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CouchDB Managed Services

Outsource CouchDB Managed Services

Our CouchDB managed services streamline your database creation, management, and scaling needs without needing separate solutions at rates starting at $20 per hour

Managing Apache CouchDB locally can be a litmus test for most companies that deal with the NoSQL database to facilitate web accessibility. Harnessing large distributed datasets stored in JSON format requires people of special skills that most companies don't already have or can't have because of cost constraints. This is where it becomes a sensible choice to outsource CouchDB managed services to Outsource2india. By outsourcing CouchDB managed services, our database experts will organize data in key-value pairs making data discovery faster and efficient for a wide variety of users.

Our professionals buildcustom CouchDB managed solutions for addressing the planning, deployment, and maintenance challenges that come in play in CouchDB managed services on web platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.

CouchDB Managed Services We Offer

At O2I, we fix commonly known issues in Apache CouchDB managed services by taking into account, the client's pain points. Our expert fixes harness some of the best CouchDB management methodologies ensuring productivity at your backend. Our CouchDB managed solutions include -

  1. CouchDB Replication

    CouchDB Replication

    Our team of CouchDB experts will cut out a solution to ensure fast CouchDB replication by a POST request. To synchronize a specific set of data types, we create custom filters to reapplication. This, although sounds simple, can be time-consuming and demand the highest level of attention to ensure a fix. It's not something you'd want to leave in untrained hands because it may results in unwarranted complications if the syncing is improper and inaccurate.

  2. CouchDB Validation

    CouchDB Validation

    We run validation checks as part of CouchDB managed services to validate all inserts. This will free you from an unnecessary set back in productivity because our team will work full time to complete authentication checks as per the protocol.

  3. CouchDB Schema Design

    CouchDB Schema Design

    Being a top CouchDB managed service providing company, our schema design solutions enhance the performance of your database. We design a CouchDB schema that suits your business needs better while keeping costs at check.

  4. CouchDB Architectural Consultation

    CouchDB Architectural Consultation

    Some companies may require CouchDB architectural consultations to checks the feasibility of success in certain IT initiatives. O2I's CouchDB consultation services greatly improve the roadmap development enhancement of operating model, and much more.

CouchDB Managed Implementation Process We Follow

O2I always implements a highly streamlined process for CouchDB managed service to meet deliverables as per the SLA. Our process is as follows -


01. Strategy and Proposal

We collaborate with clients, capture CouchDB needs, and perceive challenges


02. Solution Proposal

After the discovery of your business needs, we propose focused CouchDB managed solutions just under their preferred budget


03. CouchDB Managed Service

The CouchDB managed services are cut to professionals qualified in certain functions and carrying required years of experience


04. Quality Check

Being a top provider of CouchDB managed services in India, we always ensure quality in each stride to avoid expensive mistakes

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Why Choose O2I For Outsourcing CouchDB Managed Services?

What makes O2I one of the topmost CouchDB managed services providing company? Here are some of our key differentiators -

  • Cost-effective pricing

    CouchDB managed services from O2I is and always will be cost-effective solutions. Your customized order helps you save even more on the invoice.

  • High-quality Services

    We offer CouchDB managed services ensuring the highest quality and best service levels offering satisfaction.

  • Rapid TAT

    Our CouchDB managed services are implemented with agility to save your effort and time. By choosing us, you save a lot of time and effort.

  • Scalable Solutions

    The CouchDB managed solutions are scalable solutions. You can place a request to scale the project and we'll ensure that your request is honored.

  • ISO Certified CouchDB Managed Services Provider

    Being a trusted CouchDB managed service provider, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified solutions bearing recognition for consistent quality, timeliness, and security.

  • 100% Data Security

    The safety of your business data well placed if it's entrusted to us because we take great care to keep your data safe.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We offer 24/7 support to help you with queries and other support from any geography. If you don't speak English or if you need someone conversant in your native tongue, we'd be glad to offer you the complete support.

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A US client approached Outsource2india to have a smart app developed that read plant images and matched it with details from a collection of 300,000+ plants using an image recognition algorithm.

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O2I Created a User-friendly Mobile App to Provide BP Readings

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They have shown enormous skill and vast domain knowledge and their IT expertise is reliable and trustworthy. We would recommend Outsource2india to anyone looking for quality IT services, delivered professionally.

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Outsource CouchDB Managed Services to Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we are well managed whether it's our team, technology, or infrastructure to follow the best CouchDB guidelines. We've earned our reputation as the world's best provider of CouchDB managed services by serving clients with our stringent practices and professional workflow. From basic database consultation to managing backend functions entirely we do it all, we offer all types of CouchDB managed solutions. With an experience of over 25 years in database services, we have developed a healthy reputation as a top CouchDB managed services provider.

To know more about outsourcing CouchDB managed services, get in touch with us now. We guarantee to provide a friendly quote.

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