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Alibaba Cloud Computing Services

Outsource Alibaba Cloud Computing Services

Get access to high-technology support and infrastructure to implement Alibaba cloud computing for your business at prices starting at just $20 an hour

Alibaba Cloud Computing, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, launched in 2009 as a cloud solution similar to AWS, which serves small businesses. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality, low-cost cloud computing services, Alibaba Cloud Computing is notable for its increasing global availability. Along with big data and analytics services, the cloud is also known for accelerating innovation. Alibaba cloud computing services help companies innovate faster in the market and gain a competitive advantage.

Alibaba cloud computing solutions offer a wide range of cloud computing and cloud-related services such as cloud storage, data center management, advanced cloud computing services for business and enterprise customers, and the ability to manage data customizations using a combination of the Cloud Services Management Platform and the Cloud Management System (CMS). Alibaba Cloud offers a wide range of services in areas such as data protection, analytics, security, cloud management, and business intelligence.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Services We Offer

We provide companies worldwide with a comprehensive range of cloud computing services. Our Alibaba Cloud Computing Solutions include -

  • IaaS


    Infrastructure as a Service- Our IaaS services provide high-level APIs to access various details of fundamental network infrastructure like location, physical computing resources, scaling, security, data partitioning, backup, etc.

  • PaaS


    Platform as a Service - Our PaaS services are a service that provides a platform for customers to develop, manage, and run applications without building any type of infrastructure associated with building apps.

  • SaaS


    Software as a Service - Our SaaS service provides our customers with licensed software that they can use on a subscription basis.

  • Elastic Computing

    Elastic Computing

    Includes Elastic compute service, simple application server, Elastic GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Service, auto-scaling, server load balancer, container service, container registry, resource orchestration service, super-computing cluster, and function computes. This provides speed, performance, and stability for all kinds of demanding environments.

  • Storage & CDN

    Storage & CDN

    It includes object storage service, Table Store, Alibaba Cloud CDN, Network Attached Storage, Hybrid Cloud Storage Array, Data Transport Storage service is scalable, reliable, and cost-effective. You can back-up and archive huge amounts of data with encrypted storage solutions. The CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides content delivery services to users around the globe with faster and quicker response rates and low latency.

  • Networking


    This includes Virtual Private Cloud, Express Connect, NAT Gateway, Elastic IP, VPN Gateway, Cloud Enterprise Network.

  • Monitoring


    Includes Cloud Monitor, Resource Access Management, Key Management Service, ActionTrail.

  • Database


    It includes ApsaraDB for RDS, ApsaraDB for Redis, HybridDB for PostgreSQL, ApsaraDB for MongoDB, Data Transmission Service (DTS), ApsaraDB for Memcache, Distributed Relational Database Service, High-Performance Time Series Database.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics

    Includes E-MapReduce, Large-scale data warehouse (MaxCompute), DataWorks, Business intelligence, Data visualization, AI-based image search, Chatbot platform (Intelligent Service Robot), end-to-end machine learning platform, All-in-one data synchronization.

  • Security


    Includes Anti-DDoS Basic, Anti-DDoS Pro, Web Application Firewall, Server Guard, SSL Certificates Service, Alibaba Cloud Vulnerability Discovery Service, Managed Security Service, Content Moderation. We offer a range of Alibaba cloud-based security services to combat viruses and any kind of malware attacks on servers and web applications.

  • Media Services

    Media Services

    Includes ApsaraVideo Live, ApsaraVideo for Media Processing (Transcoding for multimedia content).

  • Domains & Website

    Domains & Website

    Includes Web Hosting, Domain registry service, Alibaba Cloud DNS (Domain name resolution and management). Our Alibaba cloud computing services provide our customers whether personal, small businesses, or large enterprises with secure web hosting as well as offer a choice of website builders, management tools, and security solutions.

  • Application Services

    Application Services

    It includes Message queuing and notifications for applications, API hosting, All-in-one service for log data, DirectMail.

