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Top 20 Technology Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Top Technology Trends for 2018

Technological advancements have solved so many pressing issues and continues to do so. We are all surrounded by technology, and it certainly has changed our daily lives drastically making it easier, better, and hassle-free. Technology has shouldered not only the responsibility to make things better but tackle some of major challenges faced globally.

Today, we are surrounded by smart devices. These technological wonders continue to get better with every passing day. Devices are getting smarter and we are in need of better platforms and architectures to efficiently support the digital transformation. To optimally take advantage of the technology and to contribute, it is always good to be updated with the latest trends and predictions in this field.

20 Technology Trends That Will Rule the Roost in 2018 and Beyond

It is always good that companies are updated with the latest trends in the industry and take business decisions based on these. To make things easy, we have listed some of the latest technology trends which will prevail in 2018 and beyond -

  1. The Device Mesh to Be Used on Different Devices

    The device mesh goes beyond the desktop computer and mobile devices to cover a wide range of devices, appliances, and interfaces with which humans interact with. As the device mesh increases in size, there will be more number of interactions among them. There will be a significant development in wearable technology and augmented reality, all of which will be connected with IoT devices in a seamless, interconnected mesh.

  2. Ambient User Experience to Boom

    All our device interactions can be easily synchronized into a continuous and ambient digital experience that stores all our experiences across different devices, time, and space. Such personalized experiences uses real-time information which are contextual and change when the surrounding environment changes.

  3. Information of Everything to Be Available

    Every technology around us is making, using, and communicating with virtually immeasurable amounts of data. Therefore, it is important that companies understand which information can be used strategically, how different types of data can be accessed from sources, and understand how various algorithms use information of everything.

  4. Autonomous Machines to Rise

    Robots, autonomous vehicles, smart advisors, virtual personal assistants, etc. are the results of some smart machine implementations which are on the rise due to advanced machine learning. Such autonomous agents will soon become the main user interface with which humans interact and feed into the ambient user experience.

  5. Advanced and Improved System Architecture to Be Used

    The smart machines and the vast digital mesh around us needs complex computing architecture to make them compatible and easy-to-use for organizations. This added boost will be possible only with highly efficient neuromorphic architectures. Neural architectures are already powering super computers around the world, and the time is not far away before they become more commonplace.

  6. IoT Architecture and Platforms to Flourish

    The standards and technologies used in an IoT platform form the basis for communicating, managing, controlling, and securing endpoints in IoT. IoT platforms exist behind the service architecture and the mesh app, thereby allowing third-party apps to connect and communicate efficiently.

  7. Advanced Machine Learning to Boom

    Advanced machine learning is what makes smart devices appear to be intelligent in the real world. It makes the devices understand the concepts and also learn them. The behavior of a smart device can change in future with machine learning and this field is evolving very quickly and businesses need to take this into consideration to gain competitive advantage. Google Assistant launched just this year, aims to achieve this and much more.

  8. Adaptive Security Architecture to be Used

    With increasing developments in the hacking industry and the complexities of digital business, the threat of a security breach for any organization is also increasing at a rapid pace. The leaders in IT therefore must also pay attention to such threats and find new ways to block such attacks.

  9. Mesh App and Service Architecture to be Introduced

    The service architecture and mesh apps work together to deliver the app in a dynamic and flexible digital mesh environment. This architecture will serve the user's requirement as they change with time. This mesh also integrates various device elements to provide a smooth digital experience.

  10. 3D Printing Materials to Increase

    We will continue to see a rapid advancement in the field of 3D printing materials including carbon fiber, electronics, glass, nickel alloys, pharmaceuticals, and biological materials. The fields it will serve are also diverse which include aerospace, automotive, medical, military, energy, etc.

  11. Cloud Migration to Increase

    Cloud adoption will be moving towards cloud-first strategies. Investing in cloud-first technologies will prove to be beneficial for businesses by reducing the equipment and hosting costs, streamlining operations, increasing the capacity and productivity. Cloud-first solutions will help in keeping the company agile and flexible.

  12. Augmented and Virtual Reality to Grow Exponentially

    Augmented reality and virtual reality has already gained tremendous popularity in the past year and this trend will continue in 2018 as well. We will get to see some mainstream uses of AR and VR in the coming year. The AR and VR devices are in the final stage of development and will be soon up for mass production and use.

    Read an article to know more about the applications of VR at 8 Industries That Can Benefit the Most from Virtual Reality Technology.

  13. Blockchain Database to Become Mainstream

    This is a distributed database in which the data is stored in the form of blocks in a sequential manner. This database helps in prevent tampering of data, less business friction, and more trust by providing a transparent access to the chain. Many blockchain initiatives are still in the early stages, but will be in vogue in the coming year and beyond.

  14. Rise of Business Bots/ Chat Bots

    Right now the chat bots on our smartphones are very basic in nature but soon this will change. As more and more people start using smartphones, the chat bots will evolve to perform complex tasks. Chat bots are still in their development phase and will soon be popular among all smartphone users and companies.

  15. Smart Beacons for Marketing to Increase

    It is a known fact that almost 80% of smartphone users today use their phones to make online purchases. Location-based marketing will gain a lot of ground in the coming year. This uses the smart beacon technology and will gain popularity in the coming year for both home purchases and marketing.

  16. Humanized Data to Be Valued

    This term humanized data has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. We now have access to enormous amount of data using which we can improve our processes. This data can be used for better planning and improved marketing. More and more companies will be using data to take key business decisions in the coming year.

  17. Cloud-to-Cloud Storage Backup to Boom

    Moving on to a new technology for storage back-up is a very dangerous step for most of the companies. In the coming years, we will see more and more companies employing cloud-to-cloud storage backup. This will be beneficial towards the company's digital transformation path.

  18. Fog Computing Will Be Popular

    This is the kind of computing which will extend cloud services and cloud computing to the edge of the network. This will help in pulling the power of the cloud closer to the location where the data is stored and used. This method will be more efficient and reduce the amount of data transport and will be used in improving smart grids, smart cities, and smart buildings.

  19. Mobility Will Increase

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has ensured that we are mobile in this modern day. This mobile reach is only going to increase in the coming years. More companies will see the how beneficial it is to employ a ROBO (Remote office/branch office) system. Our expectations of the concept of mobility and the tools we use to connect will be on the rise.

  20. People to Invest in Cyber Security

    The security in the field of IoT needs to be agile and flexible as the device people use. The security needs to be both adaptive and fluid. Designers must take into consideration the security of apps in the development phase. Entity behavior analytics will be used across enterprises and multi-layered security measures will be employed in the coming year.

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