you of all the security vulnerabilities in a manner that allow you to take pre-emptive measures to shore up your defenses.

  2. Showcase Risks Involved

    Our penetration testers exploit identified as well as unidentified vulnerabilities in your network, allowing you to visualize in real-time what an attacker could do in a real-world scenario.

  3. Test Existing Capabilities

    We can quantify your ability to detect attacks and respond adequately to the same. Your intrusion detection gets smarter, your investigations faster, and intrusion detection also becomes fortified. Our services have a direct impact on bettering your existing intruder detection infrastructure and lead to enhanced defenses.

  4. Retain Proper Business Continuity

    As a business, you need to ensure your operations are up-and-running constantly, which means better networks, 24/7 communication availability, and all-time access to important resources. A disruption can have major adversarial effects on your business, and our penetration tests reveal all such threats to ensure your business never suffers.

  5. Remain Compliant with Regulations

    Most industries need proper legal compliance and their intrusion detection systems need to follow certain regulatory directives. This is especially true for multinational companies. With our help, you can remain forever compliant while ensuring better security for your network infrastructure.

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We thank Outsource2india for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

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Outsource Network Penetration Testing Services to O2I

At O2I, we leverage our entire suite of proprietary network penetration testing processes and tools for enhanced threat intelligence. With us, you can gain sustained insight into attacker patterns that try to gain unauthorized access to your network environment. Our team of crack elite network testers empowers your organization to secure existing defenses and implement new ones while enhancing your security posture.

Consult our team of testing experts right now and overcome safety, security, and client retention challenges.

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