  • eCommerce


    Our Alibaba Cloud Computing eCommerce solutions allow customers to manage, build, and develop cost-effective ecommerce platforms that are optimized and secure. The ecommerce solutions provided by us meet the needs of all businesses.

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

    Includes IoT management platforms, service platform to extend computing from cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Services Process We Follow

As your Alibaba cloud computing service provider, Outsource2Inida is your trusted partner for all aspects of cloud computing services and solutions. The process we follow is simple and focuses on providing maximum benefits to your organization.



When you outsource Alibaba cloud computing services to us, our cloud professionals will work with you and your organization to provide you with the research and guidance needed to help you make the best decision for your company. We analyze and understand your needs, your current environment, and help you understand how Alibaba cloud computing services work.



Once you understand how Alibaba cloud computing works and how it is the best cloud solution, we help you in implementing the solution. We will help you migrate and integrate your business to Alibaba cloud to build a safe, secure, and solid infrastructure. We will help your website run smoothly, seamlessly, and efficiently with as little downtime as possible.



Choosing Outsource2India as your Alibaba cloud computing service provider, we will ensure you receive ongoing support and daily management and we will ensure your cloud applications are always online, integrated, and secure. Our state-of-the-art operations center works 24/7 to monitor and manage your data.



If there is a particular product that does not fit your company profile, we can customize a solution that fits your organization's needs and requirements. The tools and technology we use will help your business run smoothly every day without any issues.



We work with you to ensure your data and services are protected and meet the compliance requirements. As your Alibaba Cloud Computing provider, your data, privacy, and infrastructure are secure with us at all times.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Alibaba Cloud Computing Services to Outsource2India?

As a notable Alibaba cloud computing service providing company, Outsource2India delivers impartial support and backing for the best fitting cloud solutions to businesses and organizations across the globe.

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    Our services are cost-effective and will meet your budget. Being a global company, our pricing is standardized so you will not have to pay more due to currency exchange rates. We also provide you with the option of a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team of experienced Alibaba Cloud Computing engineers can help you build and mold your cloud applications without compromising the standards.

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization. We provide you with security and protect your data from threats, exposure, and susceptibilities.

  • ISO Certified Service Provider

    Our ISO 9001 certification means that we follow the highest standards of quality and it is proof of our company's commitment to our customers in providing consistency, reliability, trust, and security.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    Once you register with us, we provide you with an account manager to keep you updated about your cloud account and provide you with weekly monitoring and performance reports of your website.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We provide world-class infrastructure for users of private and hybrid cloud services, and high-speed network distribution to allow our customers to connect on Alibaba Cloud.

  • Advanced Technologies

    With our advanced technologies and networking tools, we can manage and monitor your data and cloud resources in real-time.

  • High Scalability

    O2Is Alibaba cloud computing services have the structure to service and deliver at massive scales. This means that we can accommodate businesses that are growing continuously and also periodic spikes in the usage of services.

  • Backup and Restore Services

    Outsource2India provides businesses the option to implement backup plans and recover data from our cloud management system.

  • Global Network Connections

    We have our global cloud network spread over 120 different countries. This enables our customers to experience high-performance services and boost their production.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We provide round-the-clock technical support to assure that your business runs smoothly. Our multi-lingual operators work 24/7 to solve your issues and even escalate if required.

Client Success Story

O2I Provided Security of Cloud-Based Platforms for an HR Consulting Firm

Security of Cloud-Based Platforms for an HR Consulting Firm

We assessed the customer's security policy and discovered issues in their existing cloud platform. After a series of penetration tests, we plugged all gaps using the best IT practices.

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O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

We adopted the latest digital forensics methods to put an end to data theft issues faced by the client. With complex diagnosis and investigation, our customer had their security posture reviewed and optimized to thwart future issues.

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We have been working with Outsource2india since 2009 on several IT projects. When we decided to develop an iPhone app for our clients' use, we turned again to Outsource2india.

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We have been given recognition as an Alibaba cloud computing service provider, and we offer a range of Alibaba cloud computing services that are affordable and reliable with complete technical support.

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