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Outsource Product Demos & Simulations

e-Learning Product Demo Simulations

Are you in the business of providing software solutions? Can your products speak for themselves? Do you wish you could save more on sales & marketing overheads and invest your money in product research, development and training technical support?

Why use product demos?

Product demonstrations allow presentation of ideas, concepts and products in the form of audiovisuals, animations & interactive multimedia simulations. Demos create a 'touch and feel' experience, giving the customers a taste of the 'real thing', making them relate better with the product.

Online demonstration of products can help reduce real costs and eliminate opportunity costs. By virtue of their accessibility, online demonstrations have a very wide reach and can provide instant customer feedback.

How can demo solutions from O2I put your company on a fast growth track?

Our dedicated team of visual & instructional designers, animators, content developers and software engineers can provide you with innovative and customized product demo solutions to suit your requirements & objectives.

Use product demos to improve your sales & marketing

In an era of mass customization, a product demo is a perfect medium to express your unique differentiation, which will ultimately influence buying decisions. A concise, self-running, intelligent demo can excite and motivate your customers towards a favorable decision.

  • Outsource2india can create realistic, dynamic product demonstrations featuring your product highlights
  • Based on inputs from your team, we will build a design and user interface that is intuitive while being sophisticated
  • Our product demos can help you streamline and shorten your sales cycle

Use product demos for e-Learning

Tutorials and user manuals in the form of simulations enable users to set up an application and receive guidance for troubleshooting. Simulations can also be used as e-Learning modules for training sales personnel & customer service teams. Training can be conducted online, over the web/intranet, or as online seminars without re-locating people, thus increasing efficiency, reducing training costs and time.

  • O2I can create engaging and effective training modules that are interactive and can be distributed to large audiences
  • O2I can integrate new modules with other e-Learning applications
  • O2I can build attendance & scoring features, quiz templates and more
  • O2I can provide customized controls and menus for regular and advanced modules

Use product demos to train customer service & technical support

New product demos and trouble-shooting demos can come in handy not only for customers, but also for training new employees or getting existing employees up to speed with new aspects.

Outsource2india can assist you by -

  • Creating visual modules and 'how to' tutorials for customer service and technical support staff. A good online help service allows users to go through basic, repetitive issues easily and lets the support staff spend more time solving complex support issues.
  • Formulating self-service support modules - dynamic technical simulations & tutorials for 24-hour customer support, reducing costs on expensive one-to-one contact.
  • Preparing effective training modules - creating new product demos, tutorials for training customer support staff.

Who can benefit from product demos?

Demos and simulations can provide product based and e-Learning solutions across a sector of industries -

  • Finance - Banking & Insurance
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Communications - IT & Telecom
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Professional Services
  • Distance Education, Virtual Schools, Online Universities
  • Government, Defense
  • NGOs

Customized Solutions for your Needs

All our demos and simulations are created based on an understanding of your objectives, using Macromedia Captivate. They are creative, innovative, compelling without being irksome. Our demos constitute interactive product exploration sections that can create real application environments.

O2I can localize demos in more than one language, helping you reduce your marketing costs and facilitating your entry into newer markets.

O2I can also convert your product demo into 3D, to make it more interactive and realistic. Please read our animation section for more details.

O2I can publish demos, simulations, and tutorials for you in a variety of formats (web, CDROM, DVD, online transmissions), depending on your specific needs. Our rich media projects are so created that they can be accessed by over 98% of web users. Our content is rich in resolution, while it retains a small file size so that it can be streamed easily over the Internet and transmitted over e-mail.

O2I uses only the best software (Macromedia Captivate) to maximize the effectiveness of the demos & simulations. Contact us for information on how you can use product demonstrations and e-Learning solutions effectively for your company's growth.

Outsource your Product Demo Development to O2I

If you are considering outsourcing your product demo development, why not consider India? We will create interactive demos using the principles of instructional design.

If any of our services match your requirements, please contact Outsource2india and we will get in touch with you immediately. If you would just like to know more about our services, we will be glad to assist you.

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