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Why Does Your Business Need WebRTC and CloudRTC?

Business Requirement for WebRTC & CloudRTC

The communications ecosystem as we know it is now undergoing rapid disruption at the hands of new technologies such as WebRTC and CloudRTC. Today, businesses both large and small are waking up to the realization that communication is not only central to maintaining a successful enterprise by facilitating better interconnections, but also essential to maintaining customer goodwill. As organizations strive for better efficiency and productivity while constantly reducing costs, the availability and absorption of such technologies will only become better.

The market for both WebRTC in business and CloudRTC in business is expected to touch $4.5 billion by 2018. This is due to the fact that both these platforms are exposing redundant communications infrastructure and making existing communications interfaces much more flexible. As a result, both mobile and web developers today are leveraging these open-source platforms to create new, interactive, and more collaborative experiences without disrupting existing infrastructure.

What are WebRTC and CloudRTC Platforms?

The internet of today is a permeating feature which has seeped into the most mundane of activities in our daily lives, bringing people closer than they have ever been before. WebRTC, which stands for Web Real-Time Communication is nowadays gaining serious traction because it allows business employees, customers, and even normal consumers to hold audio and video calls from their browsers or apps without having the requirement of additional plugins or other software.


WebRTC benefits to businesses are many, as this open-source platform is a simple API built with JavaScript, and works with numerous browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera, amongst others. This essentially means that the WebRTC platform can seamlessly work across internet-enabled devices, one of the main reasons why 69% of the businesses are either planning to or are already using WebRTC in some form or the other.

CloudRTC platforms are cloud services which enable both web & mobile developers to integrate high-quality audio and video communications using few lines of code, APIs, and SDKs. This, allows both web and mobile apps to support contextual conversations. CloudRTC platforms allows developers to easily access interconnectivity technology, setting the foundation for a communication ecosystem that will redefine our future.


Business Benefits of WebRTC and CloudRTC

Today, developers are actively deploying business applications, using WebRTC and CloudRTC platforms, and offering a whole new suite of features which were not available before. This has further lead to an increased amount of cooperation between gateway vendors, thereby leading to better developer relations and business models.

  1. Better Customer Service

    Better Customer Service

    There is an increased use of CloudRTC and WebRTC in customer support, which is seen in the way many e-commerce and other business applications integrate "click-to-call" buttons in their websites. Upon clicking, these buttons immediately connect the user with a customer service representative, using either voice or video calling. Today, many popular websites such as Steam, Amazon, Google Hangouts, etc. use these buttons. For users, this saves considerable time as they do not have to install separate plugins, while ensuring better security and overall satisfaction.

  2. Better Sales and Client Interactions

    Better Sales and Client Interactions

    WebRTC and CloudRTC can also improve the functions of your sales team and client interactions. Now your team members can add a unique visual aspect to their presentations, showcase your products better, and improve the quality of interaction taking place with your clients, whether at work or on the go.

  3. Better Collaboration

    Better Collaboration

    One of the best uses of WebRTC and CloudRTC in business is the way it assists collaboration between your employees and clients. Not only does it significantly improves productivity, especially when your staff is working from home, but do so while ensuring all security measures are adequately addressed. While emails and IMs allow easy discussion, face to face discussion enabled by these two platforms make it easier for people to collaborate on a real-time basis. There is little wonder then that almost 49% of the businesses worldwide believe that WebRTC and CloudRTC will play an important role in ensuring better productivity from their employees.

  4. Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    By moving away from installers and plugins, not only does your communication benefit from enhanced security, but also ensures your clients can trust you with important details. WebRTC platforms have a far higher level of protection than most VoIP platforms since they have SRTPs (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) set as standard, thereby ensuring all calls remain private and have no backdoors.

    SRTP, while taking longer to set up, always ensures end-to-end encryption and authentication, and is a big reason behind why businesses today are scrambling to incorporate WebRTC features.

  5. Cost-effective Business Solutions

    Cost-effective Business Solutions

    Unlike most communications solutions, both WebRTC and CloudRTC are low cost platforms for businesses to support. This is because most legacy unified communication solutions require special hardware, something which is totally obviated by moving to these new age platforms. Also, WebRTC platforms do not need any special training for the people handling the platform, and furthermore, requires hardly any capital to set up. On top of that, both WebRTC and CloudRTC platforms are open-source, meaning you can theoretically implement the platform without spending a penny, unless you need access to pre-built libraries.

    Businesses also save money by not having to pay for costly premium numbers, as all calls are now made over the internet. This further helps you lend an air of respectability to your business by allowing customers to get in touch with you free of charge.

  6. Cheaper, More Accessible Healthcare

    Cheaper, More Accessible Healthcare

    With the Affordable Care Act, healthcare providers should now rapidly implement technologies which can help them serve customers better, while allowing them to cut costs. CloudRTC technologies are at the forefront of such innovations, and are providing both doctors and patients efficient methods to get and receive diagnosis. The telemedicine market, powered by CloudRTC innovations, is expected to touch $36.3 billion by 2020. Today, such advancements are already resulting in secure and encrypted physician-patient conversations and report-sharing either through voice or even video.

  7. Better Education Opportunities

    Better Education Opportunities

    CloudRTC platforms are changing the way students receive education, and is the primary reason why many children in impoverished countries now also have access to the latest study material. With the help of integrated voice and video chats, education apps now connect student to tutors in the real-time. Since the platform is flexible, this teacher-student interaction can easily take place within an application which is also dispatching the study material. CloudRTC benefits to business therefore include developing applications with such technology, and further the growth of distant learning initiatives and collaboration.

The Future for WebRTC and CloudRTC Platforms

Today, businesses are moving beyond just connecting individuals to actually providing them with a memorable experience created around them. From allowing employees to interact better with customers to creating productive opportunities for all stakeholders involved, businesses are now being able to better differentiate their offerings. Today, you can't take a step without coming across yet another application which packages messaging, voice, and video calls for businesses and consumers.

At the same time, while the market is growing rapidly and innovative new applications taking advantage of WebRTC and CloudRTC are emerging, there are still some obstacles that developers face. Not only do they need to think out of the box and implement these useful features in an efficient manner, but also keep with the rapid development cycles of such open-source software.

The Challenges Ahead

Even though instant and completely secure communications are considered a basic requirement for most businesses today, the fear of DDoS attacks, outages, and system integration issues remain major challenges that application developers need to address.

Some of the other trials that lie ahead before these platforms include -

  • It is not easy to shift RTC functions easily to the cloud simply by virtualizing them, since then optimization takes a backseat. Therefore, such VNFs (Virtual network functions) should be optimized specifically to ensure better reliability, security, and load balancing
  • End-to-end encryption and session-aware CloudRTC platforms are still not a norm, which are essential to ensuring reliable security
  • Scalability remains an issue as it is totally dependent on the SBC (Session Board Controller) architecture than the cloud architecture. A well-designed SBC features micro-services architecture which can separately optimize media, signaling, and transcoding functions for better performance

Choose Outsource2india for High-quality WebRTC and CloudRTC Development

At O2I, we strongly believe that both WebRTC and CloudRTC will soon become ubiquitous in all areas of business over the coming years, while steadily replacing legacy, time-consuming, and costly alternatives. In the internet age, such platforms are especially important for their in-built security features, while also promoting better productivity.

Our software development services are therefore attuned to your needs, and ensure that all your requirements for open-source software development are met at one place. Contact us right away and learn how we can help you attain better business efficiency.

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