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DevOps Software Development Services

Outsource DevOps Services

DevOps development is ideal when you need professionals for containerization, server support, & virtualization. Outsource today at just $20/hour

DevOps is the combination of development philosophies, time-bound practices, and tools that enable an organization to develop and deliver applications and other services in a fast-paced manner. At the same time, it ensures that the products themselves keep improving over time, ensuring their customers always feel better served. So, Outsource DevOps software development services today to shorten the distance to your goal.

In today's competitive business landscape, O2I's DevOps software development services allow organizations to plug the widening gap between software development, IT operations, and quality assurance. We help to improve your inter-departmental collaboration and overall process efficiency, thereby helping you build a better operational and quality footprint to take on your competition. Our services leverage all the positives of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and ML-based process optimizations to speed up the development process while ensuring better quality throughput at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Our DevOps Software Development Services

With 25 years of presence in the software development industry across multiple verticals, O2I is well-positioned to offer custom DevOps solutions to businesses around the globe. If you want to find the right balance between swift incremental releases of your product while ensuring a stable system throughout, our DevOps software development services in India are ideal for you. Outsource DevOps software development services to us and get these solutions -

  1. DevOps Assessment

    DevOps Assessment

    Our team of DevOps software developers scrutinize your existing business processes and quantify the DevOps readiness within your organization. This is done through a series of in-depth assessments into your IT infrastructure and other support structures to ensure your organization is prepared for a DevOps shift in the way you conduct processes. Thereafter, we provide an entire DevOps roadmap for the implementation which leverages several of our DevOps automation tools which ensure best practices are followed during implementation and all areas which were underperforming see a functional improvement under our guidance.

  2. DevOps Management

    DevOps Management

    When you outsource DevOps solutions to O2I, we ensure all your requirements are met whatever vertical you currently function in. Our DevOps management process is designed from the ground-up to ensure all your requirements are met while maximizing collaboration and functionality. This end-to-end management process ensures you get on the fast-track towards DevOps processes including all relevant performance optimizations and delivery pipeline optimizations.

  3. DevOps Release Management

    DevOps Release Management

    Outsourcing DevOps software development services simplifies things from planning and delivery to everything in between. We ensure the release date of your product never gets delayed and proper accountability is maintained throughout verticals. Our DevOps software development services ensure 100% adherence to regulatory guidelines while ensuring you have complete control over every single deployment.

  4. DevOps Automation

    DevOps Automation

    We offer an exhaustive list of DevOps Automation services which are ideal for companies looking to manage the entire product lifecycle with DevOps-optimized services. This includes deploying automation measures for a continuous and streamlined development, as well as continuous testing, integration, and delivery. Our automation measures equip your business environment with production features which reduce costs associated with development while eliminating other delays.

  5. DevOps Integration

    DevOps Integration

    With DevOps software development for your business, we bring in a host of lean methodologies to your existing processes. This, in turn, reduces manual hand-offs between product development and operations, thereby reaching faster to the customers while retaining maximum quality. Our DevOps integration services involve building proprietary integration platforms that ensure different tools used by different teams all follow the same objective.

  6. DevOps Configuration Management

    DevOps Configuration Management

    As your chosen DevOps software development company, we provide you access to an extensive set of tools that allow you to detect issues faster and move towards a more agile operative procedure, thereby ensuring the quality of your services remains unmatched.

  7. Continuous Integration and Deployment

    Continuous Integration and Deployment

    Our DevOps software development services ensure continuous integration and delivery of services. This promotes a better quality of build, test, and release code, tracked through existing software such as Jenkins or Bluemix.

  8. DevOps PaaS (Platform-As-A-Service)

    DevOps PaaS

    We are one of the few companies out there who offer DevOps as a service to clients across the globe. We leverage our efficiencies in cloud computing to provide our unique DevOps software development services to include your operational strategies such as planning, execution, and delivery of managed services.

