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Outsource IoT As A Service

IoT as a Service

Interconnected devices are projected to pass 50 billion by 2020. Innovative companies utilize such information potential in Internet of Things as a service (IoTaaS) technology that senses information to create better products for that satisfies customers. Yet the complex handling of IoT's fusion technologies leaves enterprises without in-house expertise or software to make IoT a profitable and worthwhile investment. IoT requires expertise in enabling smart sensors to observe, learn, and make decisions to produce limitless market opportunities.

Outsource2india specializes in the IoTaaS platform and our offsite IoT development services are exceptionally furnished to assist your company in deploying IoT to expand insight, enhance satisfaction of customers, and promote efficiency. When you delegate development services to Outsource2india, we will reveal how IoTasS can develop growth and success for your business that saves costs and resources.

Exhaustive IoTaaS Development Services We Offer

Our IoT development services in India leverage widespread interconnected devices to enhance products that retain connectivity, convert data, and supervise them constantly. To maximize the creation of value to your business that captivates and reassures customers, O2I concentrates our expertise to provide comprehensive IoT services such as -

Hardware Blueprint and Development  

01. Hardware Blueprint and Development

  • Testing as a Service (TaaS) administers automated application testing services, with access to entire resources and MOTT libraries via the cloud
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) interprets the dispersed message-based systems, databases, and applications to arrive at real time or near-real time deductions
Firmware Blueprint & Development  

02. Firmware Blueprint and Development

  • Python, JavaScript, C/C++
  • Power management through sleep/deep sleep modes
  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) that provide real-time analytics
  • Plug-and-play protocols from MQTT, HTTP, CoAP libraries
  • Interfaces with cloud APIs and protocol stack
Data Transfer Blueprints & Development  

03. Data Transfer Blueprints and Development

  • Connectivity through Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, LoRaWAN, LoRa
  • Device tracking, counting, and discovering appliances
Back-end Development  

04. Back-end Development

  • Includes actuation and analytics from our expert developers in server architecture
  • Stream processing through Storm, Flink, Samza
  • TaaS includes automated regression checks, performance checks, security checks, and testing of cloud-based applications
Middleware Development  

05. Middleware Development

  • Our middleware software solutions seamlessly connect various end systems, completed data transformations and applies business logic
  • Diversifies and automates complex business settings that enable error, monitoring, and re-try processes
  • We specialize in EAP, Kaa and OpenHab to maintain a reliable platform for your enterprise
  • Industrial Internet of Things Services (IIoT) presents opportunities in optimization, intelligent manufacturing, automation, and industrial control
Cloud Infusions  

06. Cloud Infusions

  • Interaction host for devices allow for easy access for remote monitoring and control
  • Permits storage, access, and management of information in the most efficient manner
Mobile App Development  

07. Mobile App Development

  • Expertise in developing and integrating UI to cross-platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Development rooted in Bootstrap, AngularJS, or D3.js frameworks
  • Incorporate notifications, analytics, logging and company's services into applications that are flexible and able to sustain large loads of information
  • Experience in Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) manages API's to provide a smooth running mobile platform

Advantages of the IoTaaS Model

IoTaaS is revolutionizing the way solutions and connectivity are dispatched that facilitate exponential growth across industries. This rise of IoT applications is foremost due to the advantages IoTaaS offers, such as -

  • Efficiency - By using a IoTaaS application, companies can tap into the analytics of key devices that serves to make every action purposely and productive
  • Automation - Our IoTaaS platform allows you to automate any device you want and free up your teams to pursue new business possibilities
  • Customer-centricity - All the information gathered through IoTaaS is to help companies craft a stronger interaction with your customers
  • Lower operational costs - Instead of paying for the entire software, users only pay for what they need and delegate the IoTaaS software upkeep to your service provider
  • Customizable systems - The IoTaaS system will run depending on specific objectives
  • Accessibility - IoTaaS functions very appropriately for business who need to access their IoTaaS application anytime, anywhere

Industries / Verticals We Serve

The incorporation of a IoTaaS model has been widespread and diverse. With interoperability being more recognized by different industries, it is important to take advantage of this emerging technology. Some of the industries/sectors currently benefiting from O2I's IoTaaS model include -

Transport Transport
Utilities Utilities
Healthcare Healthcare
Smart Homes Smart Homes
Retail Retail
Agriculture Agriculture
Energy Energy
Manufacturing Manufacturing

Why Should You Outsource IOTaaS to O2I?

O2I has over 25 years of software development experience that will advance your unique business goals. Outsourcing IoTaaS development services will yield benefits, some of which are listed below -

  • Quality - Our team of software engineers prioritize integrating only the best IoTaaS technology for your unique objectives
  • Stability - We pay detailed attention to every aspect of our IoT framework to make the entire system operate effortlessly
  • Adaptability - We have the ability to adapt our IoT framework to your specific industry and unique business needs
  • Information Security - Our IoT framework ensures security through data encryption, data storage in local and remote clouds, and identity and authorization requirements for handling of data. Our security measures prevent unauthorized uses of information from the systems and instruments
  • Fusion with Company's Systems - Our IoT framework is compatible with corporate IT solutions (ERP, MES, WMS, delivery management systems, etc.)
  • Infrastructure - We make sure to use only the most cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to deliver excellent service
  • Skilled Team - Our team of trained software engineers understands the complexities of IoTaaS technology and analytics to provide inventive and pioneering solutions
  • Scalable IoT Systems - O2I's tools and meticulous monitoring are streamlined in order to promote consistency in our servers and match an increasing demand if need be. Our scalable IoT systems ensure that communication from the cloud and mobile devices is smooth and asynchronous
  • Flexible Pricing Structure - Our services are cost-effective and if required, we can also create a custom pricing structure to meet client needs

Outsource IoTaaS Development Services to O2I

Outsource2india's extensive experience has been foundational to our success in delivering quality IoTaaS development services to companies in various industry sectors. The breadth of our knowledge and management understanding prepares us to assist you in all of your IoTaaS development needs.

Outsourcing IoT development services solves your company's need for a unique platform to connect and develop emerging market opportunities. IoTaaS presents a complete alternative to formulate better products and services for your customers. Not only will you be able to act proactively, you will mitigate unnecessary costs, actions, and campaigns that are not productive or imperative. Read our well-researched article on top 8 predictions for IoT in 2020.

If you are looking for a reliable and outstanding IoT service provider with vast software development experience, then reach out to Outsource2india and learn more about our cost-effective and quality ensured solutions!

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