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Microservices Architecture Services

Outsource Microservices Architecture Services

Our microservice services are designed to make application development loosely coupled and independently deployable, maintainable, and testable. Prices start at $20/hour

Microservice architecture is the process of developing software by breaking logical domains into smaller and independent services. It involves breaking down monolithic applications into smaller components so that businesses can get connected to a variety of environments quickly and seamlessly. The biggest advantage of breaking down a monolith part is acquiring the ability to update/interchange particular component layers without deploying the complete code base.

Outsource2india is a leading microservices architecture service providing company. We make solutions more flexible to keep pace with today's technologies. Our clients bank on our microservice architecture design, testing, deployment, and monitoring solutions to make environments consistent across systems, build a separate version control strategy for each service, and include backward endpoints for service endpoints.

Our Microservice Architecture Services

As a specialized microservices architecture company, we offer a range of services to our clients. These include -

  1. Microservice Architecture Building

    Microservice Architecture Building

    We bank on expertise and best practices for delivering microservice architecture building services to our clients. We have a track record of building the best microservice architecture because we differentiate microservices from business services and functions.

  2. Microservices Testing

    Microservices Testing

    Since developing distributed systems entails a lot of complexities, we make sure it becomes less complex with end-to-end testing services. As a practice, we carry out every service independently making sure modules are properly tested for ensuring seamless interconnection.

  3. Microservices Monitoring

    Microservices Monitoring

    As a leading microservices architecture service provider, we assist you in effectively monitoring and getting important insights across all your distributed systems. We help you get all your monitored data in one stack.

  4. Microsoft Architecture Deployment

    Microsoft Architecture Deployment

    We follow the best practices to deploy microservice architectures successfully. Some of these include designing cloud services for production infrastructure, designing to accommodate different types of server failures, decentralizing data management to prevent disruptions, creating a culture with minimum restrictive processes, etc.

  5. Microsoft Architecture Consulting

    Microsoft Architecture Consulting

    Our consulting services are designed towards providing the right microservice architecture building, testing, and implementation strategy. We deliver the services keeping in mind the need to create an agile enterprise.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Microservices Architecture Services to Outsource2india?

As an expert microservice architecture providing company, we offer a range of benefits to our clients. Some of these include -

  • Expert Services with Experience

    We are driven by a team of experts with experience in microservice and Azure architecture services for large and mid-size companies.

  • Powerful Frameworks for Custom-built Microservices

    We specialize in leveraging the best frameworks, including Eclipse Vert, GoMirco (Golang microservices framework), Oracle Helidon Microservices, and Molecular (NodeJS Microservices framework).

  • Understanding Compliance Needs

    As coupling and integrations are driven by several compliance challenges, our microservice architecture design services consider all sorts of measures to ensure industry compliance.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Developed a Secure a Data Analytics App by Incorporating Power BI

O2I Developed a Secure a Data Analytics App by Incorporating Power BI

We developed a secure data analysis app by integrating the Power BI platform for a top logistics provider.

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O2I Developed a Secure Video Editing App for an App Distributor

A leading app distributor required a secure video editing app to sell to its customers. Our software developers created a custom video editing app within a quick turnaround time.

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Why Outsource Microservice Architecture Services to Outsource2india?

As a reputed microservice architecture company, Outsource2india has wide experience in meeting a range of microservice requirements. These include microservices design patterns, microservices development, microservices-based architecture, AWS microservices architecture, eCommerce microservices architecture, and so on. Our clients depend on our vast exposure to meet the ever-increasing need for innovation to reduce complexity and costs.

If you are looking for specialized microservices architecture services in India, get in touch with us now.

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