DevOps Implementation Process We Follow

Our team of DevOps specialists includes eminent consultants, developers, and operation management professionals who work together to implement DevOps processes within your premises without any downturn. Our process consists of the following steps -


01. Business Planning

Once a client approaches us for DevOps Planning, we sit down with their managers to understand the organizational goals, process and operational structure, and project roadmap durations. We also glean whatever information we can about processes that you consider are slowing down your organization. Thereafter we try and identify the approach, deployment requirements, and necessary technologies that would help us find the ideal solution for your business needs


02. Development

We start with the development process by assimilating the codebase and by creating multiple pipelines that are essential for deployment. All your requirements are kept in mind in order to ensure everything works within your existing structure, thereby allowing for a better overall development process


03. Continuous Testing

We emphasize on testing every solution that we develop so as to catch all performance-related glitches or bugs. We perform testing procedures on the solution at various stages to deliver functionality and features as per your organizational requirements


04. Product Deployment

Once we are satisfied with the final product quality, we deploy the final solution into the production environment of the client. Thereafter all permissions are granted to a select set of users who perform the initial testing


05. Monitoring

Once the deployment is complete, we regularly monitor the application and related processes for performance metrics. During this phase, we also release scheduled updates to round-up the feature list and make it feature-rich. We also add provisions for future updates which can help you scale accordingly


06. Feedback and Optimization

Based on the feedback from the client during this pre-defined phase, we enhance the performance of the solution developed while ensuring all functionality remains the same. This continuous process allows your business to keep pace with the latest modern developments, further ensuring streamlined operational processes

Benefits of our DevOps Software Development Services

Over the years, our DevOps consulting has ensured that our clients always achieve better integration and development, better build and code quality, and faster time to market. Some of the many benefits of outsourcing DevOps development to us include -

  • Business Benefits

    • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention
    • Better business efficiency
    • Reduced cost over time
    • Enhanced business agility
    • Vastly improved response times
    • Better alignment with business goals
    • Better employee productivity
    • Increased satisfaction
  • Operational Benefits

    • Regular delivery of new updates and features
    • Enhanced release control
    • Proper versions for all beta and alpha channels
    • High speed of development
    • A better time to action
    • Enhanced collaboration
    • Better IT productivity and costs
    • Automated processes
    • Enhanced resource management

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource DevOps Software Development to Outsource2india?

At O2I, we have always stressed on automation, collaboration, communication, and integration to be the 4 pillars of our DevOps software development program. By ensuring agile delivery channels and removing existing bottlenecks in the process, we can ensure quick delivery and faster time to market. Some of the main reasons why our clients regularly choose O2I include -

  • Cost-effective Rates

    Our rock-bottom rates are some of the best you can ask for. Get DevOps software development services from us at affordable rates that sit right under your budget.

  • Expert Team

    A strong team consisting of experienced developers, consultants and individual project managers with multiple projects under their belts, ensuring all your requirements are met with the utmost amount of professionalism.

  • Single PoC for all Requirements

    A whole host of DevOps automation and ancillary processes for software and product development, software testing, product deployment, monitoring, etc. are provided with the help of the same teams, ensuring significant cohesiveness in the project and operational flexibility.

  • Wholesome Execution

    Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous testing means your company always benefits from our DevOps software development services.

  • Specialized Toolsets

    Our team of DevOps consultants and developers are familiar with the most common and several proprietary DevOps tools such as Docker DevOps, Chef DevOps, and Puppet DevOps.

  • Agile Operational Process

    Our Agile processes can swiftly react to changing market patterns while also keeping new customer demands in mind. This ensures you are always bettering your product delivery timelines while sticking to the basics and giving customers what they need.

  • Faster Development

    With our help, clients can achieve 40% faster development times for all their custom software products thereby directly affecting their bottom-line and market readiness. This further ensures a significant uptick in your ROI, as you scale and create new software solutions without being bogged down by insecurities in your operational structure.

  • Security and Confidentiality

    Significant measures are taken to ensure all client material is treated with the highest levels of confidentiality. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company, you can rest assured that the NDAs we sign are binding agreements and allow our clients to work more freely with us.

  • Scalability

    With our help, you can manage and operate your infrastructure and development processes at a scale that fits your requirements. By bringing in automation and operational consistency, we help you manage all your systems efficiently while minimizing the risks involved.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    When you partner with ISO 9001:2015 certified provider like us, we help you create more effective employees who lay importance on values such as ownership and accountability. DevOps inherently ensures your developers and operations work together while sharing their responsibilities and combining their project workflows for better acceptance.

Client Success Story

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Outsource DevOps Software Development to Outsource2india


We thank Outsource2india for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

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At O2I, the DevOps model we rely on changes based on the requirements of our clients, but we also effectively ensure that every single time, the model we deploy leads to significant process and operational improvements for our clients. By automating manual tasks and helping you achieve complex development environments at any scale on mobile apps, we help you move towards profitability while keeping your competition at bay.

To know more about how we can help you make the best out of DevOps practices, contact us now!

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