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Outsource e-Learning Mobile Application Development

e-Learning Mobile Application Development

Mobiles and tablets have cemented an irrevocable place in our day-to-day life, with mobile applications being used for browsing, location tracing, interacting, gaming, and learning. Therefore, it has become necessary for online application developers working in the e-Learning domain to develop applications for mobile platforms as well.

In case you are trying to learn something new, but don't have the time or capacity to learn it like a regular course, or O2I's e-Learning solutions for mobile platforms can save your day.

With e-Learning Mobile Application Development modules from O2I, your staff can e-learn irrespective of their location or time variations. m-learning or e-Learning is a great way for busy professionals to get knowledge and training on-the-move.

O2I Recommends e-Learning Mobile Application Development- But Why?

Here are the few reasons why we recommend in creating e-Learning apps for mobile applications -

  1. Portability

    Nothing can beat a mobile device for portability, and its basic calling utility makes it a must have for every user. Mobiles with Internet connectivity empower easier learning and accessibility to the users. With lots of smart phones around, outsourcing mobile apps development that enables e-Learning makes sense. Our e-Learning modules that can be used on mobile applications will help your employees e-learn while traveling or whenever they have few moments to spare.

  2. Ease-Of-Use

    e-Learning and m-Learning are great models in terms of usability that bring all data at your fingertips, without the need to stay at your system. It makes learning as simple as listening to mp3 songs on your mobiles. And, if the e-Learning content is designed and developed in a simple way, it makes learning even more engaging and fun.

  3. Technological Growth

    With telecommunications and mobile technology growing at a frantic pace and the kind of novelty and features it offers, mobile platform has become an unavoidable part of delivering software services to the users. Moreover, people are becoming highly tech-savvy and download all kinds of applications on their mobiles for different activities. Adding an e-Learning app for mobile application services will therefore be easy and fun.

  4. Wide-Spread User Base

    The penetration of mobile phones across geographies is what makes it highly important platform to deliver any service. As per the reports, it's widely forecasted that mobile devices will overtake desktops in Internet access by 2015.

  5. Personalized e-Learning

    As mobile phones are personal gadgets, learning on mobile makes the whole process exclusively personal. Highly customized training programs can be delivered dynamically based on user preferences, and learning goals. This leads to greater usage and effectiveness of the entire e-Learning process.

Mobile e-Learning Applications from O2I

Let's have a look at the e-Learning apps that can be created for your mobile applications -

  1. Learning Apps

    We can develop custom e-Learning applications for your mobile users, which will make your learning system complete and always at the disposal of your users.

  2. Mobile LMS

    We can design a robust learning management system as per your varied requirements so that you get to deliver a great learning environment for your users. You can use this system to launch various e-Learning applications and get the maximum out of your initiatives.

  3. Simulation Games

    Mobile and games go hand-in-hand. As games are a naturally engaging, they make learning all more fun. At O2I, we develop highly engaging online simulation games based on your requirements.

  4. Mobile Assessment Apps

    You can conduct assessment through the Mobile LMS or other applications and give your users a feedback on their progress instantly. This can make a lot of difference to the whole learning experience by making it extremely interactive.

  5. Customizing Existing Apps

    At O2I we help you customize your existing mobile learning or open source mobile e-Learning apps to suit your requirements. This gives you quick and easy solution for your m-Learning needs.

  6. Services Using Authoring Tools

    Our expertise with using various e-Learning authoring tools makes the whole mobile e-Learning application development and customization process extremely specific and relevant for your organization. Our experience and use of tried and tested tools helps us develop robust applications that are easier to customize and expand in future.

Outsource Your e-Learning Mobile Application Development to O2I

With a team of mobile application development experts, we at Outsource2india understand your diverse mobile e-Learning needs. We have the expertise and resources to develop applications across major mobile platforms including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows, etc., to give that extra edge to your business.

Outsource mobile apps e-Learning development to India, and save on your time and cost, without compromising on the quality.

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